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  • Peter Riis
    problems converting pdf to excel3
    Topic posted March 16, 2014 by Peter Riis 
    problems converting pdf to excel

    I can't get Omnipage 18 to convert pdf files (bank statements) to excel.  The system seems to choke with the busy spinning circle.  Any suggestions? I could print to paper and scan but that seems to defeat the whole purpose of pdf files.  The files were locked so I ran an unlock utility but that didn't make any difference.  The page view shows the graphics of the page but none of the text.  I have tried a number of things but am at a loss.

  • Bryan Brown
    Omni Page Ultimate 19 Help!
    Topic posted July 25, 2014 by Bryan Brown  , tagged How To
    Omni Page Ultimate 19 Help!

    There is a PDF page that I have saved to my laptop from a website and I'm trying to be able to type on it using the Form Typer in PDF Viewer Plus. When I run Form Typer on it from PDF Viewer Plus, it tells me "Failed To Create Form".

    So based on this, is there a way that I can use Omni Page Ultimate 19 to turn it into a Static Form where I can run the Form Typer in PDF Viewer Plus and be able to type on it at that point?

  • Chris Spiliotis
    How to Activate OmniPage Ultimate3
    Topic posted July 23, 2014 by Chris Spiliotis  , tagged How To, Installation and Configuration Topics
    How to Activate OmniPage Ultimate

    I've installed OmniPage Ultimate and am attempting the install the bundled PaperPort Professional 14 program. Am unsuccessful since I am being prompted to activate OmniPage Ultimate before I istall PP Pro 14.

    How do I "activate" OP Ultimate?

  • Glen Hauser
    Best way to scan into Excel
    Topic posted July 23, 2014 by Glen Hauser  , tagged Advanced Topics, How To
    Best way to scan into Excel

    I receive a multipage (over 100 pages) of numbers that we previously had to enter into our systems.  What I was hoping to achieve is to use Omnipage 18's OCR to convert it to a spreadsheet and then into a CSV file which we could them upload into our system.  This would save significant time.  

    However I have run into the following problem.  Omnipage automatically determines the columns and in some cases it works, like on the left side of the picture, however most pages end up like the one on the right.  I cannot expect the operator to go through each page and alter the column layout manually for the page.

    But each page has the same layout, so what I'd like to do is force each page to have the same column break lines and then scan.  Unfortunately, I have not seen where I can create the column template to use for all pages in the scan.  If someone could help me with this, I would be indebted to you.


    Glen Hauser


  • Samuel Baldus
    Newbie: SDK PHP Command Line Error: Invalid Account name or...
    Topic posted July 23, 2014 by Samuel Baldus  , tagged Installation and Configuration Topics, Troubleshooting
    Newbie: SDK PHP Command Line Error: Invalid Account name or key


    I have just installed the SDK for OmniPage. Using the PHP samples, I am attempting to test the first example (PHP Rest Client) to convert a PDF to DOCX.

    I have replaced the {ACCOUNT_NAME} and {ACCOUNT_KEY} with the OCS evaluator name/key.

    Using CMD line: php restclient.php C:\input.jpg C:\output.docx 6

    I get

    Invalid account name or key. Note that the evaluator account key and name must be specified as constants in the source.

    There seems to something I am missing, but can't find anything in the documentation to suggest what it might be.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?


  • Justin Stan
    "No default email client" for Outlook 2013 64bit...1
    Topic posted November 2, 2013 by Justin Stan  , tagged Troubleshooting
    "No default email client" for Outlook 2013 64bit on a Windows7 Pro 64bit

    On a Windows 7 Pro 64bit machine, with Outlook 2013 64bit (from Office 365 ProPlus package)  I get the following error message at the start of OmniPage Ultimate 19.0:

    "Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request"

    Useless to say that Outlook is the default mail client on my system. Had the same issue with Adobe Reader XI, but it was solved by this workaround:

