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  • gary prusiensky
    Paperport 14 Crashes/Freezes in Windows 7 Pro 64 bit...20
    Topic posted December 9, 2012 by gary prusiensky, tagged Installation and Configuration Topics, Troubleshooting 
    Paperport 14 Crashes/Freezes in Windows 7 Pro 64 bit machines

    Found an very simple solution (other than Lucion File Center) to this firm-wide problem after migrating to Windows 7 Pro 64 bit machines (Dell Vostro 330s, All in Ones) from XP-Pro machines. Try running PP14 in Compatibilty Mode, Vista Service Pack 3.  After many hours invested wording searches in every which way imaginable over the last several months, I hit on a thread from a woman, forgive me for not saving your name, that was so elegant, yet powerful. Thank-you!!!  Now, my merry band of users are indeed merry and have said I need to give something back to the cyber world for all the good we have received over the years. Also, we now love PP almost as much as we have over at least 10 years. No crashes, no problems, no hangs over several weeks. And better yet, no more worthless Bangalore support calls!

  • Robert Mocadlo
    PaperPort Pro 14.5 Patch 1 not downloading (Error...6
    Topic posted Yesterday by Robert Mocadlo 
    PaperPort Pro 14.5 Patch 1 not downloading (Error 404)

    I have a notification from the Software Manager that PaperPort Professional 14.5 Patch 1 is available.  When I try to either install or download it, it stalls on the "Preparing to download" screen for several minutes then gives the following message "Setup cannot continue because of the following error: An internet communication error occurred. Error Code: 404 Please contact the software vendor or try again at a later time."  I've tried this on two separate computers and networks, and it didn't work on any of them.  Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks!

  • Doc
    PP 12.1 Not Communicating with All Scanners...4
    Topic posted September 29, 2015 by Doc, tagged Hardware Specific Topics, Installation and Configuration Topics, Troubleshooting 
    PP 12.1 Not Communicating with All Scanners (Brother)

     Win 7 Pro 64Bit - Brother MFC-7860dw Multi-function (numerous such printers in network BUT also other printers are not being found either, Dells.) When opening PP12.1 (which is a bundled program from Brother with their multi function devices) the 'first' set up Printer (marked 'default') is shown... IF I ADD another printer, it does not show up in the 'list' of available scanners even though it does show in MS Printers and Devices and does have a "scan profile", etc...

    Tried: on the off chance, tried "Scanner Connect Tool" and no joy. I have 'changed' the default settings in Windows 7 and it makes no difference within the PP12.1 interface. I have tried the advanced settings in the 'scanner setup' and it ONLY shows that one printer/scanner... also, if I reinstall PP12.1 it will find the one printer that is default but any others added remain 'un-useable.'

    Very much hoping to solve this as we have three users (on the Brother Printer/Scanner devices) who are beginning to do a lot of scanning and we need to scan to two machines. Many thanks for your help.




  • Doc
    Corporate PP12.1 "listing" Word Documents and...7
    Topic posted September 23, 2015 by Doc, tagged Troubleshooting 
    Corporate PP12.1 "listing" Word Documents and other formats in Folders? Why?

    Noting that PP is "listing" or "cataloging" ALL files/folders in "MyDocuments" (the default folder for MyPaperPortDocuments) - including .doc, .docx, xls, etc.. this is causing problems in PP with hangs, crashes... etc.

    Why is it listing Word documents in "my folders" in Paperport?


    Many thanks

  • Robert Mocadlo
    Cloud Connector Upgrade2
    Topic posted September 22, 2015 by Robert Mocadlo 
    Cloud Connector Upgrade

    Hello.  I am potentially interested in upgrading Cloud Connector to Gladinet Cloud Desktop Pro.  However, I'm a bit confused about the upgrade.  When I go through Nuance's website, I get directed to pay $49.99 for Gladinet Cloud Desktop V3.x (Nuance Cloud Connector).  However, if I search for it on Google, I see that I can buy a presumably updated version (Gladinet Cloud Desktop Professional V4) for the same price.  Will version 4 work?  I'd much rather get version 4 than buy version 3 and find out that I have to pay again to upgrade to version 4.

    Thank you!

  • Kevin Reith
    Windows 10
    Topic posted September 13, 2015 by Kevin Reith, tagged How To, Installation and Configuration Topics, Troubleshooting 
    Windows 10

    I would like to know how to create an association with the windows 10 mail system

  • Dennis Corby
    PaperPort being discontinued?3
    Topic posted September 10, 2015 by Dennis Corby 
    PaperPort being discontinued?

    Word on the street among my tech friends is that Nuance is discontinuing PaperPort as an offered product.

    This seems like a good place to test the veracity of their comments.

    I've used PaperPort for many years in my business as a virtual desktop and filing system not for the scanning capabilities that come thru my Fujitsu Scan Snap scanner. Obviously I have a large stake involved if this product is discontinued.

  • David L.
    Paperport 14.5 will not install. Says Installer detected a...4
    Topic posted August 31, 2015 by David L. 
    Paperport 14.5 will not install. Says Installer detected a previous installation
  • Cinna Faveri
    I have windows 10 and PaperPort 14.5. Scans will not stack.2
    Topic posted August 26, 2015 by Cinna Faveri 
    I have windows 10 and PaperPort 14.5. Scans will not stack.

    Whether I scan single sheets or several at a time, they will not stack. I've tried scanning individual sheets and then try to stack them but that doesn't work.  And if I scan several, only the first sheet is scanned.  Is this a Windows 10 problem or a setting in my  PaperPort.14.5?  .  

  • Kevin Foster
    Topic posted August 23, 2015 by Kevin Foster 

    When I scan using PP12 with my MX860 canon with Grayscale, it comes in with a very grey background color.  If i scan using the MX860 direct through windows it is light but no grey background.  I think my scanning light may be going out, but before I buy a new scanner, is there any way I can get the background color to be white in grayscale without manually fixing it each time?  When I manually select the white part the scan looks good, but I have way to many pages to scan to do that each time.


    I have attached a sample scan.  This was white paper. 



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