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  • John Landais
    Yes, but how...?1
    Topic posted Yesterday by John Landais 
    Yes, but how...?


    I cannot work out how to perform two basic tasks in PaperPort 14:

    1. reorder stacked pages

      I was able to do this in an earlier version of PaperPort, but in v14 I can only stack and unstack.

    2. resize the item thumbnails of the documents in a folder

    The Getting Started User Guide says "PaperPort shows large, clear thumbnails of all your documents and photos", but it doesn't - it shows small, unclear thumbnails, and I want to enlarge them.


  • Kingshill
    Any plan for a Mac Version
    Topic posted March 27, 2015 by Kingshill 
    Any plan for a Mac Version

    Macs become more and more popular. Is there any plan to offer a Mac version of PP?


  • Taheer Butt
    Paperport 14 does not show files with long names6
    Topic posted March 27, 2015 by Taheer Butt, tagged Advanced Topics, Troubleshooting 
    Paperport 14 does not show files with long names

    Paperport 14 does not show files with the long file names on desktop. like;

    C:\Users\Taheer Butt\Google Drive\Vitech_Active_Front_Office\Quotations\Q 2037 Children Hospital Repair & Maintenance Various Ventilators Tender 7837 Due 28MAR2015\Q 2037 Children Hospital Repair & Maintenance Various Ventilators Tender 7837 Due 28MAR2015.doc

    How ever if I shorten the name it appears on paperport desktop.

    Any help to resolve this?


  • Chris H
    Problems with Image View in Paperport 14 (Win 7)4
    Topic posted March 18, 2015 by Chris H, tagged Troubleshooting 
    Problems with Image View in Paperport 14 (Win 7)

    I haven't seen anyone else mentioning this specific problem, but it started yesterday (Mar 17).

    I am using Windows 7 x64.

    I can scan to a PDF and view the document as a PDF, but I can no longer print to Paperport (from a webpage or from MS Word) and I can no longer open the document in Image View mode to edit it.  The thumbnail on the Desktop view does not show a preview of the document, it just shows a broken PDF icon.

    Any help would be appreciated.  I have restarted my computer multiple times, I have uninstalled and re-installed with the same issues, and two separate anti-virus programs have found no malware.

  • Paul Comtois
    Word 2010 Not responding after sending Documents to...
    Topic posted March 13, 2015 by Paul Comtois, tagged Advanced Topics, Troubleshooting 
    Word 2010 Not responding after sending Documents to Paperport 11 Image Printer

    Hi All,

    We have a client on Windows 7 Pro that is using Word 2010 and Paperport 11, (He also has Nuance Advanced PDF convertor installed, but I don't think it has anything to do with this issue) He also has Adobe Reader installed. His original documents are kept in Document Management software called Worldox.

    Initially he had Adobe 9 installed, and when he sent a PDF to the to the Paperport Image printer Adobe 9 would stop responding. I upgraded him to Adobe Reader 11 and it seemed to fix the Adobe Reader "Not responding" issue, but the same thing still occurs with Microsoft Word 2010. If he sends a Word Document to the Nuance Image printer, then a few moments later (Maybe 30 second) Word is "Not Responding".

    I have tried running a Repair on Office several times and it does not help at all. I tried clearing his temp files and freeing up extra drive space but nothing seems to help. We have had two of our own support people spend about 3 hours each doing remote support trying to fix this issue with no results.

    If any one has a viable fix they can offer, it would be greatly appreciated.


    Paperport 14 Professional will not scan in all Windows 7...
    Topic posted March 12, 2015 by JON DALE, tagged Troubleshooting 
    Paperport 14 Professional will not scan in all Windows 7 profiles

    Paperport 14 Professional works fine in one user profile.  In other user profiles, scan button is grayed out.  Also, scanner setup wizard returns "file not found" error in these profiles, but works fine in one user profile

    Windows 7, 64 bit, Home


  • Anders Ahlstrand
    Possible to change thumbnail resolution?
    Topic posted March 8, 2015 by Anders Ahlstrand, tagged How To 
    Possible to change thumbnail resolution?

    I'm using the the Thumbnails view in Paperport, and hence get a thumbnail of every page of the selected document.

    I'm able to change the the thumbnail size, but the the resolution is constant, and too low, meaning that I don't get any benefit of increasing the size and need to open the document in Acrobat Reader to actually get a glimpse of the document content.

    Is there any way to update the actual resolution of the thumbnail?




  • Steven Greenwald
    I feel that I've been robbed....2
    Topic posted March 7, 2015 by Steven Greenwald, tagged Installation and Configuration Topics 
    I feel that I've been robbed....

    I think I just wasted my money.

    Had PaperPort 10 with my Dell MFP. Worked great. Could do all sorts of scans. Lots of options. Like flat docs or ADF scanning to a PDF and saving "profiles" 

    Now I upgrade to Win8.1

    10 doesn't work. OK I happily purchase PP14. What a letdown. I was showing my wife how to scan medical docs and I would make her a profile... Guess WHAT. I have to upgrade if I want to have more that the 4 or 5 canned profiles that come with it.

    Want one to get a multi page PDF from the glass, one for multi page from the ADF? NOPE - I have to change the profile each time. My wife has no idea how to do that.... Used to be easy. And - I paid for this version. Now if I want more than the 5 canned profiles - I can cough up another $ 150.00. You've got to be kidding me.

    There is no link to dropbox or anything common - that probably costs more too... But - OOOH - I do get Nuance web storage. What a joke. I'm trying to get things in one place such as Dropbox or OneDrive.... NOPE.

    Doesn't work.

    I'll probably be returning it as it is not ready for prime time and I don't want to pay 4x my original price to be able to do a few basic things. The PaperPort basic 7 year old version (that was free with my scanner) had better features than this. 

    I hate getting stung like this by SW companies...

    I'll not make the same mistake twice.

    Any help would be appreciated, but I'm not hopeful. Been on this horse before.


  • j doe
    Please help! Paperport SE startup1
    Topic posted March 1, 2015 by j doe 
    Please help! Paperport SE startup

    Paperport SE automatically starts up each time! How do I fix it so it doesn't start up each time.  I am sick and tired of closing the program. I rarely use my scanner.

  • Mike Gwilt
    Odd Paperport 7 problem
    Topic posted February 28, 2015 by Mike Gwilt, tagged Troubleshooting 
    Odd Paperport 7 problem

    Yes, I'm too stingy to buy the new version, but...

    Anyway, I have been using Paperport 7 on W7 (64 bit) for months, with a Canoscan LiDE 110 flatbed scanner - all fine.  Then I had a bit of a disaster that required the nuclear format/complete reinstall of windows.  When I reinstalled Paperport, the priobnlem arose.

    It installs OK, as far as I can tell and the usual desktop view opens.  But - no Twain button.  On closer inspection, it looks normal (Twain button visible)  while it loads the many max files from its designated folder (as the blue progress bar travels across the bottom), then the Twain button in the menu bar vanishes.

    The scanner works fine - I can scan by the proprietary software (MP Navigator Ex) or by right-clicking on its icon in Devices and I can identify it as a Twain source from a graphics program (Irfanview 4.38).  No difference whether I use the Canon utilities from the website (latest versions) or the original installation CD.


    So, there's no way I can see to get paperport to work with my scanner.  Any ideas gratefully accepted.


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