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    One solution to Paperport hang/freeze
    Topic posted July 13, 2012 by bornconfuzd 
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    One solution to Paperport hang/freeze

    I’ve been using Paperport since 1998 when I bought a Visioneer scanner and got a free copy.  Over the years I’ve upgraded to almost every new version.

    I love it when it works correctly and hate it when it doesn’t!  I’m also not fond of Nuance.  I believe they make world class software but their customer relation skills are lacking, to put it mildly.

    I use Paperport every day, only home use, but all my bills, documents, stock trades, receipts, manuals etc go into Paperport. 

    I recently upgraded to Paperport 14 and when I found PDF Converter 8 on sale I decided to try that as well. 

    The computer I’m using is one I built a few months ago using a Gigabyte motherboard, Intel I5 2500K cpu and 16GB, 4x4GB, of G.Skill ram.  Paperport 12 had run on it fine and 14 had run fine until I installed PDF Converter 8.  That’s when I started getting hangs and freezes. 

    I spent a LOT of time with Google, trying different suggested fixes and it would work….for a while, from a couple of days to a couple of hours.  Then, last week it became unusable.  Paperport and PDF Converter would freeze.  I’d force it closed, reboot the computer reopen it and it would immediately freeze.

    Through Google searches I’d found the Nuance utility Checkppfolders.  Using that I had cleared the metadata and run the search for hung files a number of times.  I found a few and removed or repaired them.  But the last time the search revealed NO hung files but Paperport would NOT stop freezing!

    I now realized I was going to HAVE to call Nuance for help.  I was convinced this was a software problem but wanted to make SURE the problem was not on my end.  I thought that if it was a hardware problem it was most likely either memory or power supply.  So I downloaded Memtest86+ and ran it for 5 hours, 3 full passes, without errors.  But, I noticed my timings were wrong!  This memory was supposed to run at 9-9-9-24 and it was running at 11-11-11-28!  WTH?  As I was considering my options I remembered reading reviews of this ram before I bought it.  One guy complained about it not running at advertised timings.  A G.Skill rep replied and asked him to enable XMP. 

    I had thought, like everyone else that the SPD codes had the pertinent ram info but decided it was worth a try so I booted into bios and found XMP disabled, so I enabled it, rebooted and rechecked my timings, 9-9-9-24!  On all 4 sticks! And rock solid.  In my case the memory controller must have the info from the Extended Memory Profile in order to correctly set the ram timings.

    In the last couple of days I have actually tried to make Paperport 14 or PDF Converter 8 hang.  They will NOT hang.  Rock solid for two days!

    I’m not fond of Nuance, but this time it’s on me and I take back all the bad things I’ve said about you over the last week!

    I’m hoping this information is of some use to Nuance and  helps someone else with a similar problem. Check that ram!  Apparently Paperport is very susceptible to ram issues as I saw no other manifestations of the problem in other software.

    Let me just say also, the Checkppfolders utility is extremely useful but it could be great!  I’d love to be able to choose a group of folders, one single folder or even one or a few files.  You know, just like I can scan one or more files with my antivirus!  And please, make it easier to find!  Put it on the toolbar!

    I would also like to recommend that you put a link to these forums in the help menu of the toolbar!  The forum is new and not easy to find even if you know it exists!  Well run and attended forums can actually be more helpful than tech support!


    • Michael Kenward

      Interesting that problems with Nuance software led you into tracking down a BIOS issue.

      I wonder what it is about PaperPort that made it barf.

      Have you noticed any other improvements in other software since you fixed it?

      I must say that it will cause me to check my RAM timings when I next boot. You obviously can't trust the motherboard to get it right.

    • bornconfuzd

      There really haven't been any other changes or improvements, at least, nothing noticeable. The only thing that seems to have been affected was Paperport & PDF Converter. 

      The fact that no other software seemed affected before the bios change was the reason I was so convinced it was a Nuance software problem.

      After trying uninstall/reinstall 2 or 3 times, running Checkppfolders several times, limiting/expanding the folders Paperport could see and eliminating/converting literally every file it had access to to PDF, the freeze ups got worse!  It was just weird and I was out of ammunition. 

      Before I called Nuance tech support, I just tried to anticipate the questions they would ask me and the things they would ask me to check.  I mean, if it wasn't a software problem it had to be a hardware problem, so which hardware would it be?  I just wanted to eliminate those possiblities. 

      Also, I don't think it would have to be just timings.  It could just be bad ram.  It could come bad from the factory and if you run Memtest86 or Memtest86+ and you get 1 error out of 5 complete passes that memory is unreliable.

      In my case, I've used a lot of G.Skill memory and never had a bad stick and so I didn't check this memory when I installed it.  Of course, it wasn't bad, it just wasn't running correctly and that was my fault. 

