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    Christian L
    New commands "begin dictation", "end...Answered
    Topic posted January 3, 2015 by Christian L, tagged Feature Request 
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    New commands "begin dictation", "end dictation", "begin commands", "end commands"

    Hi, I know that there are those keyboard shortcuts for enforcing that DNS recognizes whatever you say as a command or as normal dictation.

    Why are there no voice commands for the same purpose?

    I would propose the following new voice commands for that purpose "begin dictation", "end dictation", "begin commands", "end commands"

    this would facilitate keyboard-free usage of DNS. What do you think?

    DNS (on Win 7)

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    Larry Allen

    There are already commands that effectively do what you suggest:

    Dictation Mode On, Normal Mode On, Command Mode On, Normal Mode On  will do what you suggest.  If you have the Professional version, you can create the commands you suggest using Advanced Scripting.