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  • Chris Lott
    DocuDirect hangs large process memory size OpAgent.exe...3
    Topic posted January 5, 2015 by Chris Lott, tagged Troubleshooting 
    DocuDirect hangs large process memory size OpAgent.exe JobRunner.exe

    I am trying to convert a batch of about 1,400 scan PDFs (i.e., output of scanner) to text PDFs (i.e., searchable).  Each doc is max 120 pages.  

    So I configured a "Normal" job in DocuDirect and let it cook on my win7 64bit desktop - nothing fancy but has multiple cores, 8GB of RAM, plenty of disk free.

    It ran for about 27 hours, then stopped emitting new output files. The size of the OpAgent process is 1.8GB; the "*32" in the TaskManager name column makes believe it's a 32 bit process, so that's probably very near the max size. The size of the JobRunner process is 1.6GB; also has "*32".  The processes not frozen, the DocuDirect screen responds to mouse clicks (slowly), but no new converted file has appeared for 36+ hours.

    This is completely unacceptable. I suspect memory leaks.

    Anyone else see anything like this?  Any ideas??

  • Ricardo Groenke
    Omnipage generates corrupt excel file
    Topic posted January 22, 2015 by Ricardo Groenke, tagged Troubleshooting 
    Omnipage generates corrupt excel file

    Hi.  I'm new to this forum and would like to know if anyone has encountered problems when executing a conversion with Omnipage 19 Ultimate.

    In my case I'm trying to convert a 142 page pdf file into an excel file, but it generates a corrupt file that when tried to open shows the following message "Excel found unreadable content in <filename>.  Do you want to recover the contents of this workbook? If you trust the source of this workbook, click Yes".  If I click Yes, nothing happens, it only shows a message that the file cannot be opened.

    I've had this program for just a few months, and never had this issue before (I don't use it continuously, though).

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Chris Lott
    DocuDirect save-to-subfolders does not work2
    Topic last edited January 5, 2015 by Chris Lott, tagged Troubleshooting 
    DocuDirect save-to-subfolders does not work

    Trying to do batch conversion from scan PDF to searchable PDF using OmniPage Ultimate (v19) on Win7. The original files are in a directory tree, nested down about 3 levels.  

    I define a "normal" job, configure the load files step, configure the recognize images step. Then I hit trouble with the Save step, the option "Use input file names with subfolders" does NOT stick.

    I configure “Save Step 3 of 3” exactly as follows:

    a. Select radio button Save As Text.
    b. The File options dropdown should say, “Create a new file for each image file” and be disabled.
    c. For Naming options, pick Use input file names with subfolders (THIS IS THE PROBLEM)
    d. For File type pick “PDF  (*.pdf)”
    e. Under Prompting clear any checkmark in the box “Prompt for file saving name and location”
    f. Under Save automatically with a specific name and location, click the Specify Location button and browse to a folder, then click OK.
    g. Click Next to move on to the next step.
    c. Click Back to go back and view Step 3 settings. Note that the option "Use input file names with subfolders" has CHANGED to "Use input file names". BAFFLING.

    And if I let the job run, it writes all output files to the specified output directory, discarding the original directory hierarchy.  I guess this is consistent with the setting "Use input file names".

    Anyone else try this, or see this?  

  • Bill Cassidy
    Docx metadata not saved
    Topic posted January 20, 2015 by Bill Cassidy, tagged Advanced Topics, Troubleshooting 
    Docx metadata not saved

    Version: OmniPage 18.63

    When creating a Word document, we are supplying metadata for Author, Subject, Title, etc.

    These are created correctly for Word 97, 2000 formats, but not for DOCX.

    The output converter is "Converters.Text.DOCX" the setting key we are using is "Converters.Text.DOCX.DocAuthor".

    "Converters.Text.Word2000" successfully sets the metadata.

    Is this a known issue? Should we be using a different key ?

    Please help !

    Thanks !

  • Richard Kinsman
    Is there a manual for Nuance Vocalizer?1
    Topic posted January 19, 2015 by Richard Kinsman, tagged Advanced Topics, How To 
    Is there a manual for Nuance Vocalizer?

