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  • Chuck Van DIen
    Forms and Field Data Processing?1
    Topic last edited September 13, 2014 by Chuck Van DIen, tagged Advanced Topics, How To 
    Forms and Field Data Processing?


    What version of OminiPage 18 will allow me to specify a template to extract FIELD DATA from a form document and populate this extracted data into a table (such as one that exists in SQL).

    Is there a version of OmniPage that does this, ELSE is there a SDK available that I can download to automate my form data extraction? I'm looking for the least expensive OR the fastest route to accomplish this.

    The Product ID of my existing OmniPage package is: OP-1194-054-12123.2117 and does not appear to support this type of automation.

    Lastly, is there a SPECIFIC TERM that this form data extraction automation process is called?

    Thank you!


  • Michael Reed
    OmniPage Capture SDK On AZURE VM
    Topic posted May 15, 2015 by Michael Reed 
    OmniPage Capture SDK On AZURE VM

    Is it possible to run the OmniPage Capture SDK on an AZURE VM ?   Keep in mind that the VM's MAC address can and does change under certain, normal, operating conditions.     


  • Dave Costello
    Going back to version 14
    Topic last edited May 11, 2015 by Dave Costello, tagged Advanced Topics, Troubleshooting 
    Going back to version 14

    I've been running Omnipage Pro 14 from Scansoft for several years.  I found CD's for versions 15, 16 & 17 from Nuance in a drawer when I took over this position several years ago.  Today I finally decided to upgrade to version 17 - I know, if it's not broken don't fix it - my fault.  After 5 minutes, I'm going back to the Scansoft version that worked.  Now I know why they were in the drawer and not installed.

    I use Omnipage primarily to scan documents to bring in to Excel as tables.  I've had a few, very few, issues with version 14 and ocr and I thought that upgrading to version 17 might fix them.  Boy was I wrong.  With version 17 I can't scan more than one page or the OCR crashes the program.  I tried rebooting my system, rebooting my scanner, didn't help.  I can scan a single page, process it just fine, copy it to the clipboard and paste it to Excel all without issue.  I can do this single page after single page after single page as long as I start a new scan with each page and process each page on it's own.  If I put two pages in my scanner, it scans them just fine but crashes when it does OCR.  This is with Windows 7 64 bit and Nuance Omnipage Pro 17.

    After trying several times with no luck, I uninstalled version 17, reinstalled version 14 and I'm scanning multi pages just like I was before with the EXACT same document that version 17 kept crashing on.

    If anyone from Nuance can come up with a fix, maybe I'll try it again; otherwise, I'm staying with version 14.   

  • Larry Edwards
    OmniPage 18 pdfs now unreadable in Adobe Reader2
    Topic posted May 4, 2015 by Larry Edwards 
    OmniPage 18 pdfs now unreadable in Adobe Reader

    I got a complaint that a pdf file I produced with OmniPage 18 gives an error message in Adobe  Reader, and can't be read.

    I have confirmed with my own tests that although I can read such pdfs just fine with FoxIt, PDF-Exhchange-Viewer, and PDF-Converter-Pro, the pdfs I generate with OmniPage are unreadable in Adobe Reader (latest version, 11.0.10) and the Sumatra Reader. I have confirmed that this error occurs in both pdf generation methods: (1) it happens if I scan and OCR the text, saved as image over text; and (2) it happens if open an image over text pdf with OmniPage and re-OCR it.

    I have used OmniPage for years in this way, including distribution of the pdf files to others, and this is the first I  have heard of this error. The exact error message in Adobe Reader is: "There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired."

    I am running OmniPage 18.0 under Win-7 Pro x64. Why is this problem occurring and how can I fix it? Has anyone else here had this problem?

  • Victor Reyes
    OCR Scanning1
    Topic posted November 7, 2014 by Victor Reyes, tagged Advanced Topics, How To, Troubleshooting 
    OCR Scanning


    I have been having this problem with Omnipage Ultimate lately.

    I process a lot of general ledgers (digitally created PDF's) and bank statements (Scanned Documents) through Omnipage to get them into Excel format.  After the OCR completes its scan I am finding that a large amount of the 8's turn into 6's and vise versa.  I realize with the scanned documents the quality of the scan would be a factor, but with the digital PDF's I wouldn't think that would be a issue.

    Is anyone else potentially having this issue?  If so would anyone know any potential solutions?

    Thank you

  • paul lufkin
    Not recognizing periods in scanned table
    Topic posted May 4, 2015 by paul lufkin, tagged Advanced Topics 
    Not recognizing periods in scanned table

    Can anyone help?

    Using Omnipage 18

    I have a table that has data like this:

    Pickup 2D ......................... C2534 .................... 8000  16000 21900

    I would like to recognize the periods as text, but Omnipage recognizes it as an image and throws it out when I try to write the recognized pages to excel.  Abbyy recognizes the periods but does a horrible job in recognizing rows.  Omnipage has it beat there.  I am wondering if there is a switch I can click on within Omnipage to recognize periods as like the above.

    Thank you.

  • Scott Nieman
    This feature not available in Ultimate - Scan double-sided...2
    Topic posted April 29, 2015 by Scott Nieman, tagged Advanced Topics 
    This feature not available in Ultimate - Scan double-sided pages in the Scanner panel of the Options dialog box

    Help states that there should be an option for scanning double sided documents, and auto sort.  It does not appear as stated.  I need this capability.  I have an HP LaserJet M276 scanner/printer with non-duplex document feeder.  All is good except this feature.

    Help verbiage:
    For non-duplex scanners, select Scan double-sided pages in the Scanner panel of the Options dialog box. Then you can scan the document in just a few passes, with even pages grouped together and odd pages also grouped. OmniPage will merge the pages for you

  • Virginia Reeves
    CD won't open on D drive1
    Topic posted April 28, 2015 by Virginia Reeves 
    CD won't open on D drive

    I just registered the product today. 4/28.  Received this error message after inserting the CD into the drive:  "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action.  Install a program or create an association in the Default Programs Control Panel."
    I have no idea what to do.  I am a non-techie person.  
    Suggestions are most welcome.  Could the CD be bad?

  • Ben C
    Understanding of a ZON file1
    Topic posted April 8, 2015 by Ben C, tagged Advanced Topics 
    Understanding of a ZON file


    I'm currently looking to the "Zone Template" tool. And I took a look to the generated file. This file contains boxes like that:

    <BBox left="3840" top="3686" right="6845" bottom="3994"/>

    I'd like to know what's the measurement unit used to define these zones. It doesn't seem to be pixels.



  • Peter Riis
    problems converting pdf to excel4
    Topic posted March 16, 2014 by Peter Riis 
    problems converting pdf to excel

    I can't get Omnipage 18 to convert pdf files (bank statements) to excel.  The system seems to choke with the busy spinning circle.  Any suggestions? I could print to paper and scan but that seems to defeat the whole purpose of pdf files.  The files were locked so I ran an unlock utility but that didn't make any difference.  The page view shows the graphics of the page but none of the text.  I have tried a number of things but am at a loss.

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