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  • dan schag
    I just purchased omnipage ultimate and have been struggling...1
    Topic posted April 23, 2015 by dan schag, tagged How To 

    I just purchased omnipage ultimate and have been struggling to do a simple task:  edit a couple words in a pdf document.  I've attached a screen shot of what I have and wonder if anyone can point me to what I need to do edit some text in my document.  Thank you very much.

  • Peru Ghon
    Catastrophic failure ('0x8000FFFF')1
    Topic posted September 28, 2014 by Peru Ghon, tagged Troubleshooting 
    Catastrophic failure ('0x8000FFFF')

    When I try to OCR an PDF document in Omnipage Ultimate 19, I get a Workflow Result error message: "Catastrophic failure ('0x8000FFFF')"

    I'm on Win 8.1 Pro with latest MS updates.

    Can you help, please?


  • Jude Burns
    OmniPage basics tutorial
    Topic posted April 19, 2015 by Jude Burns, tagged How To 
    OmniPage basics tutorial

    I am new to ocr processing. Where can I find a basics tutorial, preferably with sound, explaining what each of the areas of the proofreading screen is doing? I can see where I can type in corrections but do I select ignore or change if there are numbered options in the bottom. The suggestions aren't what I want. What exactly is the software doing? Changing the document? If the suspect word is correctly recognized and I select "Ignore" is it still a searchable word? I want to create a searchable pdf from a pdf. Is the ocr adding an invisible layer of text over the original document? Do I only have to be concerned about the words that I want to be searchable and ignore everything else? So far I haven't been able to clean up borders to stop the proofreader from stopping on the shadows. The user manual doesn't address these questions.

  • Ben C
    Understanding of a ZON file
    Topic posted April 8, 2015 by Ben C, tagged Advanced Topics 
    Understanding of a ZON file


    I'm currently looking to the "Zone Template" tool. And I took a look to the generated file. This file contains boxes like that:

    <BBox left="3840" top="3686" right="6845" bottom="3994"/>

    I'd like to know what's the measurement unit used to define these zones. It doesn't seem to be pixels.



  • Wild Willy
    workflow result image was template zoned
    Topic posted April 5, 2015 by Wild Willy, tagged How To, Troubleshooting 
    workflow result image was template zoned

    I have Windows 7 pro, Omnipage ultimate

    I can several pages, am able to use existing templates to recognize a few pages, and then save the OPD file and exit OPultimate

    Next day, I start OPUlt, open last night's OPD file, and attempt to recognize a page with either an existing template, I get the message: Image was template zoned; 'c;\users\....Omnipage 18\ZoneTemplate\template's name (I can find it in Explorer

    I try to create a new zone on the same page, use "customer defined", and get the message: "File not found" yet the opd file exists.

    When I try to scan a text page and check the zone type, I only see Form Zone and below as options after I try to do a custom defined recognition

    No results appear in text editor and document manager does not show anything beyond "Image resolution"

  • Fahim Hassan
    Bangla Language
    Topic posted April 4, 2015 by Fahim Hassan, tagged Advanced Topics 
    Bangla Language

    We want Bangla (Bangladesh) language OCR in omnipage. We love Omnipage so much but we need Bangla language. But in Omnipage there is no Bangla support language. Plz add Bangla language in Omnipage software.


    Thank You

    Manir Hossen


  • Chris Lott
    How to use workflow for batch OCR of many image PDFs6
    Topic last edited December 24, 2014 by Chris Lott, tagged How To 
    How to use workflow for batch OCR of many image PDFs


    Using OmniPage Ultimate on windows 7.

    I have a directory tree with a few hundred PDF files that contain images, fairly deeply nested in subdirectories.  (This is a one-time project, not a recurring issue, if that matters.) No file is particularly large (2--100 pages each), but I have many files.  I would like OmniPage to batch process the whole set, creating a searchable PDF file for each input file, and preserving the directory structure.  I don't need to make any manual corrections while the batch is running (no manual proofreading).

    I have been working with the "Scanned Document to Searchable PDF" workflow with some success processing small collections.  I have not yet tried feeding it the whole set.

