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  • Ron Schwartz
    Searchable PDF does not reflect corrections
    Topic posted August 27, 2016 by Ron Schwartz, tagged How To 
    Searchable PDF does not reflect corrections

    We used Omnipage to OCR and then edit some archival documents (to replace hyphens for example to aid in searches).  We want to save the doc as a searchable PDF using the original document image, but have the search reflect our edits.  The document has been saved in a number of formats and we cannot find a way to retain the original image with the underlying edits intact.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks, Ron

  • Jörg Sigle
    Omnipage Ultimate 19 freezes at splash screen = cannot start...3
    Topic posted August 11, 2016 by Jörg Sigle, tagged Troubleshooting 
    Omnipage Ultimate 19 freezes at splash screen = cannot start on Windows 7

    Hello fellow Omnipage users

    I've got Omnipage Ultimate 19 installed on a Windows 7 laptop.

    After installation (some time back and I don't remember exactly when I did it) I used it maybe once or twice for testing it worked, and hardly ever thereafter.

    Recently, I bought a new scanner with auto paper feed from Canon that had another version of OmniPage, Paperport, ePDFxyz whatever coming with it. I installed some of that software, but IIRC specifically NOT the bundled OmniPage Version, because it was no Ultimate version. I have hardly used that scanner either, but checked the installed software, which worked, too.

    Now, today (no: yesterday!), I want to finally put these tools to some real use - and wanted to start by comparing the bundled Canon Software, PaperPort, ePDF..., and OmniPage Ultimate w/ respect to workflow and results.

    But: When I start Omnipage Ultimate 19 now, only the splash screen appears, stays forever - and CPU load goes way up - and that's it.

    It does not change when I start any of the programs from the OmniPage program directory directly. I've also tried to "repair" the software from the original CD, and I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it. After installation, my serial number was required (again, I had entered that when I installed it the first time), and that was accepted.

    But re. startup: No change. Just the splash screen, and a lot of CPU usage.I have to kill the OmniPage19.exe in the task manager, to get CPU load back to normal. When I try to start it multiple times, I get multiple instances of that software in the task manager that consume CPU time, but nothing useful.

    I've seen an older post where another user had a similar problem with Omnipage 12 and Windows XP, and there was a patch made available - but I have not found any patches or updates for Omnipage 19.

    Now I'm wondering: does anybody else experience the same, or does anybody have any helpful ideas?

    Thanks in advance and kind regards,



    N.B.: To Nuance management:

    In the meantime I've spent multiple hours on attempting to resolve that problem. From previous experience with Nuance products, I've the strong suspicion that it is actually caused by some voluntary-software-complication to-get-some-even-more-modern-looking-or-distinguished-new-GUI-or-advertising-or-license-management rather than the core functionality of the OCR program.

    Actually, there are 5 OmniPage Ultimate 19 Boxes around here. These boxes were all bought at the recommended price, some are still unopened, and I was going to recommend their use to other people. I've actually used, supported, and resold OmniPage already some 20 years back, and used Recognita Plus before. In recent years, I've also seen Dragon from about version 10 or 11 thru 15, including the latest MPE over the years. And let me say: *Not one* program from the Nuance portfolio has ever appeared completely stable, or focused simply on the task it should complete for the customer, to me.

    But quite constantly, there were (from a users viewpoint) perfectly unnecessary problems with installers, recognition of serial numbers, startup, etc. - where solutions had to come from third parties more than once. [...]

  • douglas martin
    What settings to use to scan text to retain tabs and CR\LF
    Topic posted August 6, 2016 by douglas martin 
    What settings to use to scan text to retain tabs and CR\LF

    I'm scanning in hard copy text files, code, that has tabs and CR\LFs that seem to be ignored.  What settings should I be enabling to retain the indented style of code.  Also, how to retain '|' from being '1"?

    Is Omnipage 19 (Ultimate) compatible with Windows...6
    Topic posted June 27, 2016 by BRUCE BOWMAN 
    Is Omnipage 19 (Ultimate) compatible with Windows 10?

    I'm getting ready to update my Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10.

    1. Is Omnipage 19 compatible with Windows 10?

    2. Do I need to uninstall Omnipage BEFORE upgrading to Windows 10. At present I am NOT planning on doing a clean install of Windows 10.. just the upgrade.

