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  • Gayann Bloom
    Lost Media2
    Topic posted August 4, 2014 by Gayann Bloom, tagged Installation and Configuration Topics 
    Lost Media

    Where can I download OmniPage 19 Ultimate ? 

    I lost the DVD but I have the product registered.

  • Andreas Frei
    Creating a FormTemplateLibrary over the CSDK.Objects
    Topic posted Yesterday by Andreas Frei 
    Creating a FormTemplateLibrary over the CSDK.Objects


    I would like to create a FormTemplateLibrary myself with the CSDK.Objects libs like the TemplateEditor is doing. I can not find a way of creating in the lib the methods to create such a FormTemplateLibrary. Can you give me some hints how to do this?



  • Tony Staiger
    OmniPage without logging in...15.0
    Topic last edited October 29, 2014 by Tony Staiger, tagged Advanced Topics, How To, Installation and Configuration Topics 
    OmniPage without logging in...

    Is there any way to get OmniPage to run with a configuration without having to log into a Windows OS? This is annoying for reboots, etc that in order for it to work, it has to be logged in again. I saw someone mention they converted it to a service but it doesn't pull any configuration, any ideas?

  • Andrew Locke
    OmniPage Ultimate Won't Load Some Pages of PDF
    Topic posted May 18, 2016 by Andrew Locke, tagged Advanced Topics 
    OmniPage Ultimate Won't Load Some Pages of PDF

    OmniPage sometimes does not load pages that contain no recognizable text. Is there a setting that I currently have enabled that would cause this?

    For example: If I am converting a PDF to a searchable PDF and my input PDF document begins with a non-text image, so a photograph of some sort, or the cover of a book that has no readable text, Omnipage will not load it to be processed. It will be excluded from the processed output document. It also occasionally does this randomly throughout the document. This is a major problem especially if the document is a long document like a user manual or reference volume. I have to review each output document to make sure it contains all the original pages, and if it doesn't, I have to find the missing pages. I process many documents on a daily basis and this is extremely cumbersome.

    It also does this when I use DocuDirect.

    Am I doing something wrong? Thank you for your help.


  • Shane Watson
    Opening a form creates a copy1
    Topic posted December 8, 2015 by Shane Watson, tagged Troubleshooting 
    Opening a form creates a copy


      I have a user with OminForms Filler 5.5 under Windows 7. Each time the user open a form or the .ofm file, a copy of the file opens instead. The title of the file has the word "Copy" in front of the file name. Is there a way to have a form open normally?


  • Jerry Breen
    Help Window in OPU-18 will NOT close1
    Topic posted May 30, 2013 by Jerry Breen 
    Help Window in OPU-18 will NOT close

    Got my software yesterday! But feeling crapy and left it and finished today (Thursday).


    Saw that Paperport needed to be installed after OPU-18. Now the RED (Close) X is 'grayed out' and it will not close.


    Do I need to re-install everything from scratch?

  • Ray McHenry
    Scanner Default Settings1
    Topic posted April 29, 2016 by Ray McHenry, tagged How To 
    Scanner Default Settings

    Hi, first post, about OmniPage - veteran user of Dragon.

    I only use OmniPage at this stage for simple scanning of documents such as receipts and bank statements for storage in the cloud.

    I find it annoying that every time I scan something in I have to reset all of the parameters of the scanner - the default settings are such that I have to change every one of them for each scan.

    Is there any way of editing the default setting of the scanner settings in OmniPage?

    Advice greatly appreciated




  • Jason Edmonds
    Help with Omnipage1
    Topic posted January 31, 2016 by Jason Edmonds, tagged Advanced Topics, Troubleshooting 
    Help with Omnipage
    Hi all, I'm in need of some help, I am trying to use Omnipage in Microsoft access VBA. I can't find any information on how to access Omnipage. I've used the object browser and there is references to scan, use work flows and ocr. Please can someone help with this?
  • Blair Brenner
    Auto-zone Text zone too small
    Topic posted April 22, 2016 by Blair Brenner, tagged Advanced Topics, Troubleshooting 
    Auto-zone Text zone too small

    Using single column, no table layout.

    Document is a list of bibliographies.

    auto-zone is too small for some processing zones and parts or an entire character is cut off.   That is the box outline covers part of a character(s) and that character is incorrect or missing in the OCR output. 

    This is a problem for the OCR.

    Image has been deskewed and does not seem to be a problem.

    How to fix?


    Thanks in advance

  • Georges Cote
    Cannot uninstall Omnipage 11 even with special instructions
    Topic posted January 27, 2016 by Georges Cote 
    Cannot uninstall Omnipage 11 even with special instructions

    Omnipage 11 will simply not uninstall. I tried the regular way (using Windows' uninstall function) and then I followed both of the methods suggested here:

    Manually Uninstall Omnipage 11

    The small "remove" program doesn't go anything. It stalls and keeps adding the line "Error while try to delete registry key Media" hundreds of times to the remove.log until in interrupt it.

    I tried the second method, of editing the regitry, but when I went to reinstall Omnipage 11 (in order to then remove it properly, as suggested), it said it cannot install. I instead tried to install Omnipage Pro 18 but it said it cannot install it because there is a previous version of Omnipage installed on my computer.

    I'm at my wits end. Please help. Thank you


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