      Like you, I also wonder why Paperport/PDF Converter was so susceptible to this ram situation.  Maybe Nuance tech could shed some light on it.  For sure it will take someone with knowledge above my pagrade to answer it!

    • Doug McKay

      Back when I was running the Windows 8 developer's preview, I had problems with downloading files from the internet (they would always be corrupted). EVERYTHING else worked (including PaperPort) and by changing the timing of my RAM, I was also able to get my downloads to work. Sometimes you get lucky (like I did) and find a solution by accident. Other issues seem to haunt us forever...


    • sandy zielinski

      I'm new to paperport and am tired of the freezing up. Please email me at I'm at my wits end.

      Thank you

      • Michael Kenward

        Freezes up in what circumstances? Sadly, there are reports of freezes in all sorts of different places. More information from you might help someone to suggest other answers if the checkppfolders does not work.

        If you want email support, then you would be better going through the official channels. As a new user od PaperPort you may still be in the tiny window when you qualify for support.

        See the Open a Support Ticket link at the top of the page.

    • Don Ethridge

      Look in the help files of Paperport 14 under troubleshooting>Starting issues.  Run the checkppfolders.exe utility.  Locate corrupt files and remove them from Paperport or fix them.  

      Tip:  You can set up Paperport to open in your top folder.  Make sure the top folder is empty so there are no files that could be corrupted and slow things down.  

      Don Ethridge

      • sandy zielinski

        I'm using version 12. And the hang ups occur when I'm working on the desktop.

        I ran the utility CheckPPFolders and most of the files were associated with major programs I use daily. I do not want to mess up those files.

        How do I set up the top folder to open & what does that accomplish?

        I also reinstalled your program after uninstalling it.
        Now what?

        • Michael Kenward

          What sort of folder structure do you have?

          Are you using the default folders that PaperPort imposes on us? Or have you added other folders.

          Talk of CheckPPFolders finding all manners of files seems odd.

          You might also like to lay your hands on the latest version of PaperPort 12.

          For help on that, consult this document, Updating PaperPort 11 and 12, on the wiki site associated with the PaperPort Google Group.

          • sandy zielinski

            I have PP 12.1 Professional.

            I'm not sure what you're asking when you ask about my folder structure? I'm using the folders PP has and I also created new ones.

            Please explain this comment: "Talk of CheckPPFolders finding all manners of files seems odd"

            • Michael Kenward

              Seems odd in the sense that CheckPPFolders should look at the PaperPort folders and not worry about files "associated with major programs I use daily".

              When I say folder structure, I mean the set of folders that PaperPort watches.

              I never use the set that PaperPort creates. That is because they are a part of the "My Documents" setup that Windows likes to create. I prefer having files where I want them, which is on a separate drive from my operating system and problems. In this way it is much easier to establish a backup regime.

              One way of investigating your problem would be to create your own PaperPort folder structure, separate from "My Documents", and to move everything important into those folders.

              Then tell PaperPort to ignore the existing folders, using Folder Manager – don't worry, this will not do anything to your existing data, they will just sit outside PaperPort. You will have to tell it to look at your new folders with Folder Manager before you remove anything.

              That would rule out any stray files that have found their way onto your system thanks to PaperPort and/or Windows.

    • Don Ethridge

      Any files you find that are corrupted you should move out of Paperport into a seperate folder.  Another tip is to right click and duplicate item. If it is a MAX file covert it to pdf.  Often the duplicate is not corrupt.  Some times it is the file size.  Those files Paperport is showing as corrupt are your problems with hangs and freezing.  

      When you set up the top folder as your default open folder and you leave that folder empty of files you insure there cannot be a corrupt file in that folder.  If a corrupt file is in that folder Paperport may not open.  


      Hope this helps, 


      • sandy zielinski

        What is a max folder? What's too large?

        What do I do once I duplicate the files? Explain in detail please. Are you sure this won't corrupt my major files involved in the duplication.

        How do I set up the default folder? explain in detail please.

        I can't believe I have to go through all of this. I've never bought software with issues like this! I'm ready to throw in the towel, but I spent too much money! There has to be s simplier way of going paperless!

        • Don Ethridge


          Most of the people here are users of PP just like you.  I do not work for Nuance.  

          You have to move the corrupt files outside of Paperport, fix them, usually done with a right click on the thumbnail and select "duplicate item."  Since the duplicate was created in PP12.1 it should be compatible (not always but most of the time).  

          How to designate the top folder as your default start up folder:  Look at the ribbon>desktop options>General tab>check first box "Startup folder for the upper desktop"  Keep that top folder empty and you will find Paperport will open quicker and be more reliable.  

