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    Carol Palmer
    "Common Software Manager" help
    Topic posted July 13, 2012 by Carol Palmer, tagged Advanced Topics, Installation and Configuration Topics, Troubleshooting 
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    "Common Software Manager" help

    I have, since installation of DNS 11.5, and PDF Pro8, had the pop-up of "Common Software Manager" it seems to want to run when I start the computer.     This is listed in the Dragon program files as "ctfmngr" so I know it is from Dragon. Any thoughts? Not sure how to help it. Carol Palmer


    • Lindsay Adam

       You could try looking in your registry (type "regedit" in the start menu for Windows 7) at the following Windows start-up location keys:



      You may find a start-up key entry for the Common Software Manager on the right-hand pane at one of these locations. Just right click on it and delete the key on the right-hand pane. Take the usual registry precautions.


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      • DR HOGAN

        I run both Dragon and Omnipage.  I have two instances of the Common Software Mgr after startup.  "Check for Updates" is unchecked on both programs.

        Why do vendors make their customers jump through such ridiculous hoops?  It only makes one a bit surer to jump ship when a viable alternative presents itself.

    • Carol Palmer

      Thank You both- I went into admin and un-checked "check for product updates."  It seems to have solved the problem- Snce I already have the most recent DNS 11.5 the program was confused...Carol Palmer 

    • Donald Cameron

      Run dragon without a profile (i hear)

      On the dragon dictates tool bar

      click tools

      click adminitrstative settings

      select miscellaneous tab

      uncheck  the box "check for ptoduct updates at startup

      click okay

      then exit dragon.

    • paul perkins

      I fell in love with the dragon, its a life saver in a storm .

    • Paul Whitfield

      Hi Carol.

      Nuance have started bundling a piece of software called 'Flexnet Common Update Manager' with Dragon.

      You are not given any option to refuse or deny it's installation during the Dragon setup process.

      If you Google 'Flexnet'  you will find it has a history of similar tactics, and is considered by many to be a common, easily-

      attacked vector for installing viruses or malware

      Most people (especially ones like myself who have large corporate networks to supervise), hate it.

      Trust me, you do not want it on your computer. taking up resources, if you can at all help it.

      To that end, here is the uninstaller programme, that was conveniently -not- bundled with your Dragon install, by Nuance:


      If you do not want to trust a website (even a respected one such as the Installshield website - and I cant say I blame you),

      Nuance actually let you download it here:


      Personal opinion from here on:

      It's bad enough that Adobe, Java, and a bunch of other big software company's continually try to fool users into installing bloatware

      and  'toolbars', or try to get users to redirct to new home pages.  It provides an extra revenue-stream for these companies. They are

      being paid to put this rubbish on your computer. It saddens me to see Nuance, who provide a stand-out product, stoop to these kind

      of tactics, in search of the mighty dollar. 



      • Viv Pyner

        I agree.  It is bad enough when companies give you an opt-out to enable you to refrain from installing some extra software which you don't want, instead of the more customer-friendly opt-in.  Nuance should change their update method so that we do not have to put up with the Flexnet Common Update Manager.


      • Hendrik Vos

        Thank you  - this is a great solution to uninsalling the Common Software Manager.

        This is a useless peice of resource hogging *** software!

        The Product Manager in Dragon who agreed to bundle it should be sacked for their short termist approach. I love the product but siding wit this software supplier with a few dollars of income over the loyaltty and satisfaction of users is the slippery slope to ruin.

        Shame on you who ever you are - and the names of some are not that hard to find in Google - perhaps we should all petition their linked in accounts?


      • Tom Palmer

        Thanks Eli, totally agree with your "rubbish" comment!

      • Timothy Harrington

        Thank you this worked. I will NEVER buy another Nuance product again! Wait until their telesales team attacks in 6 months.

