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    Dave Ahlers
    Not compatible with Microsoft Lync 1013?
    Topic posted April 11, 2013 by Dave Ahlers 
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    Not compatible with Microsoft Lync 1013?

    I'm running DNS 12.5.  I just upgraded to Office 2013 - and lost the ability to dictate into a Lync chat window.  I chat all day with coworkers - this is a critical issue for me.


    The open dictation box/ click transfer solution is really tedious if you are sending hundreds of messages per day.

    There used to be a registry setting that would force Dragon to enable dictation in a particular application window – is that still available ? it would be worthwhile to see ifediting might work this way .


    • Tom Shankle

      I have the same problem, is there any update from the support team?  Are there any plans to upgrade to include office 2013?

    • Jamie Smith

      Yes, this is a problem for me as well and would like a resolution as soon as possible. It is a platform that is being increasingly utilised across business and without integration, it could render Dragon ineffective.

    • Charles Surprenant

       I'm having the exact same problem – never had a problem with Microsoft Lync 2010 and chatting – is there a fix for Microsoft Lync 2013?

    • Duncan Lee

      So... Has there been any movement on this issue?


      I would definitely like to have this feature added to Lync 2013. 


      the only workaround I've been able to find is to dictate into DragonPad, then transfer the dictation into the Lync window. Not every elegant solution, but it at least gets the job done.  it would certainly be nice if Dragon would support this natively. I'm not sure what Microsoft did to *** Lync up so that Dragon wouldn't work with it.

    • Carter Mills

      I am having this exact same problem as well. A non 'copy and paste' solution would be appreciated as soon as possible.

    • Tony Chapman
      I'm in the same position as all of you, but I'm amazed that after 15 months, they still haven't come up with a patch for this. I've opened a ticket to request a patch because now I've had to roll back to office 2010! I think you could expect better cooperation between the world's leader in office tools & the world leader in dictation software.
      Tony Chapman

        I just installed Dragon 13, and same issue exists with Lync. I can say, however, that the dictation box comes up much faster in Dragon 13 than in Dragon 12. At least it's a little less painful now to use the dictation box with applications like Lync that don't use standard text dialogues. It's not ideal, but at least it's faster than typing :-).

      • Preben Gammelmark
        During the past week, I have been in a long dialogue with Nuance support, related to this issue about being able to use Dragon to type into the Lync 2013 chat window.
        I'm not getting anywhere. By stating that Lync 2013 is an "incompatible" application, they defer to the only known workaround: using the dictation box.
        Even when I state that all I need is to simply type – but not dictate and edit the text – I am not getting any kind of resonance. I simply need Dragon 13 to revert to "basic text functionality" whenever it cannot support the full dictation functionality.
        As directed by support, I have also submitted a "feature request" to enable the support for the Lync 2013 chat window. Given the lack of responsiveness from Dragon so far, I don't have great hopes for this.
        Even more scarily, they state that by keeping Lync 2013 open (which also supports unified communication – in other words, having voice chats), could lead to Dragon to become instable, because it apparently requires full control of the microphone and audio system. 
        I don't know what you guys think, but I believe they are on a wrong track here. What do you think?

      Microsoft is not a small company, and I don't see it going away anytime soon. It's certainly inconvenient to software developers when Microsoft creates a nonstandard input interface (to suit their own purposes). However, there should be enough clever people within Nuance that they can come up with an appropriate workaround.

      Personally, I found that with an SSD drive. The dictation box is quite sufficient for my needs. DNS 13 appears to be faster and less resource hungry than DNS 12. In this respect. In the 10 days that I've had DNS 13 installed, I have not had any stability issues while keeping Lync 2013 open all the time.

    • Derek Morin
      I found the following in my dragon logs:
      2014-08-08|14:30:17.189| LEGACY|10292| 7256|I|COMMUNICATOR: WEB_IE: Disconnected from window 3105d6
      2014-08-08|14:30:17.261| LEGACY|10292| 7256|I|COMMUNICATOR: WEB_IE: Disconnected from window 3105d6
      2014-08-08|14:30:09.182| LEGACY|10292| 7256|I|COMMUNICATOR: WEB_IE: File C:\Program Files (x86)\Nuance\NaturallySpeaking13\Program\web_ie.dll: Version
      If you disable internet support talking on here works
      1.  From the menu click the Tools->Options menu
      2. Go to the commands tab
      3. Uncheck "Enable HTML support"
      4. Restart Dragon Naturally speaking.
      You don't get select-and-say but you can talk in lync.  Also the click commands etc for web browsers will stop working.


      • Dave Ahlers

        It sounded like a good idea to me, but when I tried it I get the usual "Dictation not available here". I'm not sure why it worked for you and not me. I am running and Lync 2013

    • Joe Baumer

      I am running version 13 with Lync 2013.  I use these commands:
      say "switch to lync"
      say the name of the person like "smith, john"
      say "press enter"
      say "open the dictation box"
      tell it whatever I want to type like "did you see my email question mark the boss wants a response by noon exclamation point"
      say "click transfer"
      say "press enter"
      and if I switch to other windows I just say "switch to smith john" (not swtich to Lync) and it takes me back to the chat window
      not 1000% ideal - but faster than typing



    • Derek Morin

      This seems to be fixed in Dragon Professional Individual 14.  My company is now using "Skype for Business" but I had the same problems with that and DNS 13.  Now it seems to be working.

    • Charles Surprenant

      Anyone else had luck using Dragon Professional Individual 14 and being able to dictate directly into Microsoft Lync 2013?

    • Dave Ahlers

      I can confirm that Professional Individual 14 is able to dictate into Skype for Business and Lync 2010.  I no longer have Lync 2013 installed on any machines, but neither Skype for Business or Lync 2010 were working with Dragon Professional 13 and started working when I upgraded.

    • Charles Surprenant

      Dave – thanks for the response about Lync 2010. It's great that it's working for you with Lync. Our company has switched to Lync 2013 so we can't use the prior version.

      Anybody have a chance to test Lync 2010 with Dragon Professional Individual 14 yet?