    I use Omnipage specifically for the text to speech engine and It seems that depending on how I format the text, the engine speaks it differently.

    For example: a period adds a pause, a dash does something else as does a comma.

    Upper case "words" are spoken differently it seems than normal case.

    Is there a guide that explains the formatting of the text and what it does to the way it is spoken by the engine?

  • Vincent Krent
    MS document from converted file longer than scanned image
    Topic last edited January 19, 2015 by Vincent Krent, tagged How To 
    MS document from converted file longer than scanned image

    When I scan an 8.5 x 11 page with Omni Page 18 the scanned document is 8.5 by 11, but when I save the scanned image to MS word, the document created is about 8.5 by 21. The scan appears the correct when proofing the scan.

    When I look under page setup in MS word, it shows a custom document, and margins are set for the longer document. I have to then manually change the margin length each time a new document is scanned and saved.

    Don't know why this is happening?

    When convert the scanned document is Omni page, it scans the page image box from top to bottom and not just what was captured in the scan. Then this entire length is coverted even though there is text only on the first 11 inches length of the document.

    Please help I an new to this, only had it a few days.


  • Ed Jennings
    After re-installation OPP18, first attempt to open produces...8
    Topic posted September 15, 2014 by Ed Jennings, tagged Installation and Configuration Topics, Troubleshooting 
    After re-installation OPP18, first attempt to open produces error: Agent not installed properly

    I had to do a reinstallation of Windows 7, requiring reinstallation of my programs.  After the re-installation of OPP18, my first attempt to open the program produces an error saying that Agent was not installed properly.  Subsequently, more boxes began popping up with errors.  It appears they are related to connecting to the internet.

    Dragon 12 does not have a problem, nor does Paperport 12, only OmniPage 18.  When I click on Agent in the Start menu, nothing happens.  I cannot find how to re-install Agent.  Anyone know how to do this?


  • Vincent Krent
    Page length of converted file longer than scanned document
    Topic posted January 18, 2015 by Vincent Krent, tagged How To 
    Page length of converted file longer than scanned document

    I am new to this forum, having just purchased Omni Page 18 a few days ago.  When I scan a standard letter size page ( 8.5 X 11) , The scanned image shows in the preview box.  When I process the document for OCR to MS word, the program processes the entire length of the preview box, and the image for editing is almost a full page longer that the scanned document.

    Also when I save it as a Word doc. the margins are as long as the document.  I am left with a longer document than I started with.

    Is there a way to limit the size of th scanned image to just the size of the scanned document?

    Does zoning have anything to do with it?

    If you need more information or some type of visual image of what is happening I will try to post it.


  • Rony Barbosa
    RecAPI.kRecConvert2DTXT freezing
    Topic last edited January 16, 2015 by Rony Barbosa, tagged Advanced Topics, How To, Troubleshooting 
    RecAPI.kRecConvert2DTXT freezing

    Hi Guys,


    I am using the omnipage sdk, and developing an application using c#.

    On my code I am facing with this weird behaviour. 

    When I call this function:

    rc = RecAPI.kRecConvert2DTXT(settings.SID, phPage[page], request.DestinationPath);


    The application just stop, and don´t jump to the next execution line. Stay on this function forever, until generate  windows error (usually is a pop up telling about an application crash due to stash something error. I don´t remember now, but next time I will get a print screen, and it does  not throws any kind of exception detectable)

    I would like more details about this function. Is there any way to set a time out for it? Or use any kind of callback function to get the progress of this function and detect when it frozen ??

    the RecAPI.kRecSetTimeOut(settings.SID, 60000) is not working for this function. 


  • Adilson Lolatto
    OmniPage Ultimate can't find any scanner10
    Topic posted January 12, 2015 by Adilson Lolatto, tagged How To, Installation and Configuration Topics 
    OmniPage Ultimate can't find any scanner

    While trying to set up the scanner, OPU just can't find anything and the "Add scanner" button is deactivated... does anyone know why?

    PS: I got an AIO wireless printer, dunno if that's the problem...

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