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    Jim Moyta
    Plantronics Voyager Pro UC B230-M with DNS 12
    Topic posted October 3, 2012 by Jim Moyta 
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    Plantronics Voyager Pro UC B230-M with DNS 12

    Does anyone know if this combination should work?

    I just received my upgrade to DNS Premium 12, which I understood has support for Enhanced Bluetooth.  So, I hoped it would work with the Plantronics B230-M headset I recently acquired.

    It's a high quality device, which works well as a Unified Communication headset, on the same laptop as DNS.  When used with Microsoft Lync, it acts much like a mobile phone bluetooth device (which it also does nicely).

    Perhaps a specialized driver may be required, or some different operating procedure, since the headset is typically in standby mode when not actively in use, to conserve battery.

    I just haven't been able to figure out how to make it "wake up" or "answer" when using DNS.  So, Dragon never "hears" anything, and just reports back that the volume is too low.





    • Pelican

      I use a B230 Bluetooth successfully with DNS Premium 12 - the plain vanilla version, not the M (on a Mac Mini with DNS 12 on Parallels, but that's irrelevant to the question). It works very nicely.

      I think I have read in the *** that the M version gives DNS problems. It would be worth carrying out a search on that website.

      On the Mac, it's easy to check that the microphone is communicating properly with the computer. Presumably you can also check this with Windows?

    • Pelican

      Huh! Evidently I've just written a banned word! All I can suggest is that you carry out a search on Google for another website that has forums where DNS is discussed. It's a no brainer.

    • Trent Ducker

      Unfortunately, it appears that Nuance has now gone beyond preventing most hyperlinks to the point of crippling their new forum with censorship. I thought the whole concept of a speech recognition forum was so that end-users could help other end-users. It really doesn’t help when the manufacturer disables hyperlinks and even goes out of their way to censor other speech recognition forums. Interestingly enough, when you Google for “speech recognition forums” or “voice recognition forums” this forum doesn’t even show up on the list. Perhaps that speaks for itself