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    Desmond Silveira
    PaperPort 11 vs PaperPort 12 SE
    Topic posted February 16, 2013 by Desmond Silveira 
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    PaperPort 11 vs PaperPort 12 SE

    I own PaperPort 11 (full).  Recently I bought a device that came with PaperPort 12 SE.  Can anyone tell me what the differences are between the two version?  I'm trying to figure out which one to use.



    • Michael Kenward

      PaperPort SE comes from the device supplier. What it includes may depend on how much they were prepared to pay for. In other words, no two SEs may be the same.

      It may also help to look at the full details. Do you have PP 11 Pro? Is it PP12 Pro?


      • Desmond Silveira

        It's PP 11 standard, not pro, and PP 12 SE, which is the free, light version that comes with scanners.  I know that the SE version is typically less featureful than the standard version, and that more recent version are typically more featureful than older versions, which is why I'm not sure which one is better PP 11 (older) or PP 12 SE (a light version, but more recent).

      • Desmond Silveira

        I now better understand your comment.  There isn't a single version of PaperPort SE but a separate version for each device manufacturer (and perhaps even for each device) depending on what features the device manufacturer wanted to pay for.

        Thanks for pointing that out.

    • Don Ethridge

      As you have been told SE is a lite version.  There is one big difference.  Version 12 was the first retail version that created searchable pdf files without the need to buy Omnipage.  I'm not sure if this is true with your SE version.  Check the file it creates.  The searchable pdf file is the gold standard. 



    • Desmond Silveira

      Thanks for pointing out this major difference.  My PP 12 SE version does support searchable PDFs, so I went ahead and upgraded.