          Don Ethridge

          • Don Ethridge

            Forgot to add, it is not a MAX folder it is a MAX file.  The Max File is the propriatary file type made by older versions of Paperport.  MAX files will not be supported in PP14 forward.  In PP14 there is a converter untility that will change all MAX files into Searchable PDF files.  It does not delete the old MAX files it just creates a new PDF file.  Works well.  


          • Dave Watkins

            THANK YOU!

            I had a constant freeze because of a corrupt file in the most recently used folder. I knew that I wanted to specify a new folder to start up but its taken me several hours of searching to find the "how"... your instructions work perfectly in PP 14 too.



          • ROBERT AGUANNO

            I have had this problem for a long time.  With even the CheckPPFolders utility also crashing, I was very frustrated.  Changing the Startup folder did it for me - Thank you!.  I still play roulette with some folders crashing the program, but at least now I can restart easier.

        • Don Ethridge


          I continue to see stuff I did not address in your email.  Look in the knowledgebase and search for Paperport 12.1.  Look at the article and update your version.  This is the complete program download.  Detailed instructions are included and you should follow them to the letter.  

          I seldom create anything larger than 300 dpi.  If it's color 150 dpi.  

    • Mijnart Begeer


      I had problems with Paperport 14 on Windows 7, but decided to install it on the just released Windows 8 (pro). Installation goes very smoothly, but in the end the same problem as on Windos 7 appear.

      The scan button appeared right (some people may encounter problems, but there's a patch on Nunances site that fixes that!).

      When scanning one or multiple pages the program " hangs"  (keeps on sayin copying page...) en the only way to stop this mes is to force (!) the program to shut down (taskmanager) and to reboot the PC.

      More than 10 mails to Nuance Service didn't solve the problem, only when I installed WIA, but when using WIA the settings are not as I like.

      I nearly gave up hope (Nuance keeps telling me it's a scanner problem and no software problem!), but today I found the solution...

      When I use scandirect, my scanner works FINE! I can adjust all the settings in Paperport main program the first time, than close down the program and use Scandirect for scannning! After scanning Paperport opens automaticly and my scan is on the desktop!

      So Nuance..... your answers are not correct... it's NOT the scsanner (worked fine under PP12!), but some bug in the PP14 software! Hope to conbtribute with my " solution" with the workaround by using the scandirect method! 

    • Don Ethridge

      Great post and most insightful.  I must say I would have never found this error.  Thanks for posting this.  



    • John Ahern


      Try this.  I am using PaperPort 12 SE.  Except for a recent update that caused me to temporarily uninstall PaperPort and then reinstall it, this pretty much fixed my problem with PaperPort hanging. I am using Windows 7.
      1. Go to the Control Panel.  
      2. Choose Programs and features  (to add and remove programs).  
      3. Sort by publisher.  
      4. Under Publisher, there may be three Nuance Communications, Inc.   
      5. Click uninstall Nuance PDF Viewer Plus.  If you have Adobe Reader installed, it will take over for it.
    • Susan Kennedy

      I am using PaperPort 14 Standard and had no problem with Win XP.  Once I changed to Win 7 64bit I started having constant "not responding" and the application shutting down.  Yesterday it was such a problem that I decided to search for a solution.  Someone had written in to run PaperPort in compatibility mode.  That did the trick!  

      Now the second problem, which was also happening before the compatibility mode fix:  Once in a while when I clickon a thumbnail to either rename it, stack it, or move it to a folder, the thumbnail disappears.  

      How can I get these back?  

    • Julie Workman

      I also first discovered PaperPort when it was incliuded with an early version scanner I purchased, many years ago and have purchased every new version since. I have also coupled it with PDF Converter and OmniPage. I use it for all of my organizing and document editing and would not know how to function without it. There is no other program that has all the features that PaperPort does.

      My complaints:  There is no Mac version, it costs $20 for technical support, even when the problem is due to Nuance software issues, the CheckPPFolders Utility (currently running) has taken 3 days so far and it's estimated that it will still take over 4 more so one should have the option to limit which files to check and stop and collect files at any time during the process and resume later, the CheckPPFolders utility should definately be easier to locate, Nuance is far too sensitive to RAM, and I'd like to know what makes files hang up so frequently. sure to turn off Windows Updates if you run CheckPPFolders. Mine updated in mid-stream, rebooted my computer and I had to start over.

    • Peter

      My environment:

      I have Windows 7 with Paperport 14 Professional. 

      My Issue:

      My paperport has been working fine for many months. It suddenly started stopped at startup splash screen this week. I tried reinstalling, checkppfolders.exe utility, trying windbg to debug the hang. Nothing worked. 

      Troubleshooting and Final Fix:

      Finally I happened to look at following folder: 


      I deleted a file there called "open.mru" and I could open the paperport just fine.

      The "mru" file perhaps contains  the "most recently used" files and somehow it was corrupted, causing Paperport to hang.

