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  • Jeffrey Klugerman
    Thumnails load slow and as icon not picture4
    Topic posted April 16, 2014 by Jeffrey Klugerman 
    Thumnails load slow and as icon not picture

    I loaded Paperport and was having issues with stacking and rearranging pages in image viewer. Support recommend a meta file clean. Did that and then PDF would take long time to load. Additionally I cant see the thumbnail image only the thumbnail with the icon of the program.


    Running Paperprot14 on Windows 7


    Can you help.


  • BOB1901
    PP failed to create a scratch file6
    Topic posted April 9, 2014 by BOB1901  , tagged Troubleshooting
    PP failed to create a scratch file

    Running win 7,PP 14.2-Have been running PP for a long time,never a problem like this.

    What is ---PP failed to create a scratch file.Disk drive or scratch directory may be not accessible or full.I receive this message when ever I try and print from PP

  • Paul Mac
    Painful obnoxious tedium I don't think you understand
    Topic posted April 7, 2014 by Paul Mac 
    Painful obnoxious tedium I don't think you understand

    What we go through out here to:

    1. Figure out the riddles you present with your awkward software;

    2. Realize your update badger bother *** notification that we can't make to realize itself that it is incapable of uttering any upgrade honesty. It whines using my computer's overhead, taunts me with some words and version update candy so I can remember how much it annoys me, then provides bread crumbs back to:

    3. Vapid endless unfulfillment proving itself and the hackers who manipulate it just how much time I've wasted having to *** about it to you.... or someone.

    Thanks for showing me the urgency to and making it so painful finally this time to GIVE UP on your software.

    I can hardly wait to send this message and be done with this.


  • Patrick Armstrong
    Cannot scan receipts longer than 14"1
    Topic posted April 2, 2014 by Patrick Armstrong  , tagged Advanced Topics, How To, Installation and Configuration Topics, Troubleshooting
    Cannot scan receipts longer than 14"

    I have a Brother DS-820W moble scanner. I am currently running PaperPort 12SE which came with the scanner. I am having a problem in that the software will not scan anything longer than 14". If I scan directly to the scanner's SD card, it will scan the entire 24" receipt just fine.

    IF PaperPort can scan as long as necessary (however long the document is), then I will definitely upgrade. If I am told it is not possible and given a run around, I will uninstall the PaperPort 12SE and NEVER look at a Nuance product.

    I am NOT happy that attempts to contact Nuance to get an answer about their product have been ignored to this date or required me paying them for an answer as to why their product is malfunctioning.

    So anyone at Nuance paying attention, give me a favorable answer how to make PaperPort scan like I want or forget me upgrading.

  • Michael Wendt
    PaperPort 12 se default working directory.3
    Topic posted March 31, 2014 by Michael Wendt 
    PaperPort 12 se default working directory.

    I have finally installed a copy of PaperPort 12 I've had for a while.  


    It appears it wants to save everything to my C: drive which is FULL.  I want to change the default to a directory on my D: drive but I can't find where to make it a permanent change.  I don't want to have to manually select my D: drive every time I save something.





  • Glenda Duncan
    Can not scan on Mac With Paperport 14
    Topic posted March 28, 2014 by Glenda Duncan  , tagged Troubleshooting
    Can not scan on Mac With Paperport 14

    i just purchased Mac air and had Wndows 7 using Parallel and installed Paperport 14. I can not scan using paper port to any of my wireless printers but can can using USB printer. I have Paperport 14 also installed on old lap top and scans fine. I have taken unit to two different computer shops and still can not resolve issue. One came to my home to make sure was not the network. Need help to resolve for I need this laptop for work and have already invested too too much money to give up.

  • Dylan Lee
    PaperPort - trouble stacking in SharePoint
    Topic posted March 28, 2014 by Dylan Lee  , tagged Troubleshooting
    PaperPort - trouble stacking in SharePoint

    Hi all, first time poster here.

    I'm helping someone using PaperPort 14.   They currently create stacks of documents, from source documents stored on a network drive.  We're moving these source files to a SharePoint library.  I've created a mapped drive to the SharePoint library, and I've given the user full control on the SharePoint library.  Within PaperPort, the user can happily brows through the library in SharePoint and see all the documents.

    In *most* cases, PaperPort will allow the user to create a stack.   However for some documents, PaperPort seems to think they are read-only, and will not create a stack from the document.

    The weird thing is, in SharePoint the permissions are exactly the same for all of these documents - but PaperPort seems to still think that some are read only!!

    Has anyone seen this behaviour?   Any thoughts or ideas for things to check?   Many thanks!!



  • David B
    upgrade from Paperport 12 to 14 - Yes or no?3
    Topic posted March 22, 2014 by David B 
    upgrade from Paperport 12 to 14 - Yes or no?

    I currently use Paperport 12 pro, and find that it generally does what I need from it.  I am wondering about making the jump to PaperPort 14. (I don't really need the pro features as I don't use them), but I am wondering if there is any advantage as far as bugginess, freezing, not responding, and other such bugs that we put up with normally in PaperPort.

    In other words, new features aside, have there been any improvements in the underlying software code from previous versions that would justify the jump to the newer version?



  • James Pinner
    Visioneer 9540 USB2
    Topic posted March 22, 2014 by James Pinner  , tagged Hardware Specific Topics
    Visioneer 9540 USB

    Having trouble with 9540 USB and paperport 14, any suggestions? 

  • Roger Spohn
    Trouble printing to Paperport 141
    Topic posted March 21, 2014 by Roger Spohn 
    Trouble printing to Paperport 14

    If I try to print a document to paperport 14 without opening it first it gives me an "Error has occured" and it is shutting down. However if I open Paperport 14 first I have no trouble printing to Paperport 14.  I am using Win7. Has anyone else had this problem?


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