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    Richard Joss
    DNS 12.5 error message (Error_mod_not_found, 126)
    Topic posted October 15, 2013 by Richard Joss, tagged Troubleshooting 
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    DNS 12.5 error message (Error_mod_not_found, 126)

    Apologise if this is a well known problem.  Searched around but no luck.  Installed DNS on Win 7 laptop with MS Office Home Premium etc. Since very early on, it throws this error every time when starting up:

    "Com returned an unexpected error code.  Details are:  The specified module could not be found.(ERR_MOD_NOT_FOUND, 126). " 

    To start with it did not appear to affect dictation at all so I left it. However, now I am starting to get all sorts of errors while dictating.  It will capitalise the first letter of random words in the middle of sentences - ones that I have never trained:

    e.g. "I am closing this Slowly over time."

    Also puts full stops at random in the middle of sentences:

    "The current role is a development role. so I don't want to move until it is completed"

    Also joins words together at random (i.e. leaves out spaces):

    If we are going to travelthere we need to arrange it well aheadof time OK?

    Started doing this yesterday and it is really infuriating.  I waste as much time going back to correct text as I would do if I just typed it myself.

    Any suggestions gratefully accepted



    • Sherry Merriam
      COM returned an unexpected error code: Details are The specified module could not be found.
      (ERROR_MOD_NOT_FOUND, 126)
      This is the error I'm getting.  At first, it was just annoying, then things got more and more unresponsive.  Now, Dragon doesn't respond to commands at all.  Even just trying to dictate into DragonPad, it now just responds "Please say that again," when that worked just last night.  Rebooting didn't help.  
      A search of various forums shows that these problems are common to the 12.5 service pack update.  It's killing my hands now, because it's physically painful for me to type every word of this.  Which is why I have Dragon.  And I'm not amused that it would cost me money to call tech support about a problem created by the software.