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    Robin Mahaffey
    Error when updating paperport
    Topic posted August 19, 2013 by Robin Mahaffey, last edited August 19, 2013, tagged Troubleshooting 
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    Error when updating paperport
    I have a Brother All-In-One printer/copy/fax.  Model # MFC-J435W.  I received a popup on my task bar telling me there was an update to the Paper Port software.  When I click on the update now button in the popup, I get this message:
    Notification Server Error
    Error Code: ( /image/xyz/isvid1/ ) 
    ocurred while accessing site.
    Thank you



    • Michael Kenward

      Which version of PaperPort do you own?

      Bundled (SE) versions rarely come with direct support from Nuance. For that you need to talk to Brother.

      In any case, Nuance rarely delivers meaningful updates through popups. More often than not these are just annoying adverts that try to sell you a new version.

      Did you try following the link in the error code?

      Tee hee, look at the title of that page:

      Upgarde to PaperPort Professional 14 Now and Save!

      Spelling clearly isn't a strong point in marketing at Nuance.

      • Robin Mahaffey

        LOL yea I noticed...but wasn't sure if I should correct it or not because I wanted to give EXACTLY what the error stated.  :)  I mean "occurred" is a pretty common is upgrade :)

        It would have to be a bundled product because I didn't go to Nuance and purchase it.  I actually had to do a search for paperport while searching for info about this error message. Yes, I tried to go to the link in the error, but it gave me a Permission Denied error.  If it would have taken me to that page, I would have disregarded the message altogether.  There's  no way to force the popup to stop showing, either.  It just comes at random times.  There's no "close" button or anything.  I did find Paperport in my computer.  The version it says is: PaperPortSE 12.1   (12.1.10159.100) so yes it is an SE (bundled) version.   I have sent an email to Brother about this. Hopefully I will get some type of guidance.

        Thanks for your help :)

        • Michael Kenward

          SE means you are in Brother's hands.

          Good luck.

          You are also a version "out of date", although many of us can't see much improvement between 12 and 14. (Nuance is superstitious, there was no PP13.)