      • Anne Callanan

        Dear Eli


        it took me a long time to find out for myself how I could get rid of Software Manager. I just wanted to say that you were very good to post the solution so that other people could find the answer.

         like somebody who posted about your comment, I will not be buying any more products from Nuance. This is 2013, it is 50 years since they sent somebody to the moon. Voice recognition is becoming normal, better. I am going to give Microsoft's voice recognition on Windows 7 a chance. At least the upgrades will come free with the operating system. Life is too short to waste any more time on Nuance.




        • Alan Ford

          I also had this problem. I went into tools\administration and unticked the notify update on startup box. It made no difference! I still get the notice on startup!

      • Michael Sandman

        Thank you!  I agree that forcing users to install this junk is evil.

      • Charles Edelsohn


        Thank you for this post.  Last week I bought Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking 12.5.  (I had tried Version 3.5 years ago but found it unsatisfactory.)  I like 12.5 so far except for the annoying Flexnet icon in my tray.  I actually have two appear at start up and both activate twice to tell me that there are no updates available.  So I am happy that you have provided a link to a removal tool.  I have three questios. 

        1.  The Nuance page you provide a link to says that you have to re-install Dragon after using the removal tool.   Won't that install Flexnet all over again?

        2.  It also has a note saying. "Any application which uses the InstallShield Update Service Program Manager or Macrovision Software Manager must be reinstalled to restore that program's ability to check for updates."  Is this the Flexnet update program or something else in InstallShield?

        3.  The Flexera support website recommends an update management tool which is supposed to allow you to turn the update program manager off and on.  However, the link, Download the Update Manager utility does not seem to work.  Have you heard of this?




      • Richard Termine

        I tried the first site, Vipre blocked it. I went to the second site, downloaded it , ran it. It said that the updater was removed but it was still there. How do I get rid of it. running Dragon 12.5 OS windows 7

      • Jerry Nanson

        Just found this thread, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!  This worked wonderfully and I am finally rid of the obnoxious Common Software Manager! Sorry for shouting but it is a shout of JOY at being rid of this most annoying corporate malware/spamware or whatever you want to call it. You download link was fine and saved me the trouble of going through hoops at the Nuance site you listed. Can't thank you enough!

      • Pat Piercy

        And they are still stooping to those same tactics. 

      • Marilyn Chilcote

        thank you all, I just uninstalled the common software manager on my Lenovo laptop with a with 8 Mb of RAM memory and immediately my memory was improved by 30%! Thank you so much


      • Robin Wier

        Thanks for the link, Eli.

      • Ann Henderson

        I did not trust the links from Eli, and partly because the post is more than 2 years old....so I googled around and discovered a couple of interesting pieces of info:

        1 - installshield.com is owned by Flexera, which is really the same as Flexnet, and they developed the Common Software Manager program that we are all trying to get rid of

        2 - I found the same installshield link that Eli put up on this page of the Flexera knowledge base:


        And they say this after giving the link:

        "Note: The SoftwareManagerUninstall.exe only removes entries from the Windows registry which are responsible for starting the common software manager after a reboot. No files are actually removed."

        So running that uninstaller actually does nothing other than stop it from running? Seems like that is the best that can be done at this point, without being more of a sysadmin expert.



    • Donald Berkhimer

      Dragon 12 - How do I go directly to email or a program to use 12. Every time I try I get the *** dictation box. I'm new to this program.

      Don ozdon1@yahoo.com

    • James Roby

      I think I'm ready to quit (have had Dragon software since its earliest days).  I have 12 Premium and added the update to 12.5.  I do not want FlexNet Connect on my computer...it bogs my computer down significantly when I try to start WordPerfect.  I cannot get 12 Premium to start after I have deleted and clean out all references to FlexNet.  I appears that some kernel of the FlexNet program is necessary to run Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 Premium.  I can only conclude Nuance has made a choice.  And now I make my choice: no more Nuance products on my computer because they seem to drag in FlexNet.


