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  • Robert Owens
    Paperport Pro ver. 14.5 freezing on scan from Cannon MX-8701
    Topic posted February 28, 2014 by Robert Owens 
    Paperport Pro ver. 14.5 freezing on scan from Cannon MX-870

    Just installed PP Pro 14 ver: 14.5 on Win 7 system and it freezes during scan to both my Canon MX-870 and MG-6200 series. Printers are connected wireless. Have second system running Win 7 and PP Pro ver: 14.0 and it works fine to both printers. No success with tech support - could barely understand the guy - at all. Would be happy if I could get copy or ver: 14.0 to install, but no success there either. Scanner works fine with cannon software. Very disappointed in Nuance at this point! If I can't resolve this issued quickly, will have to return software and look elsewhere for a document management program. Help, please. Also, there is a patch available for the 14.0 version but I am reluctant to install it? Any advice appreciated about that also.

  • merle wagner
    Paperport 14 hanging during install on WIN 77
    Topic posted February 26, 2014 by merle wagner  , tagged Installation and Configuration Topics, Troubleshooting
    Paperport 14 hanging during install on WIN 7

    My install of PP14 on Win 7 is continuing to hang up.  Not exactly sure where to begin on the troubleshooting process. I had PP11 and removed that.

    Gigabyte motherboard GA-Z87X-UD5H win 7 64bit

    i7-4770K CPU with 16GB memory

    PP11 was working OK.

    New install just keeps hanging. Is there a way to tell me where it is hanging up? I stopped all backup and virus checking SW.



  • Michelle Bogart
    Scaning business cards
    Topic posted February 26, 2014 by Michelle Bogart 
    Scaning business cards

    Hi All,

    I am looking for the best way (free) to scan and store business cards in a useful way.  I have the Epson GT-S50 and it came with paperport. I see that I can scan the cards and dump it to excel but the information is not consistant.  I see in the paperport getting starting that it will populate forms ... how, where, help???

  • Cindy Schurgin
    How to lighten a document2
    Topic posted February 19, 2014 by Cindy Schurgin  , tagged How To
    How to lighten a document

    I have paperport 14, using windows 8.  I need to lighten a document, but when I open with Image view, select the SET imaging tools, the enhance, sharpen buttons do not work.

    I'm scanning legal documents that have to uploaded to the recorder's office.  I keep getting them rejected " because the image is dark please lighten"


    Can someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ian M
    Paperport 14 wont load on Win 8.12
    Topic posted February 13, 2014 by Ian M  , tagged Installation and Configuration Topics, Troubleshooting
    Paperport 14 wont load on Win 8.1

    Hi All

    I have spent many fruitless hours trying to solve this problem and am now at my wits end.

    I have been a paperport user for many years and love it's editing/enhancing features and have loyally upgraded to each new version.

    I was running PP14 on win 8.1 without issues 

    Then for some reason when i went to use it the below message appears. I tried going back to a restore point with no success. Reinstalling, running from a different drive etc etc nothing seems to be working.

    Windows is reporting an incompatibly problem, however it was WORKING, I tried doing a clean boot to no avail.

    Totally frustrated and looking at alternates to PP now. Has anyone experienced the same problem or can assit me with a possible solution.

    Many thanks for your replies


  • Sussann Lovett
    Created a custom stamp - can I share it?6
    Topic posted February 13, 2014 by Sussann Lovett 
    Created a custom stamp - can I share it?

    I have created some custom stamps of signatures to place on forms that don't require a legal original signature. Others in our office also need these signatures. Is there a way to copy the stamp from my computer to their's? We have a satellite office and I don't want to have to drive 4 hours to create the stamps for them.



  • phyllis koch
    FIletype "Normal PDF" invokes OCR ?1
    Topic posted February 13, 2014 by phyllis koch 
    FIletype "Normal PDF" invokes OCR ?

    We thought that scanning with filetype "Normal PDF" produced the smallest of output pdf files.

    We think one day we learned about dragging a file into an app at the bottom of the paperport desktop, and it was dragged into Microsoft Word, where it got OCR'd.

    We had hardly ever used OCR and didn't think we had set this up to happen. Then we noticed from then on, all of our scans were using OCR (which was NOT a good thing for us - documents were getting altered, ruined). We thought something in Paperport had gotten corrupted, so we tried re-installing it. Problem remained.

    This is Paperport 12 which came bundled with our Brother Printer.

    Later we switched to filetype "PDF Image" and "Searchable PDF Image" and found good scans, although sometimes very large - too large to send in an email (700k). We share the multi-function Brother between two computers, so from the other the scan was smaller (70k).

    It does seem that filetype "Normal PDF" worked differently in the past, because we often used it without noticing the instances of OCR conversions of good text into bizarre symbols. Most of the document would be fine, but here and there were these distortions.

    So - please someone - set us straight about this.

    Is the filetype "Normal PDF" supposed to engage OCR ? We notice that when it is selected, the OUTPUT/ FILETYPE OPTIONS will only show OCR settings and not IMAGE. Is that normal ? Or did something get corrupted in the Registry or some database file to force this ?

  • Arne
    out of memory65.0
    Topic posted February 12, 2014 by Arne  , tagged Troubleshooting
    out of memory

    After a few pages are scanned via the document feeder the process stops and this error message is displayed:

    "out of memory, not enough memory for the scanning device, close other programs and try again."

    There is plenty of memory available, (18 gbytes). I have been scanning documents over the last week or so and only over the last couple of days has this message been halting the document scanning. HP 5510 Win 8.1.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Richard Elliott
    Paperport 14 and Microsoft Surface Pro1
    Topic posted February 11, 2014 by Richard Elliott  , tagged Installation and Configuration Topics, Troubleshooting
    Paperport 14 and Microsoft Surface Pro

    I purchased a Surface Pro (the full Windows 8 product) and have been trying to get PP14 to run on it.  When I click on the icon nothing happens.  There is no information in the Windows event log.

    Other PP adjunct apps such as ScanDirect, ImageViewer and even Max2PDF Converter all work fine.  The scanner works fine with ScanDirect.

    I have PP14 on an older Windows 7 laptop I want to migrate from so it is installed until I can get this working.

    I went through the other Windows 8 and PP 14 forums and none of the fixes were relevant or did not work.

  • Jeff Conrad
    Margins when creating a pdf from an Excel file
    Topic posted February 11, 2014 by Jeff Conrad  , tagged How To
    Margins when creating a pdf from an Excel file

    When creating a pdf from an Excel 2010 file using pdf converter professional 8, the pdf version is smaller on the printed page than the excel file. Is there anyway to correct this? It appears that the margins are larger on the pdf version verses the excel version, which in turn is making the contents smaller on the page.



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