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  • John Riordan
    Send To Options problem with default TXT editor1
    Topic posted April 13, 2016 by John Riordan, tagged How To, Installation and Configuration Topics 
    Send To Options problem with default TXT editor

    I've added a link to a text editor ("Edit Pad Pro") to my Send To bar. This editor is my Windows default for *.TXT files.

    But when I try to use it with a TXT file, I get the message "Unable to Send...program link does not accept this type of item".

    When I try to open the same TXT file with Send To Notepad, it works fine...except that the file of course opens in Edit Pad Pro, my system default for TXT.

    As far as I can tell, I've set up my Send To Options for Edit Pad Pro identically to Notepad. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? 

  • Robert Warren
    All-In-One search
    Topic posted April 10, 2016 by Robert Warren 
    All-In-One search

    I am unable to activate the all in one feature. I have the setting for automatic recognition of a newly scanned document and have tried to utiltize all in one indexer. The index feature shows that a files were indexed but I can't retrieve any indexed items when I search for the an item no matter how approximate or exact the setting are. Is the all in one feature hopeless or does it actually work. If so, how do I get it to function. In prior versions of paperport ( I am using 14) the index function worked. Is there a solution?  thanks

  • A.B.E. Geistdorfer
    Paperport14 not working in windows 103
    Topic posted January 29, 2016 by A.B.E. Geistdorfer 
    Paperport14 not working in windows 10

    The program PaperPort 14 still gif problems in W10. After re-installation the program may crash or is not responding. I had several contacts with customer service and there appears to be no solution. According to control program CheckPPFolders I would get all the excel files and they had to be moved because this is the problem. This is too crazy for words. The program functioned in Win 7 and 8 problem-free so why would that in Win 10 now no longer be the case? 


    I will look now for a program that works.

  • Debra White
    pdf format changes to winmail.dat2
    Topic posted January 28, 2016 by Debra White, tagged Troubleshooting 
    pdf format changes to winmail.dat

    Hi...I'm using Paperport 14, Win 7, Outlook 2007.   When sending a pdf stacked doc via Outlook, the format changes to winmail.dat and only 6 of the 12 pages sent are there - the last 6 pages are blank??  Any ideas of how to fix these problems?

  • James Ruddock
    Paperport 12 wireless scanning
    Topic posted January 25, 2016 by James Ruddock, tagged How To 
    Paperport 12 wireless scanning

    I've been using Paperport 12, Recently upgraded to a DELL 1355cnw all in one device, and am trying to use it wirelessly.  The print feature works fine with other applications, but for scanning, I have not been able to use PaperPort unless the scanner is connected via hard wire. Is this not an option? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • Gubert Worni
    Is it possible to open a .max file uisng...1
    Topic posted January 20, 2016 by Gubert Worni 
    Is it possible to open a .max file uisng PaperPortProfessional14

    I downloaded the above program,hoping I could open my .max files.Unfortunately this is not the

    case and therefore I wonder what is wrong ?


    Thank you for your help



  • Robert Paulsen
    Can't reinstall PaperPort2
    Topic posted January 16, 2016 by Robert Paulsen 
    Can't reinstall PaperPort

    I got PaperPort with my Brother printer. The printer died and I deleted it from my device list. PaperPort continued to work for a week or so, but upon reboot today PaperPort popped up a message saying it can't start because some network drive wasn't available. That is bogus because PaperPort is not installed on a network. Plus it has been working fine, as I said.

    So I figured I'd reinstall, but the re-installation fails because it can't find my Brother printer. Is there a way to reinstall it without the printer? Does PaperPort only work as long as the printer it came with is installed?

    It appears that there are downloads available for a free version of PaperPort but since none of them come from a Nuance web page I won't touch them! So, Is there a free version available -- not a trial version.

    I don't need all the features. I like the ability to copy text from a PDF. I like being able to break a PDF into separate pages. I like the PDF viewer better than the one from Adobe. There's probably a few other things I like but can't think of them now. I really don't need all  the "organizing" features.


  • Servientrega International
    Paperport 14 scans just one page1
    Topic posted January 14, 2016 by Servientrega International 
    Paperport 14 scans just one page

    I'm new in this product, I have a Kodak i2820 scanner and I'm using paperport 14 to scan searchable pdf documents. If I scan just as a pdf, the device scan more than 1 page (until the feeder is empty) but if I scan as a searchable pdf the device stops after every page (no matter if the feeder is full) and ask me for settings again and again. I dont know what I'm skipping. Hope somebody can help me.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Mark McCaskill
    Out of memory error when sending to Evernote
    Topic posted January 14, 2016 by Mark McCaskill, tagged Troubleshooting 
    Out of memory error when sending to Evernote

    Sometimes am getting an out of memory error when I send to Evernote  comes after the progress bar shows 2%, then i am given the choice of sending the file to one of two of my many Evernote folders

    But more often than that when i try to send to Evernote my Paperport gets completely locked up and has to be shut down with the task manager

  • McGoo
    Scanning Receipts and converting to Data
    Topic posted January 13, 2016 by McGoo, tagged Advanced Topics, How To 
    Scanning Receipts and converting to Data

    I have a mountain of receipts for gas, meals, maintenance.  I'd like to be able to scan my gas receipts, and have the data on the receipts parsed into a database.

    My scanner and the software (Paperport, Omnipage 18, PDF Converter) are all working correctly, and I can scan a receipt and convert it into a searchable text file.  Now what?

    Has anybody written a "parsing" script to batch process a bunch of scanned receipts, search each receipt, pull the relevant data and stick it into a spreadsheet?

    If not, does anybody have a clue where to start creating something like this?  I have some experience in this arena, but I'm a bit rusty and need help figuring out where to start.


    Greg McGee

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