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    stephan brown
    List of wireless units for dragon
    Topic posted December 1, 2012 by stephan brown, tagged Hardware Specific Topics 
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    List of wireless units for dragon

    Can anyone post a ( list)  of wireless head phone/mic units that actually function with Dragon V 11.0 or above.

    Can you indicated what you are actually using?



    • Michael Kenward

      I use a Logitech H600 headset that works just fine.

      This will provoke disdain from the professional sound experts who turn their noses up at anything like that. It will probably fail miserably in their lab tests. All I can say is that in my experience it does the job.

      I use it to transcribe interviews by listening and repeating them words through the headset.



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    • Graham Hendry


      I second Martys suggestion.  The Andrea WNC 1500 is an excellent wireless headset.  It uses a 2.4 GHz USB dongle (NOT Bluetooth) with digital signal processing to remove continuous background noise. The wireless connection is "rocksteady" and in over a month of use I have not had a single dropout. The microphone element is on a relatively long boom which allows correct placement at the corner of the user's mouth. My only personal complaint is that the headset is only available as a stereo version (I hate having both ears covered ).

      There are several Bluetooth headsets that will work with Dragon of which the VXi Blueparrott Xpress is arguably the best.  However the quality of recognition does depend on the individual Bluetooth stack and what works with one computer manufacturer may not with another. Bluetooth dongles (other than those supplied directly by the microphone manuacturer) seem particularly problematic.  Dropouts are a common problem.  The majority of Bluetooth headsets also have a relatively short boom which means that the microphone element is not in the ideal position to reduce environmental noise.




    • Roger Vanmol

      Is the SONY voicerecorder ICD-TX50 good for naturaally speaking 12 premium ?

    • Tony Fiset

      As Michal and Marty mentioned, the H600 works surprisingly well in our testing, but does not have the same level of noise rejection as the WNC-1500. 

      Additional options at higher price points include:

      Sennheiser DW Office and DW Pro Series

      Samson Airline Micro

      Samson Airline 77

      Samson Airline Micro Camera Kit (converts any normal mic to wireless with a small bodypack)

      RevoLabs xTag Lavalier (not for use in noisy environments)

      They each have their advantages, but if it were my money I would be hard pressed to go with anything but the WNC-1500 or Samson Airline Micro, unless I also needed to use it with a phone system and then it would be the Sennheiser DW Pro 2.

      Bluetooth is still a nightmare...