    <<This worked for me (sourced from ...
    1. Create registry key:
    2. Create String value:
    3. Set the String value for Bitness to:
    It resolved an issue wherein AcrobatX could not determine the existence/presence of my "Click to run" instance of Outlook (Office2013).
    Setting the bitness value to match my x64 version of Office2013 resolved the issue - I can now use the "Atatch to email" feature in AcrobatX without errors.>>
    But didn't solved my problem with OmniPage. Any idea?
  • Matthew Gertner
    Floating point exception
    Topic posted July 10, 2014 by Matthew Gertner  , tagged Troubleshooting
    Floating point exception


    after running the following code

      kRecSetLicense("lcxz", OEM_CODE);
      HPAGE hPage;
      kRecSetDecompMethod(0, DCM_STANDARD);
      kRecLoadImgF(0, filename.c_str(), &hPage, 0);
      kRecPreprocessImg(0, hPage);
      kRecLocateZones(0, hPage);

    I occasionally get a floating point exception (core dumped) from kRecLocateZones.

    The code above works perfectly for dozens of images and only occasionally fails for the particular one that is attached here. Could somebody please look into this? Thanks in advance.


    Also, do not mind that there is no error handling, it's present and only removed here to save space.


    Best Regards,

    Marek Bernat

  • Dorsey Drane
    How can I stop the Nuance Software Manager popups?135.0
    Topic posted August 29, 2012 by Dorsey Drane  , tagged How To, Installation and Configuration Topics
    How can I stop the Nuance Software Manager popups?

    I purchased OmniPage 18, and with it Nuance installed something called Software Manager that pops up regularly trying to "tell me" about other Nuance products.

    I HATE THIS are want to disable it completely and uninstall it.  At the very least, I want it to shut up and never bother me again.

    Can anybody help me?

    I know the thing driving it is a program called agent.exe, but I also know that simply deleting it will create inconsistencies in my Windows Registry, etc.  What’s the proper way to stop this irritant?

    Thank you.

  • Dan Damron
    OmniPage Batch Manager - Splitting PDF's via Blank Page1
    Topic posted April 23, 2013 by Dan Damron  , tagged Troubleshooting
    OmniPage Batch Manager - Splitting PDF's via Blank Page

    I'm trying to use OmniPage Pro 18 to split a PDF into multiple PDF's using blank pages.  For this job, I don't need to OCR the PDF's although I don't see a way to NOT OCR them..

    Here's what I did:

    Job Wizard, Folder watching Job.  <next>

    Selected folder to watch, <next>

    Start Now, watch folders without time limit, delete input files,Run Job without any prompts<next>

    Step 1 of 5, Create new document at each blank page <next>

    Step 2 of 5, Optimize for Speed, English selected, Retain text and background color, and Use PDF Fonts.<next>

    Step 3 of 5, Editing of recognized pages allowed without running proofreader. <next>

    Step 4 of 5, Nothing selected, all blank, <next>

    Step 5 of 5, Save as Image, File Type PDF Image, and specified output directory. <finish>


    Now, seems pretty straight forward, however it doesn't work..


    I have a 24 page PDF, with blank pages on 4, 10, and 16.

    You would expect a 3 page PDF, two  5 page PDF's, and a 8 page PDF..

    What I get is:

    One 3 page PDF, and two 1 page PDFs..

    The first 3 pages worked, split on 4th, then Page 5 is a separate PDF, and Page 11 is a separate PDF.


    I also notice that the original has not been deleted,  almost like there's a write lock...  When I stop that batch, it spits out a 4th PDF, page 17.


    Why is it not processing all pages?!?

    Upon closer examination, it shows an "Invalid Index" error on some of the pages, however other software opens them perfectly..  The original PDF is generated using a Ricoh MP4500 in scan mode..


    Any suggestions? 





  • Sean Madigan
    Omnipage 18 opening 2 blank browser pages5
    Topic posted May 2, 2013 by Sean Madigan  , tagged Installation and Configuration Topics, Troubleshooting
    Omnipage 18 opening 2 blank browser pages

    I have a user whose Omnipage 18 has started opening 2 blank browser pages for some reason.  I have uploaded an image of the address/file it is trying to access.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled Omnipage in an attempt to resolve this with no luck.  Is there a way to get this to stop?


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