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    Larry Henry
    PaperPort 14; Wireless printer— default scanner not a...
    Topic posted February 4, 2013 by Larry Henry, tagged How To, Installation and Configuration Topics, Troubleshooting 
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    PaperPort 14; Wireless printer— default scanner not attached

    I have PaperPort 14 Professional running on Windows 7 HPrem.

    I used to have a Canon MFM MX430 that was connected via an USB cable. I upgraded to a newer version of the same kind of of MFM, but this one is WIRELESS. It offers printing and scanning wirelessly.

    My issue is that I can't get PaperPort 14 Professional to recognize the scanner without it being connected via USB cable.

    BUT if I use a 3rd party application like XNVIEW, where I select the Twain device [network]… I can detect the scanner and scan documents just fine. XNVIEW isn't part of Canons software package; it's a FREE image application.

    I have found no way to make PaperPort detect this scanner. I need some assistance or direction making this work. I have an expensive software package from Nuance that can't detect a scanner and I have a free program from the Internet that works just fine. I'm feeling disadvantaged at the moment.


    Thanks in advance...









    • Michael Kenward

      Can Windows on its own, without using other intermediate software, detect and use the scanner outside PaperPort?

      What do you see in "Scanners and Cameras". Does it play nicely when you "Test Scanner" in Properties?

      Network devices sometimes need you to specify a fixed IP address on your network. If you don't do that then the system has no way of keeping track of the address to use for the hardware.


    • Larry Henry


      Windows can detect and test the scanner successfully. Diganostics, test scanner; it reports back success.

      I have tested the scanner with several other software packages that detect the scanner just fine; and they can use the scanner just fine.

      The IP address has been set on the scanner. It hasn't changed since it was assigned.

      With PaperPort it detects the scanner, but it never gives me the option to scan. The first thing PaperPort says is that the default scanner isn't attached.

      Anything else?

    • Michael Kenward

      You might like to look at these discussions:

      They are about a general problem with PaperPort losing scanners. In particular, look for something called the scanner connect tool.

      Originally brought up in the context of Windows 8, other people have reported that this utility can help with other versions of Windows and PaperPort.

      • Larry Henry

        Hey Michael,

        Yep. The scanner connect tool does the trick.

        Here's the download link for it [for others]

        I downloaded the application, I saved it to my desktop, I ran it [it just took a second] and then I restarted PaperPort and the scanner was detected and the scan button became available. I clicked it and wha-la magic! It works as advertised.

        This looks like a problem with PaperPort coding. They're going to have to include this in the next install package or fix their code.

        Thanks for your help— I really appreciate it…

        Thank you,
        Larry Henry Jr.




        • Don Ethridge

          I'm pleased to see Nuance has added this information in the knowledgebase.  

        • James Salmons

          Also works great for Windows 10 set up. I just updated my computer and installed Paperport 14. The same issue developed. If I did an advanced scanner install it went through it all, used the printer scan program, said everything worked and saved, but scan would never work and  I would get the same message, scanner not attached or turned on.

          This download installs in a flash, literally. And when I reopened Paperport it worked properly.

          Thanks so much. After much frustration, I am so glad to have found this.

          James Salmons