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  • Steven Gomo
    alignment formatting1
    Topic last edited August 30, 2014 by Steven Gomo, tagged Advanced Topics, How To 
    alignment formatting

    Here's a screenshot. The problem is some sort of interference between the column of numbers (some sort of legal proceeding notepaper) and text left hand alignment. Any suggestions on how to handle this?

  • Chuck Van DIen
    Forms and Field Data Processing?
    Topic last edited September 13, 2014 by Chuck Van DIen, tagged Advanced Topics, How To 
    Forms and Field Data Processing?


    What version of OminiPage 18 will allow me to specify a template to extract FIELD DATA from a form document and populate this extracted data into a table (such as one that exists in SQL).

    Is there a version of OmniPage that does this, ELSE is there a SDK available that I can download to automate my form data extraction? I'm looking for the least expensive OR the fastest route to accomplish this.

    The Product ID of my existing OmniPage package is: OP-1194-054-12123.2117 and does not appear to support this type of automation.

    Lastly, is there a SPECIFIC TERM that this form data extraction automation process is called?

    Thank you!


  • Ivan Jorgensen
    .opd file not recognized by omnipage ultimate in windows 71
    Topic posted August 21, 2014 by Ivan Jorgensen, tagged How To 
    .opd file not recognized by omnipage ultimate in windows 7

    the list of acceptable file extensions for a recently installed omnipage ultimate program on a windows 7  computer does not include the .opd extension.

  • Bryan Brown
    Omni Page Ultimate 19 Help!
    Topic posted August 22, 2014 by Bryan Brown 
    Omni Page Ultimate 19 Help!

    I seem to be having this problem when I am turning an ms word document into a PDF using this program.

    First of all, I use the workflow 1 2 3 and let it do it automatically.

    I then save it, and when I go and do another one that's different, even though I choose another ms file to convert to PDF, it copies that same file.

    What is the correct way to do this without running into this problem?


  • Daniel Aigner
    Pictures in PDF Output are automaticaly shrinked1
    Topic posted August 19, 2014 by Daniel Aigner, tagged Troubleshooting 
    Pictures in PDF Output are automaticaly shrinked

    I got a Fresh install of Omnipage Ultimate.
    No Options changed or anything else.

    I use the 1-2-3 Workflow.

    1. i load the attached jpeg file
    2. perform OCR
    3. Save File to PDF (Save as: Text; filetype PDF)

    Result is the PDF File here:

    Why are the Images in the PDF so small and how can i get them to be in the original size?

    Or is this not possible by default?

  • Herman Hartman
    Nuance cloud connector13
    Topic posted July 15, 2012 by Herman Hartman 
    Nuance cloud connector

    After installing OmniPage 18 I now have an N: drive. Apparently that drive lies somewhere in the cloud.

    If I want to add a new folder, a Mounting Virtual Directory dialog box comes up, asking me to enter a storage service. How do I go about with this? I understand that Omnipage uses some Gladinet service, but that name is not in the list of options, maybe Gladinet is some intermediary between Nuance and cloud storage providers. Am I not to define a folder myself, and does Omnipage take care of that?

    Is there some documentation available where I can work out the relationship Nuance cloud connector - Gladinet?

  • Richard Niemiec
    mfc100u.dll missing12
    Topic posted August 13, 2014 by Richard Niemiec, tagged Troubleshooting 
    mfc100u.dll missing

    When I tried to open Omnipage 18 Standard, I got an error message stating that mfc100u.dll was missing. I checked both the System 32 folder and the Omnipage folder and the file is in both. The only thing I added was PagePlus 8 and don't think this was the problem. Any ideas. TIF

  • Mike White
    General Protection Fault in the Engine
    Topic posted August 15, 2014 by Mike White, tagged Troubleshooting 
    General Protection Fault in the Engine

    I recently have been using a script to save an email to a PDF. From there I would like the PDF to be recognized within Omnipage 18. Unfortunately I am getting an error "General Protection Fault in the Engine". Does anyone have any info on this error, or a lead on how to fix it?




  • Scott Curran
    Exception - API_LICENSE_ERR
    Topic posted August 14, 2014 by Scott Curran, tagged Installation and Configuration Topics, Troubleshooting 
    Exception - API_LICENSE_ERR
    We are using Nuance Omini Page SDK V19 evaluation version and also registered the license key using "Nuance License Tool" in the development environment. But when we instantiated the RecAPIPlus.RecInitPlus() object then we got the "API_LICENSE_ERR".
    Please let us know if we missed any settings that is required to instantiate the above object.
    Thanks in Advance
  • Ian Smith
    Can't save enhanced image1
    Topic posted August 14, 2014 by Ian Smith 
    Can't save enhanced image
    I feel like an idiot. I am trying to do basic work with OmniPage and failing.
    I want to do image enhancement on an entire PDF file and save the result for OCR processing later on. Specifically, I either set the OCR brightess to one or set both brightness and contrast to 100% to eliminate grey watermarks.
    Two barriers:
    1. If I select all pages, open Image Enhancement, enhance the image then click Document Ready, nothing happens. I must click Page Ready and do the enhancement page by page.
    2. If I do go through page by page, I can't find any way to save the enhanced document. If I save as an image PDF, the result still shows the watermarks.
    I have also tried doing the job with DocuDirect. Looks simple enough, but that too saves with watermarks.

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