      Another possible fix:

      On this forum I see some users created a new Windows user account.  That  should also fix the issue since the "mru" file will probably be re-created for new user as C:\Users\<NewUser>\AppData\Roaming\Nuance\PaperPort\14


      I hope that helps. 

      This forum and thread was helpful for my initial research so I thought I deiced to revisit here to help out others.


    • Anthony Aldridge

      Is there a problem when moving your documents to a NAS from the local hard drive with PaperPort?  And is there a workaround?  From what I have been reading here it seems that in order to minimize the hanging of the program, the folders should be local but just want to be sure that this is not contributing to my "hanging" issue.  Thx, all!

      • Michael Kenward

        Did you join this conversation because you have a related issue? Or was it just an easy place to add your question? In other words, which bits of the earlier chat relate to what you are doing?

        I move files around all the time.

        Have you tried it?

        Workarounds only make sense if there are problems. I see none.



        • Anthony Aldridge

          Blame Google.  Did a search for "Paperport files on NAS cause hanging" and it took me to this thread. As many people here were experiencing freezes and hangs I thought I'd see if anyone had an opinion to having your default folder on a NAS rather than local.

    • Deborah Johnson

      I have windows 7 and Paperport 11  I can scan the papers but when i go to save to a folder on the desktop after one or two it freezes and says paperport is not respnding  windows will shut down and look for a solution.  Which windows never does close the program, I have to then i wait a few minutes and open paperport up and try again.   It never did this until this week and we have a lot of scanning and saving to do.  

      Any suggestions?  



      Will paperport 14 Professional data work better from a floppy than on my computer or is it just a temporaryy fix ? I had a major PP crash 10/15 caused by Tech support trying to help me using their Team viewer where they took control of my computer. I should have made a current back before we did that.  I attached my floppy back up from 5/15. It worked great from from the floppy. No more freezes. Although I lost 5 months of data. So I copied the back up data to my computer & the freezes started again. But the back continues to work well with no freezes. I saw a reply that said they prefer to run programs on outside devices. I saw many posts about freezes. I recall a computer technician told me he tells his clients to run their programs from floppies because there is just too much going on inside a computer that can cause freezes etc. when you don't use a floppy.  PP 14 has been a nitemare for me since Jan 2015. That's why my 1st sentence is my question. I started with PP 8 in 2003 then 9 & 10 & loved them. So I bought 2 PP 14. The extra was going to be a gift to someone. Thank goodness I kept it. Then the 14 nite mare came. One was in a bundle with Omnipage etc.& one was just PP 14. We installed the bundle. It works for 20 or 30 min then freezes up. I clean it & try again. Also a client sends me a list of 35 Tractors & 40 Trailers. I try to put it in excel to organize it for the Insurance Co. but it 1st goes to Omnipage & makes a mess an a lot of extra work for me. Then I have to print it before I try to  save it because it loses it. It's on the list but won't open.   I've called tech support in the Phillipines many times. They are nice people & mean well but some are hard to understand. They say I have to clean my files before it will do what they advertised it will do.  But the cleaner does not work right. I started with 70,000 files or 12 gigs. I tried many  times. The lowest I ever got was 56,000. Now I do just a 1,000 and it restarts at 71,000 or 72,000. It does not go down any more. After 5 hours it  said it needs 6,626 minutes to finish or 5 full 24 hour days. I can't close my business for 5 days or leave my laptop on for 5 straight days. They have no answer. So it is a waste of time. Why should I have to fix their problem with my time. The other cleaner is OK. So I thought if I get rid of the Omnipage bundle & just install the extra PP 14 that might help. A lady tech sent me an  Omnipage remover by e mail remover with 2 choices.  So I called back an a guy said do not use either because PP 14 will stop working because it is integrated with Omni Page in the bundle. So he took over my computer & did it for me. When he was done another nitemare. Everything was moved or lost.  So I attached 5/15 floppy back up and it works great. I lost 5 mo. of data & $100 + on the bundle plus the time I wasted cleaning. My log on cleaning was up to 269 times since  4/5/15 plus the lost hours / days on the cleaner that did not work or remember where it left off. So it's been saving the same files over & over & wasted space & slowing down my computer. 

      So the point here is if it works well on a floppy why didn't they find. I am not a technician.  Did I just get Lucky ?

      Or is it just a temporary fix ? My last clean up was Oct. 15 th. & I use PP 14 every day & all day.

      I doubt if you will post this as is but hope you will re write the "floppy fix" for the many complaints I've seen here. For every one complaint there are about 98 that didn't bother & may never come back. Or forward it to someone higher up who cares to do something about it. If the Floppy fix is OK  then "Post it & remember me". It's a great program when it works.  

      I hope I see or hear it's a good fix. Just trying to Help support a good product.

      Bomber37      .     .