    First problem: I name an output folder and it gets *every* file; the original subdirectory structure is discarded.  The software handles the (inevitable) name collisions gracefully by adding a suffix, but I really would much prefer to keep the tree.  Is there a way?

    Second problem: the workflow feature seems to load EVERY PAGE into memory.  I'm sure this will fail on the big jobs that I need to run because the machine will run out of memory and/or start swapping.  Is there a way to tell the workflow it should process one file at a time, and when it's done, move on cleanly to the next file, dropping the pages from memory?

    Third problem: the manual proofread-and-correct dialog.  I don't want to do any of that.  Can I remove that step from the workflow entirely?

    Please tell me, do I have to give up on the canned workflow and start writing custom code?


    Thanks in advance for all hints, tips, suggestions.


    Here are my notes on exactly what I'm doing now, maybe someone can point out where I could do things a bit smarter:

    1.Click the “1-2-3” button so it drops down, then pick the workflow named “Scanned Document to Searchable PDF”.

    2.Right click the Load Files step button and pick Step properties.  Here the task is to select the input folder that is the topmost level of the data set.

    a.Uncheck the box at the top “Select files for loading each time..”. 

    b.Below “Load automatically from..” click Browse button.

    c.In the Load Files dialog that appears, navigate to the folder so it’s selected in the window.

    d.Click the Advanced button at the bottom so the screen expands.

    e.Click Add Selected With Subfolders.  This should populate the Files/Folders box.

    f.In the Files/Folders box, remove all but the “*\*.pdf” rule.  On that PDF rule, make sure the tiny Subfolders checkbox is checked.

    g.Click OK.

    h.Click Finish to close the Load Files step properties.

    3.Right click the Recognize step button and pick Step properties.

    a.Select radio button Optimize the OCR process for Accuracy

    b.Be sure the English language is checked.

    c.Check the boxes for professional dictionary as needed

    d.Click Finish to close the Recognize step properties.

    4.Ignore the Correct Recognition Results button.

    5.Right click the Save step button and pick Step Properties.

    a.Select radio button Save As Multiple.

    b.For Naming options, pick Use input file names.

    c.Uncheck the box under Prompting (“Prompt for file saving name and location”)

    d.Under Save automatically with a specific name and location, click the Specify Location button and browse to a folder, then click OK.

    e.Click Finish to close the Save step properties.

    6.Finally!  Run the workflow.

    7.At a certain point it will halt waiting for OCR Correction.  Click on the tiny button on the toolbar with two arrows pointing to the right (fast forward).  Then it will proceed to save.



  • Ralph Wild
    Upgrade Path for Omnipage 14 Pro4
    Topic posted March 23, 2015 by Ralph Wild, tagged Installation and Configuration Topics 
    Upgrade Path for Omnipage 14 Pro

    I've searched high and low without success - what is the upgrade path and cost from Omnipage 14 Pro to Omnipage 18 Pro? 

    The only info I've found says upgrade from 16 and 17 is $199.99 but I'm not willing to hope it will accept 14, especially since I will have to switch from a Win2K Pro to a WinXP Pro SP3 machine. (I still have the full retail upgrade package for OP Pro 14.)



  • Rick Bailey
    Reinstalling on new laptop155.0
    Topic posted August 16, 2012 by Rick Bailey, tagged Installation and Configuration Topics 
    Reinstalling on new laptop

    I have purchased a new laptop and am trying to install OmniPage 16 on it.  When trying to activate it, it tells me that I have too many versions on too many computers.  I have uninstalled the version on my old laptop.  What do I do to get it to recognize that I only have one installation?

  • Ronald Gottschalk
    Omnipage Ultimate freezes at end of OCR proofreading5
    Topic posted October 13, 2014 by Ronald Gottschalk, tagged Troubleshooting 
    Omnipage Ultimate freezes at end of OCR proofreading

    I'm using Windows 7 and at the end of the ocr proofreading the program freezes.  I can't get out of the ocr nor close the program normally.  I have to use the task manager to close it out.  I can only use the scanned material after restarting Omnipage and opening the workload.

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