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  • gary prusiensky
    Paperport 14 Crashes/Freezes in Windows 7 Pro 64 bit...35
    Topic posted December 9, 2012 by gary prusiensky, tagged Installation and Configuration Topics, Troubleshooting 
    Paperport 14 Crashes/Freezes in Windows 7 Pro 64 bit machines

    Found an very simple solution (other than Lucion File Center) to this firm-wide problem after migrating to Windows 7 Pro 64 bit machines (Dell Vostro 330s, All in Ones) from XP-Pro machines. Try running PP14 in Compatibilty Mode, Vista Service Pack 3.  After many hours invested wording searches in every which way imaginable over the last several months, I hit on a thread from a woman, forgive me for not saving your name, that was so elegant, yet powerful. Thank-you!!!  Now, my merry band of users are indeed merry and have said I need to give something back to the cyber world for all the good we have received over the years. Also, we now love PP almost as much as we have over at least 10 years. No crashes, no problems, no hangs over several weeks. And better yet, no more worthless Bangalore support calls!

  • Gary Butler
    Topic posted April 25, 2017 by Gary Butler, tagged How To 

    When I scan I have to open favorites and choose one when I really want it to always default to my favorite not the out of the box default.  Is there a way to do this?

  • RangerGord
    PP14.5 freezes in Quick Access Toolbar settings
    Topic posted April 23, 2017 by RangerGord 
    PP14.5 freezes in Quick Access Toolbar settings

    Have PaperPort Standard 14.5 on Windows 10

    I go to: Quick Access Toolbars -> pull down menu on the right -> More Commands...

    -> pull down "Choose Commands from:" -> Tools  -> software then freezes at this point.

    Have to exit and start.


    Anyone else have this problem?

    Suggestions appreciated.



  • LUKE abraham
    Scanning Trouble2
    Topic posted April 20, 2017 by LUKE abraham, tagged Advanced Topics, Troubleshooting 
    Scanning Trouble

    While i am using paperport and the output is in JPEG.When ever is an image is scanned each time the image thumbnail is popping up so that i can not able to  open or do anyother jobs in my stations how can we run the scanning process in background

  • Harold Melnick
    PaperPort 12 Scanner on Windows 102
    Topic posted April 9, 2017 by Harold Melnick 
    PaperPort 12 Scanner on Windows 10

    I installed a new scanner on a Win 10 computer, replacing an old scanner. I removed the old scanner listing from PP12. The new scanner showed up in the list of scanners on PP but the scan button was greyed-out. I have a PP Connection tool on the computer that was used to connect PP to Win 8. I ran it, and the scan button became solid; but when I used it, PP froze. I know PP 12 will work with Win 10 because I have another Win 10 computer with PP12 and it sees the scanners on that computer. Any suggestions? Is there a connection tool for PP12 and Win 10? (Also, even though I deleted the old scanner from the list in PP12, it still shows up on the list of scanners.)

  • Leo Scott
    Cahnging computer1
    Topic posted April 5, 2017 by Leo Scott, tagged Installation and Configuration Topics 
    Cahnging computer

    My old computer is going to be replaced.  Is it possible to uninstall Paperport 14 from the old computer and install it on the new computer without buying another license?  Some companies allow you to move software like that.

  • Hal Higgins
    cannot download paperport 10 and 11 on my pc with windows...
    Topic posted April 4, 2017 by Hal Higgins, tagged Installation and Configuration Topics, Troubleshooting 
    cannot download paperport 10 and 11 on my pc with windows xp

    I have been trying to download my paperport 10  and 11  to my pc which operates with windows xp. I keep getting an error 1722, There is a problem with your windows installer package.  It would alright if it does install the entire  package with it just installs enough  to show as a program, The program will not work.  Then I try to uninstall it and it will not uninstall. So right now I have no paperport program.

  • William Maslen
    Paperport 14 will not print or scan1
    Topic posted April 2, 2017 by William Maslen, tagged Installation and Configuration Topics, Troubleshooting 
    Paperport 14 will not print or scan

    My printer is installed but does not show up in Paperport 14.


    I can print from other programs and Windows Scan works.

    I recently had to do a re-installation of everything after being wiped out by a ransomware. was using PP12 before because I couldn't find my PP14 disk but now I found it and installed it but it is useless like this.

    Programs and  features shows the entire printer software ( Brother ) is installed and other programs work.

    Can't even seem to tell Paperport what printer to use.


    Any suggestions?

    Are there any other good REASONABLY PRICED programs that do what Paperport does? I hate Nuance and would switch to another program in a heartbeat but I can't afford to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a program.

  • Hanspeter Buechler
    Paperport 14 / Win 10 Not enough memory" after scan...1
    Topic posted March 19, 2017 by Hanspeter Buechler, tagged Troubleshooting 
    Paperport 14 / Win 10 Not enough memory" after scan first page - but there are enough memory!


    I've troubles since some days. After Scan Documents i get a error message "not enough memory". If you see in the picture there is enough (i7 / Win 10 Home 64x/ 16 GB RAM!). In the last month i scan documents with over 100 pages with no errors. I don't know, if the last updates make somthing strange with my computer.

    I tried some steps:

    - delet and reinstall the scanner software Brother ADS-2600W

    - make the system file for expand memory how big the system can

    - make som changes regedit (Shared Section)

    - The Steps to set back my Windows doesn't work too.

    - The problem is with the TWAIN driver, with WIA it works somethimes (only somethimes and then without double side scan).

    Actualy i have no more ideas  ;-(

    Thanks for any help - Sorry for my bad english, normaly i speak german / gerne auch Antworten auf deutsch

  • William Maslen
    Paperport 14 trying to connect to the cloud6
    Topic posted March 16, 2017 by William Maslen, tagged How To 
    Paperport 14 trying to connect to the cloud

    In the process of rebullding my computer after a virus wiped it, I installed Paperport 14 yesterday.

    Every time I boot up it tries to connect to their Cloud.

    I do NOT want that.

    How can I stop it from trying to connect to the Cloud? I find no place in options to do that.

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