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  • Jurriaan Geul
    only prefix filenames in PP14?1
    Topic posted October 20, 2015 by Jurriaan Geul, tagged How To 
    only prefix filenames in PP14?

    In Paperport 12 after a scan I could fill in a filename. In Paperport 14 a scan immiadiately will filed with the prefix name. After that I have to open the file and rename it to my own named file. 

    How to get the window with the possibilty to give a name to scan before it is filled?

  • Charlie Adkins
    Hardware/Software compatibility with Paperport 14...
    Topic posted October 13, 2015 by Charlie Adkins, tagged Hardware Specific Topics 
    Hardware/Software compatibility with Paperport 14 Professional

    I'm concerned about the compatibility of my HP Scanjet N6010 to Omnipage Ultimate bundled with Paperport 14 professional or other scanners I might try to use. 

    Having spent the evening looking around the Forum I see a lot of compatibility variables between Paperport, Windows and Scanner hardware/drivers.

    I'm running an HP Scanjet N6010 in Windows 7 Pro SP1 (32 bit?) with Paperport12, OmniPage 17 & PDF Convertor Pro 7.  I just upgraded to Omnipage Ultimate with Paperport 14 pro incld'd.

    HOW DO I DETERMINE COMPATIBILITY (before installation)?:  If the Nuance list is all we can go by then we need an updated list of scanners. I see a lot of outdated scanners listed as compatible with PP14 and I'm assuming mine might be as well.

    CAN I IMPORT SEARCHABLE PDF FILES and achieve the same result of scanning directly to my network?  I'd really like to use an offsite Ricoh copier-scanner to create searchable PDF files from paper documents which I would load on my computer from a jump drive.

    What do I look for to determine whether I can search these documents?  Might I need a special driver for the Ricoh to create the files?

    What kind of PDF file are these scanners-drivers-software creating to make them searchable?

  • Steven Young
    P'Port 14 Pro will print but will no longer scan to...2
    Topic posted October 7, 2015 by Steven Young, tagged Troubleshooting 
    P'Port 14 Pro will print but will no longer scan to Brother MFC-JJ4625DW since MS 10

    PaperPort 14 Pro will print fine but will no longer scan from Brother MFC-JJ4625DW since Windows 10 installed. PP14 can see the scanner & says there is no problems......... But there is because the scan button is grayed out. any ideas folks?

    Steve Y 

  • steve owen
    deleting connected files
    Topic posted October 7, 2015 by steve owen, tagged Troubleshooting 
    deleting connected files

    I used paperport to link files from my computer as backup for easy access. How do you reverse this? Each time I delete a file either from my documents or paperport both are deleted. Obviously I dont wish to delete all my documents to be deleted just the one's saved on paperport.

  • Mike Boyne
    Paperport 14 pro 3 issues for 1 user1
    Topic posted October 6, 2015 by Mike Boyne, tagged Troubleshooting 
    Paperport 14 pro 3 issues for 1 user

    We have a user who can't the thumbnail image to show.  I have tried to refresh the image but to no avail.  She has three folders all but her "working desktop folder" show the image correctly.  Screen shot attached.

    Second she gets the attached error message when opens a document to work on it.

    Finally when she edits an image and adds text to it doesn't show up when she emails it to someone.

  • Justin Ueland
    PP14 Auto crop isn't working correctly for scanning...
    Topic posted October 4, 2015 by Justin Ueland, tagged Troubleshooting 
    PP14 Auto crop isn't working correctly for scanning photos

    My auto crop was working fine and then one day it stopped - not sure why. Now it will but either a large black bar on the top or bottom of photos or both. What am I doing wrong? I've tried changing every setting I can think of but nothing seems to work. Any ideas?

  • Linda Irmscher
    PP 14 - Annotation text microscopic on subsequent pages
    Topic posted October 4, 2015 by Linda Irmscher, tagged Advanced Topics, Troubleshooting 
    PP 14 - Annotation text microscopic on subsequent pages

    When using the annotation feature to add text, then copying and pasting that "annotation text" to subsequent pages within the document, the type comes out microscopic. 

    This happens on my HP Pavillion x2 - 10t Touch Laptop running windows 8.

  • Robert Mocadlo
    PaperPort Pro 14.5 Patch 1 not downloading (Error...16
    Topic posted October 3, 2015 by Robert Mocadlo 
    PaperPort Pro 14.5 Patch 1 not downloading (Error 404)

    I have a notification from the Software Manager that PaperPort Professional 14.5 Patch 1 is available.  When I try to either install or download it, it stalls on the "Preparing to download" screen for several minutes then gives the following message "Setup cannot continue because of the following error: An internet communication error occurred. Error Code: 404 Please contact the software vendor or try again at a later time."  I've tried this on two separate computers and networks, and it didn't work on any of them.  Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks!

  • Doc
    PP 12.1 Not Communicating with All Scanners...4
    Topic posted September 29, 2015 by Doc, tagged Hardware Specific Topics, Installation and Configuration Topics, Troubleshooting 
    PP 12.1 Not Communicating with All Scanners (Brother)

     Win 7 Pro 64Bit - Brother MFC-7860dw Multi-function (numerous such printers in network BUT also other printers are not being found either, Dells.) When opening PP12.1 (which is a bundled program from Brother with their multi function devices) the 'first' set up Printer (marked 'default') is shown... IF I ADD another printer, it does not show up in the 'list' of available scanners even though it does show in MS Printers and Devices and does have a "scan profile", etc...

    Tried: on the off chance, tried "Scanner Connect Tool" and no joy. I have 'changed' the default settings in Windows 7 and it makes no difference within the PP12.1 interface. I have tried the advanced settings in the 'scanner setup' and it ONLY shows that one printer/scanner... also, if I reinstall PP12.1 it will find the one printer that is default but any others added remain 'un-useable.'

    Very much hoping to solve this as we have three users (on the Brother Printer/Scanner devices) who are beginning to do a lot of scanning and we need to scan to two machines. Many thanks for your help.




  • Doc
    Corporate PP12.1 "listing" Word Documents and...7
    Topic posted September 23, 2015 by Doc, tagged Troubleshooting 
    Corporate PP12.1 "listing" Word Documents and other formats in Folders? Why?

    Noting that PP is "listing" or "cataloging" ALL files/folders in "MyDocuments" (the default folder for MyPaperPortDocuments) - including .doc, .docx, xls, etc.. this is causing problems in PP with hangs, crashes... etc.

    Why is it listing Word documents in "my folders" in Paperport?


    Many thanks

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