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    Jim Pool
    Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 Premium DOES NOT Install With...
    Topic posted October 19, 2012 by Jim Pool, tagged Advanced Topics, How To, Installation and Configuration Topics, Troubleshooting 
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    Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 Premium DOES NOT Install With Windows 7 DEP Active

    After multiple attempts attempts, Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 Premium (Nuance download software) would not install and launch on Windows 7 Professional (SP-1) 32-bit operating system, because the application (natspeak.exe) was not compatible with the Windows 7 Data Execution Prevention (DEP) security feature.  When DEP is functional, the following error message is generated when the application crashes:


    Problem signature:

      Problem Event Name:                        APPCRASH

      Application Name:                             natspeak.exe

      Application Version:                 

      Application Timestamp:                     50076283

      Fault Module Name:                          StackHash_c2c0

      Fault Module Version:              

      Fault Module Timestamp:                  00000000

      Exception Code:                                  c0000005

      Exception Offset:                                01de055e

      OS Version:                                          6.1.7601.

      Locale ID:                                             1033

      Additional Information 1:                  c2c0

      Additional Information 2:                  c2c0012f670e367647f2f382a2e0dc6b

      Additional Information 3:                  6d46

      Additional Information 4:                  6d464395e62f70b13caace935f0b552c

    The solution is inactivation of DEP for just the "natspeak.exe" application.  Here are the steps:

    1.  Open your START Menu and click "Help and Support"

    2.  SEARCH HELP type DEP

    3.  Click "Change Data Execution Prevention settings"

    4.  Following the Windows Help instructions..."Click to Open System" and complete Step 2. through Step 6. 

    5.  In Step 5, you'll browse to the "natspeak.exe" file located in the Windows 7 Program Files folder.

    6.  After you have added "natspeak.exe" as an exception, be sure you check the box in front of this application to activate the DEP exception for Dragon Naturally Speaking.  If you leave this box unchecked, DEP will continue to block your application from starting.

    7. Restart your computer.  You are ready to launch and/or install the Dragon Naturally Speaking software.  If Dragon Naturally Speaking is still installed, it will now launch without further difficulty.  You DO NOT have to uninstall and reinstall the software after you set this DEP exception, because DEP does not interfer with proper installation (only the launch of the application).



    • Hector Gonzalez

      I was hopeful this solution would work as it was different than the ones I've had recommended before but it didn't. I am having an issue where after seeing a message that the software was preparing to install, a window pops up with the following message:


      Windows ® Installer. V 5.0.7601.17514

      msiexec /Option <Required Parameter> [Optional Parameter]

      Install Options
       </package | /i> <Product.msi>
        Installs or configures a product
       /a <Product.msi>
        Administrative install - Installs a product on the network
       /j<u|m> <Product.msi> [/t <Transform List>] [/g <Language ID>]
        Advertises a product - m to all users, u to current user
       </uninstall | /x> <Product.msi | ProductCode>
        Uninstalls the product
      Display Options

      etc, etc etc.  I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit . Any ideas?

    • Craig Buck

      I have the same problem as Hector above.  Does anyone have a solution?  It has been three months since he posted.