    • Steve Stanley

      I agree with those who are enraged over paying good money for software only to find that, without the option of declining installation, an invasive, resource-intensive piece of junk like the FLEXnet update program is silently, secretly installed. I am a new customer to Nuance and Dragon Speak. If I could return the software for store credit I would but that's not an option. (Only unopened software may be returned.)  

      If I hear of a class action lawsuit on this issue I *will* join it. The practice is far beyond poor practice and deceptive, it is despicable! -a deliberate decision to pollute the end-users' computer system with a program for which 1) there is no disclosure, (advance or otherwise) 2) it created problems with my WordPerfect install (I now have to find my installation CD and reinstall it), and 3) no uninstallation program included, 4) and, when trying to contact the company, I jumped through the hoops never got to a page where I could register my complaint. The only way to stop this trend among software companies is to turn to the courts.

      Poor form, Nuance! Bad business tactics! Rotten Customer Service! I have bought my first and last Nuance program. (And, before this, Dragon Speak was held in so high a regard that I didn't even look for or consider another product. I assure you, I will do all in my power to dissuade others from making a similar mistake!)

    • Linda Black-Ochsenbein

      Paul Whitfield,

      Thank you for that uninstall information.

      I keep getting those STUPID ANNOYING pop ups and it seems to even run without popping up, but shows in the taskbar or elsewhere...lately I've known to look for its presence somewhere when my pc response slows way down.

      That software is a piece of trash and actually discourages me from upgrading to another version of Dragon.


    • Donald Cameron

      search your registry for ( Common Software Manager ).
      Make sure you search from the very top

      <start> "regedit" <click>

      Goto top of left hand panel - "computer"

      Menu <edit> <Find>   or  <ctrl + F>

      Paste the phrase "Common Software Manager" into the search box

      <Find Next>

      When found

      right click copy key name : note - copy key name first

      Right click <export Key> use the desktop and save it with the key name copy key name first

      Delete the key.

      Press F3 again to see if there anymore entries

      if there are more then repeat exporting and deleting until bottom of list "no entries found"

      Close regedit reboot



    • Gale Harter

      I have been a Dragon user since the beginning when it was under the discreet speech umbrella, and progressed thru about 5 versions up to version 12. I didn't have a problem in installing any of the previous versions and now I wish I hadn't spent the money on this #### thing. I not only in the files use window show "Common Software Manger", but "Dragon Service" and "FLEXnet Connect Agent" files also. I wouldn't be so aggravated if Dragon gave me a clue as what to do when this showed up.  Why am I showing 2 other files along with Common Software Manager?


      R. Gale Harter 

    • John Evans

      I noticed on install (newbee) that I could decline sending data (which I did) and I can also exit Connect Agent and software manager using task manager.  I hate to throw away the$100 I just paid for Dragon which seems to work well after my first training session.  Any advice?

    • John Evans

      This morning after boot I used task Manager to stop agent and manager, then tried to use Dragon 12 on a windows 8.1 computer.  After several messages about the computer not being on etc. I plugged in the USB headphones and Dragon opened.  I clicked the red box to turn on the mic.  Next I told Dragon naturally speaking home to open Word but instead it opened Wordpad.........but that product took my dictation without fault and I used the mouse to save the dictation in RTF format.  

      I now need to start learning commands.

      I am not sure what "Agent" and "manager" does but I am not happy with things running in the background that I am unsure of.  Can any one tell me what these things are designed to do and what they have to do with the actual program???

      • John Evans

        I believe that all that the flexernet does for me is to check for updates.  I can do  that task myself without wasting resources.  I also notice in the startup section that EREG from Nuance is started with medium impact.  I don't want to defeat this program entirely as there may be further uses but I would advise new installs to not allow the transfer of data to flexnet at this time.

    • Yvette Verger Del Bove

      Dear all!

      I've found a simple solution : Uncheck "flexnet connect" in the msconfig startup tab. The pop-up of "Common Software Manager" will not run at startup.

      Hope this will help some :)