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    Keith Smith
    Paperport supporting files ptn, ptn2, ini, ini2,...
    Topic posted January 23, 2013 by Keith Smith 
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    Paperport supporting files ptn, ptn2, ini, ini2, .ppinfocache, etc.

    I am in the 90 day trial of PP, and so far my eval isnt going very well. So before I go on to the next product, I want to figure out if there is a way to fix it.

    I have a Dropbox that I am using to sync my files to all my PCs, and some folders are shared with co-workers. 90% of the files are pdfs that we have scanned and placed in a folder structure. I am wanting to use a document manager to help manage all these files. I installed the 90 day trial, and pointed PP14 to the Dropbox folder. I really like the way PP14 manages it, I can click a folder, start scanning and drop the results right in that location, a real time saver....

    Now for the problems...

    It seems PP creates 5-6 supporting files in each folder, ini, ini2, ptn, ptn2, .ppinfocache, etc. In many cases these files take up more space than the actual files themselves! Dropbox doesnt have a way to "filter" files that get syncd, so all these files are now on Dropbox, and it has nearly doubled my storage usage. Also co-workers that share folders, are now seeing these files. I am the only one wanting to use a document manager, and need to clean all this up. Is there a way to have PP14 keep its index, thumbnails, ini files in another directory instead of the actual content directory?

    Here is a sample directory, PP14 has created 5 files, and 25% increase in storage space. These PP files are also syncing to my android phone, etc.



    In many cases, these supporting files take up more space than the actual files themselves.


    All these "extra" files that paperport creates




    • Keith Smith

      A better design would be for PP to create a internal indexing/image database in a folder like C:\Users\(User)\AppData\Local\PaperPort

      so it can keep the content folder free of these files.

    • Don Ethridge


      These files are necessary for Paperport to function.  I use Google Drive.  Google Drive used drag and drop which works well.  There is a  reason this is significent to answer your question.  As I see it you must find a way to filter the file types dropbox will sync or you must keep dropbox and Paperport seperate.  This requires an easy way to move files from Paperport to Dropbox.  Thus the reason I bring up drag and drop. You may see this as a shortcomeing of Paperport but I see it as a shortcoming for Dropbox.  It is Dropbox that is in charge of syncing your files.  


      • Barry Manz

        Hi Keith


        Is there any way that Paperport can put all of these files in a single folder? That would be a lot better than placing them in each folder where they are annoying.



        • Michael Kenward

          I'm guessing that you have told Windows to show hidden files. Turn that off and they will be less annoying.

          Using a central location would slow things down, and would run the risk of creating huge files.

          Doesn't Windows do something similar? Housekeeping files in every folder?



    • Keith Smith

      I think 5 files for every folder is a little ridiculous. I dont want to have use PP to scan a file(s), then "drag and drop" the file(s) into another location. The extra steps, and then the files that are in their final resting place wont be under the document manager, and Ill be having to use Windows Explorer for find and manage files. thats a job of a Document Manager. While I really like the way it was working, where I can find a folder, select it and start the scanning / import process and have it drop them right into the location was great. But the ton of bloat files that go with it, and the lack of Dropbox being able to filter these from syncing to other devices is going to make me try and find another DM.

      • Michael Kenward

        Those files, I see four rather than five, maybe you are picking up one of Microsoft's own hidden files, are there for a purpose. Something has to remember the state of those folders.

        Your point is important though. Cloud services need to keep track of that stuff. They really should ignore hidden and system files when they synchronise local to cloud.

        As Don says, that is down to the cloud service you use.

        PaperPort Anywhere is Nuance's answer for PaperPort. Sadly, it is rubbish. Limited free space and poor support from Nuance.

        If you can't keep, track of your PaperPort overhead in Dropbox, I would investigate other ways of doing what you want, either tweaking Dropbox in some way, or finding another cloud. I have 25GB on SkyDrive and 5 GB on Google, all free. I can set up a regime that ignores PaperPort's hidden stuff.


    • Keith Smith

      But Dropbox works for Android, iOS, linux, winders, etc. Also many applications on the Android have a builtin 'Save to Dropbox' feature.

      • Michael Kenward

        Google Drive, SkyDrive, RapidShare, OfficeDrop and PaperPort Anywhere also work on Android. Can't vouch for any of the others.


    • Keith Smith

      I did post a screenshot in the initial post of the five files PP creates. I understand 1 or 2. but 5?

    • Michael Kenward

      I agree that it is overkill.

      They are there for a purpose, but I suspect that some of them are "heritage" things carried over from earlier versions of PaperPort. (For example, they are abandoning .max files, so maxdesk.* is a meaningless name.) Nuance's codeheads have never been that good at housekeeping.

      Microsoft has some of the same files – for thumbnails for example – but it seems to be better at hiding them out of harms way.

      I still think that it should be possible to tell Dropbox to keep its hands off hidden files. Might be worth telling the. I suspect that their programmers will be more accessible, and ready to listen, than Nuance's.