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  • gary prusiensky
    Paperport 14 Crashes/Freezes in Windows 7 Pro 64 bit...35
    Topic posted December 9, 2012 by gary prusiensky, tagged Installation and Configuration Topics, Troubleshooting 
    Paperport 14 Crashes/Freezes in Windows 7 Pro 64 bit machines

    Found an very simple solution (other than Lucion File Center) to this firm-wide problem after migrating to Windows 7 Pro 64 bit machines (Dell Vostro 330s, All in Ones) from XP-Pro machines. Try running PP14 in Compatibilty Mode, Vista Service Pack 3.  After many hours invested wording searches in every which way imaginable over the last several months, I hit on a thread from a woman, forgive me for not saving your name, that was so elegant, yet powerful. Thank-you!!!  Now, my merry band of users are indeed merry and have said I need to give something back to the cyber world for all the good we have received over the years. Also, we now love PP almost as much as we have over at least 10 years. No crashes, no problems, no hangs over several weeks. And better yet, no more worthless Bangalore support calls!

  • Hanspeter Buechler
    Paperport 14 / Win 10 Not enough memory" after scan...1
    Topic posted March 19, 2017 by Hanspeter Buechler, tagged Troubleshooting 
    Paperport 14 / Win 10 Not enough memory" after scan first page - but there are enough memory!


    I've troubles since some days. After Scan Documents i get a error message "not enough memory". If you see in the picture there is enough (i7 / Win 10 Home 64x/ 16 GB RAM!). In the last month i scan documents with over 100 pages with no errors. I don't know, if the last updates make somthing strange with my computer.

    I tried some steps:

    - delet and reinstall the scanner software Brother ADS-2600W

    - make the system file for expand memory how big the system can

    - make som changes regedit (Shared Section)

    - The Steps to set back my Windows doesn't work too.

    - The problem is with the TWAIN driver, with WIA it works somethimes (only somethimes and then without double side scan).

    Actualy i have no more ideas  ;-(

    Thanks for any help - Sorry for my bad english, normaly i speak german / gerne auch Antworten auf deutsch

  • William Maslen
    Paperport 14 trying to connect to the cloud6
    Topic posted March 16, 2017 by William Maslen, tagged How To 
    Paperport 14 trying to connect to the cloud

    In the process of rebullding my computer after a virus wiped it, I installed Paperport 14 yesterday.

    Every time I boot up it tries to connect to their Cloud.

    I do NOT want that.

    How can I stop it from trying to connect to the Cloud? I find no place in options to do that.

    Scan multiple pages in PP 144
    Topic posted March 14, 2017 by LAURA WARREN 
    Scan multiple pages in PP 14

    I tried a search but couldn't find an answer..  I am using PP 14 on WIN 10.  I cannot get it to scan more than one page from the feeder on my scanner. I have PP 12 on a WIN 7 computer and it works fine.  What setting am I missing?

  • Shane Hodgson
    PP COM Wrapper1
    Topic posted March 7, 2017 by Shane Hodgson, tagged Troubleshooting 
    PP COM Wrapper

    Have all kinds of issues with PaperPort 14, but we've been working through them one-by-one. The latest is PP generating a fatal error trying to open some PDFs. Bring up Task Manager, I'm able to kill the process causing the crash (PPCPDFCOMObj), then restart PP. PP will crash again, with same error, because PP is trying to render the contents of the folder I was in when the crash initially happened. I open Task Manager again, kill the PPCPDFCOMObj (COM Wrapper) process, and continue working in PP, but without that functionality. At this point, I can restart PP works fine, opening, closing, moving files, unless I try to go back to the initial folder with the problem, then it crashes again.

    I've discovered that the crash is happening when PP tries to render the thumbnails of contents of a folder. I'll see preview thumbnails of files (PDFs, etc) rendering in the folder, but there will be one or two files that won't render, just remain a generic PDF image, rather than a full preview of the file(s). There doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the files themselves. If I open them in Acrobat from Windows, there's no problem. If I take the file out of the folder in Windows, then reopen PP and navigate to that folder, PP is happy and doesn't crash. The PDFs themselves have been added both via email and scanning directly into PP.

