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  • Jacob Edward
    PaperPort 14 Cloud App?6
    Topic posted July 1, 2014 by Jacob Edward, tagged Advanced Topics, Hardware Specific Topics, How To, Installation and Configuration Topics 
    PaperPort 14 Cloud App?

    Hi, I just bought a Magic Wand scanner that comes with Paper Port 14 and I was wondering if the online service paper port offers is more than just an external backup of files, I already have a Google Drive so storing files isn't a problem, what would be awesome is if I could use Paper Port online, thanks!  

    P.S. If the answer is no, do you know if there are any plans to develop a cloud version of Paper Port?

  • BOB1901
    Paperport anywhere keeps om popping up when I start computer1
    Topic posted June 27, 2014 by BOB1901 
    Paperport anywhere keeps om popping up when I start computer

    I am running win 7 home premium,6.1.7601,sp1 build 7601,hp laptop. PP 14-14.2 (14.2.12562.1155),has been crashing for a while .So I uninstalled using win uninstaller and then pp14 uninstaller to get ride of any parts left. I installed pp14 again and still having problem of it some times crashing. Thinking of looking for different software,getting tired of crashes. How do I stop pp anywhere window from opening when I start computer. I do not want to use pp anywhere.Don't like my files being in a cloud or any where else.

    PS:If possible stopping the crashing of pp14 would be help full to.

  • Horst Habin
    Scan Function for stamps auto saving images1
    Topic posted June 16, 2014 by Horst Habin, tagged Advanced Topics, How To 
    Scan Function for stamps auto saving images


    I bought a new Brother printer with PaperPort 12 Standard enclosed. Now my problem:

    I want to scan multiple stamps. So I put multiple stamps on the scanner glas, leave gaps of 2 or 3 cm between the stamps and scan as picture. With my old scanner from Epson it was possible that the epson scanners software autodetects the stamps and save each stamp as a picture. So if I put in 7 stamps on the glass, I get 7 pictures with each stamp seperated. Isn't this possible with PaperPort? If it's possible how can I handle this issue? If it isn't possible which other Software can handle this (Maybe Omnipage).

    Thanks for your help in advance.

    Kind regards.

  • Hifromnz
    Paperport 12 wont print highlighting properly3
    Topic posted June 15, 2014 by Hifromnz, tagged How To, Installation and Configuration Topics, Troubleshooting 
    Paperport 12 wont print highlighting properly

    How do I get highlighting to come out on the printed copy?  The printer prints only faded criss-crosses.  Cant even see the yellow.  Printing to paperport gives the same result.  This is what it printed to paperport -

  • Steffane Timm
    Three Networked Computers--only 2 can see files!
    Topic posted June 13, 2014 by Steffane Timm, tagged Advanced Topics, Troubleshooting 
    Three Networked Computers--only 2 can see files!

    I am in an office setting. We are all networked together and share files often. We have Paperport 11 and Windows 7. We also all use Foxit Reader.

    When I receive a digital fax, it goes to paperport and I convert it immediately to a pdf. Initially, everyone can see the faxed item. When I convert it, only myself and one other can see the pdf. For the third person, it disappears completely. We have even watched his screen when I convert on my computer it completely vanishes on his.

    Furthermore, when he goes into the direct folder (not through paperport), the pdfs that myself and the other co-worker can see are not there either. 

    Additional note: if I convert to a Paperport Image, the third co-worker CAN still see it. So it only seems to go away upon pdf conversion.

    Any ideas on why this may happen?

    Folders Empty
    Topic posted June 12, 2014 by RICHARD SECCOMBE 
    Folders Empty

    Hi Everyone,

    I upgraded from the PaperPort version that came with a Xerox scanner which I believe was 8 or 9 to version 14.  I had an extensive folder structure on the original version that was located in My PaperPort Documents.  I went into Folder Manager to bring this into the new version and that worked fine.

    My problem is that when I click on any of the folders they appear to be empty even though there are numerous PDF's inside those folders.

    Any input would be very much appreciated



  • Richard S
    Emails attached to an email in paperport have no content1
    Topic posted June 10, 2014 by Richard S, tagged Advanced Topics, Troubleshooting 
    Emails attached to an email in paperport have no content

    Hi All,

    hopefully I can explain this in a way that makes sense;

    Email1, Email2 and Email3 were emailed to someone. This new email - Email4 - was then put into Paperport. 

    Now when accessing Email1, Email2 and Email3 through the email they are attached to - Email4 - the content of emails Email1, Email2 and Email3 are now blank. 


    Does anyone have any ideas? Encountered this before?


    Thanks for your help,


    Unable to Install Paperport 14 Pro
    Topic posted June 4, 2014 by JOSEPH ANSAH 
    Unable to Install Paperport 14 Pro

    Unable to Install Paperport 14 in Windows 7 Prof because I am required to remove Paperport software which I cannot locate. This was after I had used Windows  and Perfect Uninstaller to remove the previous version. It appears thereis some hiidden trace of Paperport which I cannot find.

       Unfortunately, I am unable to take a screenshot on the Apple keyboard on the Windows(Boot Camp) side of my MacBook Pro.

  • Marissa Concepcion
    PaperPort 14 Scans Only in Low Res B&W2
    Topic posted June 2, 2014 by Marissa Concepcion, tagged Troubleshooting 
    PaperPort 14 Scans Only in Low Res B&W

    No matter what setting I try to use, it always scans in really low res black & white. The resulting document reminds me of the "old days" when we would make a copy of a copy of a copy. Super pixelated, dark, and just hard to read (see attached image). How do I get it to scan by default in colour and to match the resolution of the original document? I can't find anyone with the same issue so I'm not sure if this is just user error. I just got this scanner/software so I need help. Thanks!

  • Carol Moncrief
    Cannot install Paperport 14 Using Parallels on Mac
    Topic posted May 30, 2014 by Carol Moncrief, tagged Installation and Configuration Topics 
    Cannot install Paperport 14 Using Parallels on Mac


    I was told before my purchase that Paperport 14 runs in Parallels on the Mac. But I am unable to install it. I am getting a "Microsoft .net 4.0 installation failed" message. I am running Windows XP in Parallel.  My Mac is running Mac OS X version 10.7.5. I have Parallels 7 for Mac installed.

    I would appreciate any help in getting this installed.

    Thank you!

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