  • Adam Stafford
    "Word failed reading from this document please restore...
    Topic posted July 26, 2016 by Adam Stafford, tagged Advanced Topics, How To, Troubleshooting 
    "Word failed reading from this document please restore network etc.."

    This is a common error when opening corrupt Word documents which I know is a MS issue not a Omni issue, however if I am running a batch OCR process it halts until I clear the Word popup error indicating the document can't be opened.

    I'm wondering if there is a way to have Omni ignore documents it can't open rather than try and have the pop up box appear.

    The same applies when it comes across a password protected file.

  • Allison Olivarez
    Failed Conversion from PDF to TIFF
    Topic posted July 22, 2016 by Allison Olivarez, tagged Advanced Topics, Troubleshooting 
    Failed Conversion from PDF to TIFF

    I'm converting PDFs to multipage TIFF files. I've created a workflow and have used the Batch manager, but I keep encountering issues where the file fails to convert. I can't figure out why this keeps happening and the error report gives me little to no information. The error reads: "Fax Correction: No. Rotation: No. Invalid Index." What's going on?

    I'm using OmniPage Professional 18

  • Ryan Lu
    Can Arabic Engine Recognize word and separate them in xml...
    Topic posted July 13, 2016 by Ryan Lu, tagged How To 
    Can Arabic Engine Recognize word and separate them in xml format?


    We are using Omnipage SDK 19.20 now with OEM license(include Engine, RUNTIME, V19, OEM, Arabic, Formatted Output, Asian Engine, Thai and etc). When I tried to recognize Arabic and set output as .xml file, I found that unlike any other language, Arabic output doesn't separate each word, Basically, each line is a single word in my .xml file. I use exactly the same settings on English, Thai and Asian Languages, all can separated to correct words by space or any other ways . Is there any specific settings I should make when I run Arabic? Or is there any sample codes? I have attached my picture if someone is interested in trying it.




  • 1462884530847
    automatising omnipage
    Topic posted July 5, 2016 by 1462884530847, tagged Advanced Topics, How To 
    automatising omnipage

    What are the possibilities to automatise Omnipage as much as possible. I know you can create processes but can you take it a step further and use "omnipage.exe 'commandlinearguments here' "?

  • 1462884530847
    selecting zone order spanning multiple pages
    Topic last edited July 5, 2016 by 1462884530847, tagged How To 
    selecting zone order spanning multiple pages


    what I am trying to achieve is the following:

    We start for example with a newspaper article spread on two pages,

    both pages are scanned separately so we have two source files. Is there an easy way to merge these two pages before or after OCR is performed? (for example: alinea starts on page 1 but lines continue on page 2 )




  • Systems Administrator
    Docudirect - Setting .TIF Compression for Output5.0
    Topic last edited June 29, 2016 by Systems Administrator 
    Docudirect - Setting .TIF Compression for Output

    I'm using Docudirect as part of OmniPage Ultimate 19 for several different jobs. One specific job is to watch a scan destination folder and remove all blank pages from the .TIF files and save the output as a .TIF in the same folder with the same filename as the original.

    The job works as intended, however the output .TIF files are exponentially larger in hard-drive size than the originals. One example is as folllows...

    The original source .TIF file consists of 12 pages from my scanner (6 black and white text and 6 blank), totaling 730kb of hard-drive space. Once the document has been processed by Docudirect, and subsequently stripped of it's 6 blank pages, the output .TIF is 24MB in size. Be advised that the output file is only 6 pages and neither the resolution or DPI is adjusted.

    Upon further analysis I've determined that this has to do with .TIF compression. My scanner creates .TIF's using the CCITT T.6 compression algorithm, while Docudirect on the other hand uses no compression algorithm when creating / saving .TIF's by default.

    In conclusion, Docudirect outputs .TIF files more than 50x larger in storage space than it's source! This has been determined to be because Docudirect does not use any .TIF compression. I'd like to configure Docudirect so as it's output .TIF's are infact compressed.

    Can someone please advise me on a way to configure Docudirect as to compress .TIF's upon saving?


    Please find attached some screen captures of the Docudirect job I am reffering to. Thanks!


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