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    convert Mp3 files to Word files / text
    Topic posted June 17, 2012 by kamyar kamyar, tagged Advanced Topics, How To 
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    convert Mp3 files to Word files / text

    I want to know how can I convert a Mp3 file of an speech as to nuerology to a Microsoft word or text. Can anyone help me here please???

    I downloaded the speech from youtube and it is in my pc now.




    • Lunis Orcutt

      The short answer is NO, it's not going to work. Although NaturallySpeaking Premium and higher include the ability to transcribe recordings (including MP3 format) into Microsoft Word, it's designed to be used with a trained digital recording user profile. You cannot just transcribe the soundtrack from a low-quality YouTube video into NaturallySpeaking. The quality of the recording is likely to be too low and you don't have a trained user profile to run it through. Simply put, this isn't how NaturallySpeaking is designed to be used.

      What you can do is play back the recording and nonstop Echo Dictate into NaturallySpeaking. If you'd like more information on the art of “Echo Dictation” you'll find hundreds of postings throughout the other speech recognition forums.

      Lunis Orcutt – A Nuance Gold Certified Dragon Reseller
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      • Jim Jackson

        My needs are similar to the original query.  I have audio tapes and mp3 files from those tapes which I wish to convert to text.  I understand there will be editing required but will the siftware work for me and which product do I need to purchase?  I am using Windows Vista and Office 2007.



    • Lunis Orcutt

      If you made those recordings with your own voice, use close mic techniques and a high enough sampling rate then you could use NaturallySpeaking Premium (currently on sale for $149) or higher to accomplish this. All you need to do is create a digital recorder profile. NaturallySpeaking includes instructions on the procedure in their Help menu. We also have additional instructions available if you get stuck. Please note that you cannot transcribe low-quality recordings or recordings that were not created in your own voice. There would likely be so many errors that it would be faster to type with 1 finger then correct the misrecognitions in a non-trained profile.

      Lunis Orcutt – A Nuance Gold Certified Dragon Reseller
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    • Terry Mcleod

      I will try to explain this in simple terms for our issue: (we contacted tech, referred us to a u-tube video that doesn't answer our questions)

      We create a MP3 file (voice 1), this file is dictated into a external (non connected to dragon) file system. It is then downloaded to a computer using dragon Natural Speak 11.5 prem. (voice 2) takes over and transcribes the memos. We have 2 things happen. voice 1 is a male, voice 2 female.

      Voice 2, is setup to transcribe, when the mp3 file is imported and run it starts doing the change over from voice to print. , we save the file etc. , try to go back into the transcribed file, the mp3 file is lost and does not link up / where it left off, any reason why dragoon does recall the file or where it left off. ??

      Voice 2 also feels that the software will (as voice 1 transcribes and changes wording or voice patterns to dragons way either by right click or voice) that additional times after that from an imported file again and again that it will correct the previous errors ( keeping in mind two different voice patterns) voice one never uses dragon to input a file, correct the file its always an external mp3 recorder file brought in. Is this correct will with software being trained by voice 1 during transcribe automatically in the future when it hears voice 2.  

      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.