    I have the latest version of PP and have uninstalled and reinstalled. It's a Windows 10, 64-bit computer. Appreciate any insight or experience anyone might have about this. It's pretty frustrating having to work by jumping through these hoops.

    Thanks very much

  • J J Veyera
    Can't find FromTyper or it's icon2
    Topic posted February 28, 2017 by J J Veyera, tagged How To, Installation and Configuration Topics, Troubleshooting 
    Can't find FromTyper or it's icon

    I am running Paperport v14  14.5   (14.5.13264.1414) on Windows 10 and have used its FormTyper feature many times in the past.  This morning I attempt to file in a PDF form and can't find Formtyper anywhere!  The feature has just "vanished"  any suggestions to restore it????

  • Jon Vergo
    Unable to unstack PDF's in PaperPort Pro unless app is...
    Topic posted February 27, 2017 by Jon Vergo 
    Unable to unstack PDF's in PaperPort Pro unless app is run as admin


    I have PaperPort 14 Pro. Recently, I am unable to unstack PDF's I've just stacked unless I run PaperPort as administrator by right clicking on the icon and clicking "Run as Administrator".

    If run normally, the options for unstacking the current page or all pages in greyed out. I verified the folder I have the files in have full NTFS permissions. I have also tried updating PaperPort and performing a program repair.

    Anyone know how I can repair this?

  • Neil Gold
    Paperport Message "the folder temp not in folder...
    Topic posted February 26, 2017 by Neil Gold, tagged Advanced Topics, Installation and Configuration Topics, Troubleshooting 
    Paperport Message "the folder temp not in folder list"

    When I use my Canon printer to scan a document it is set to be put into a folder "temp" and it works fine except that I get a Paperport popup which says "folder tep not in folder list".  I have also tried sending it to other folders with a corresponding message.


    Please advise.

  • Howard Walker
    What is this program about (Paper Port)2
    Topic posted February 24, 2017 by Howard Walker, tagged Advanced Topics, Hardware Specific Topics, How To, Installation and Configuration Topics, Troubleshooting 
    What is this program about (Paper Port)

    I have tried to scan a few pages with this software, with no result at all. Windows 10. The scanner whirs and does the scan but nothing appears on the screen. Why is this program issued with a Brother scanner. I would have thought that Brother would have selected a program that worked. Instead I get a massive thing that purports to do everything and does not a lot. Instructions are vague and hard to follow, screen is overflowing in icons that are generally meaningless. All in all its not worth the calories.

    Pity, because if it had any sensible and logical work flow it could be a good program.

    I will give it another try and if I still cannot get it to work, I will scrap my Brother scanner and return to my trusty Agfa scanner that is 20 years old and works a treat.

  • Frank Slapski
    Paperport 14 Capture wed pages (Trying)1
    Topic posted February 16, 2017 by Frank Slapski 
    Paperport 14 Capture wed pages (Trying)

    These are the instructions from the user guide (pg.28)

    Capture web pages
    Capture web pages from the Internet and save them as PDF items on the
    PaperPort desktop.
    This Web Capture program is installed with PaperPort, but is not
    integrated into it, since it functions only on the Windows XP operating
    system. Go to the program folder and double-click PPwebcap exe. It
    places an icon on the system tray; use its shortcut menu to access settings
    (for instance to specify PDF image or PDF searchable) and to capture web
    pages - either whole pages or the visible area.
    Use the Print to PaperPort feature to create searchable PDF files from web pages,
    so they can be added to the All-in-One SearchTM index for finding items by text
    content. This means of capturing web pages is available under all operating

    I have P/P installed & everything seems to work except for this. My o/s is win.10 Can someone walk me throu. this, I can't find prog.folder or any of this. I'm a novice w/computers.


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