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  • Mary Burke
    PaperPort 14 PDF Viewer Plus 7.2 - Windows 7 - Can't...
    Topic posted November 28, 2014 by Mary Burke, tagged Advanced Topics, How To, Installation and Configuration Topics, Troubleshooting 
    PaperPort 14 PDF Viewer Plus 7.2 - Windows 7 - Can't open .jpg files

    I'm getting an error message, and JPG files won't open...

    PDF Viewer Plus 7.2 on Windows 7

    "Can't Open File"


    However, none of my .jpg files open.

    Hopefully, someone will be able to help me get this fixed.

  • Double Tap
    Scanning a Legal size document PaperPort 12
    Topic posted November 25, 2014 by Double Tap, tagged Advanced Topics, How To 
    Scanning a Legal size document PaperPort 12

    I have a Brother HL-2280DW and I do not see how to scan a legal size document in two parts and stitch them together like I can with my MP Navigator software and  my Cannon LiDE 100 scanner.

    I would appreciate directions on how to do this.



  • Nick Abdo
    Can't Turn off Display Scanner dialog Box3
    Topic posted November 21, 2014 by Nick Abdo, tagged How To, Installation and Configuration Topics 
    Can't Turn off Display Scanner dialog Box

    I can't turn off the scanner dialog box.  I selected Scanner and proceeded through the advanced set up, but the dialog box is still always on.  I tried both Twain and WIA settings.  How do I get rid of the box?

  • jennifer bogut
    Windows 7 update blew up scanning
    Topic posted November 18, 2014 by jennifer bogut, tagged Troubleshooting 
    Windows 7 update blew up scanning

    One of the updates pushed by MS on 11/12/14 blew up the scanning for Paper port on one of my users' machines. After much hand-wringing and sobbing, we rolled her back to 11/11/14 and all worked as expected. My question is: anyone know WHICH update is the culprit? There is a bleepload of them and I don't want to go through the install update, boot, try paper port, repeat saga. However, the user won't run the updates again until I find the offender. Thanks!

  • Ron Hollingsworth
    Topic posted November 13, 2014 by Ron Hollingsworth, tagged Advanced Topics, Troubleshooting 

    I tried to use shortcuts to quicken my way around paperport 14.  Now my "d" does not work when labeling my documents.  I've tried to reset and find where I used the letter "d" and cannot find it.  Can anyone help me with this problem?

  • Crash Free
    Win 7 pro - PaperPort 11 crashed opening PaperPort 9 files...
    Topic posted November 12, 2014 by Crash Free, tagged Advanced Topics, Hardware Specific Topics, Installation and Configuration Topics, Troubleshooting 
    Win 7 pro - PaperPort 11 crashed opening PaperPort 9 files from old XP setup

    I Solved this and I wanted to share my solution as I found absolutely no help anywhere after 3 days of searching and trial and error.

    After many years and multiple PaperPort versions, our XP computers needed to be replaced. We were running PaperPort 8 or 9 with Windows XP pro computers. All the PaperPort files are stored and shared on a NAS network drive for all local network members to access.

    We opted for Windows 7 pro 64 bit computers and installed PaperPort 11.2 that came bundled with our Brother printers/scanners and connected everything to our network and NAS drive. According to Nuance the 11 version is fully compatible with Windows 7 but...

    3 problems occurred immediately. 1st, all  jpeg files that were scanned with a Magic Wand (we use a lot) would cause PaperPort to crash when opened (just a small simple jpeg - how could that happen?). 2nd, scanning a document with PaperPort would crash when the scan was complete and when we clicked "done" after giving the file a name and 3rd: most of the old files on the NAS would cause PaperPort to crash when we clicked to open one. Basically this crashed on and off the network, immediately and repeatedly. Looking at PaperPort 12 and 14 reviews it seemed they were certainly not problem free so I looked for a fix!

    I suspected the metadata files and looked at using the Checkfile.exe embedded in the install folder but with the volume of files that we have it was going to take 7 hrs just to scan and then they needed to be moved and possibly have to sacrifice files. The bottom line is I overlooked a simple fix which I am 100% sure I am not the only person who is guilty of this.

    Here's how I fixed this: In the program list I right clicked PaperPort, then clicked open file location, then right clicked on the PaperPort application file, clicked properties, clicked compatibility and selected the following: Run this program in compatibility mode, selected Windows 7 in the dropdown and then checked the box for: dissable visual themes. Voila! Restart and repeated on all computers. We are back up and running. All files work, scanning works and print to PaperPort works...Thankfully.

    Note that the compatibility wizard suggested running in XP service pack 2 mode but this disables the print to PaperPort as it is not the same virtual printer that was uses in pre-PaperPort 11 versions.

    I hope this helps someone who relies on this as much as I do! Goood Luck!

  • Rick McKernan
    Default filename using date other than PP supplied options5
    Topic posted November 12, 2014 by Rick McKernan 
    Default filename using date other than PP supplied options

    Is there a way to create my own date-based default filename in PP, or must I use one of those options supplied in the PP scan settings?  My desired naming format is YYYYMMDD all run together without the hyphens.  I already have 15 years of scans using this format.  Using PP Pro ver 14.5

    Rick M

  • Kevin Taheny
    Paperport hangs after scanning HELP!!
    Topic posted November 11, 2014 by Kevin Taheny, tagged Troubleshooting 
    Paperport hangs after scanning HELP!!

    My computer has PP 14.5 pro and the computer runs win 7 64 bit and scans are made with a Brother MFC 8950. PP hangs with larger scan jobs 20+ pages. No indication that it will hang until its done scanning and I click "cancel" on the PP setup screen. Then, it fails to "process" and convert scans to a pdf file. There's a little blue box for the scanmgr on the desktop which is nonresponsive, its hung up, and then the program can't be closed b/c it says its scanning. So I use task mgr to kill PP and the scanmgr process...usually I reboot the computer to use PP.  

    I called customer support and tried uninstalling etc and still no improvement.

    PP14 all of the sudden crashes 100% of the time1
    Topic posted October 30, 2014 by JOSEPH CAMPOS 
    PP14 all of the sudden crashes 100% of the time

    I've been Using PP14 since 2013 with no problems. All of the sudden PP14 crashes when ever I try to use it.I've uninstalled and re-installed it at least 4 times. I've used the removal tool several times to no avail. It started when I would scan a doc and when I got to the dialouge box and hit finish it would crash. Now it crashes all the time, for instance when I go to help >get updates it crashes. I can't do anything with this program not even open a document. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • Adam Morey
    Paperport will not activate1
    Topic posted October 19, 2014 by Adam Morey 
    Paperport will not activate

    Anyone have any ideas on how to get Nuance to support paying customers that wish to reinstall their software?  I understand that you need to uninstall which deactivates the serial number, but if you don't do this then is the only resort to open up a ticket and beg to have your software reactivated?


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