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    Michael Ascik
    Form Typer loses all entered fields
    Topic posted September 17, 2012 by Michael Ascik, last edited October 12, 2012, tagged Troubleshooting 
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    • Jey Markanaloid

      Why use Imageview to add a text field. Use PDF Viewer Plus (the same app that Form Type is embedded within) to add text fields on the fly without losing field data.

    • Michael Kenward

      As Jey says, have you tried the PDF reader?

      If you want to use Imageview, then here is the answer I provided over on FAQs - Wiki for PaperPort Google Group

      Q: How do I print annotations I have added to a PDF file in Formtyper?

      A: In Print Setup, check the box "Include Annotations". To create a local copy of the PDF file with the annotations "burnt in", print the document with the PaperPort Image Printer.

      Not quite the same question but the result should be the same.


    • Michael Ascik

      Thanks for your help.  Even though I have used PP since it was first released, my last version was 9 and 14 is quite different.