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    Jerry Menikheim
    PaperPort 11 Scan Manager
    Topic posted November 19, 2012 by Jerry Menikheim 
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    PaperPort 11 Scan Manager

    I am unable to scan using PaperPort.  Attached is the error message I am receiving.

    I have re-installed the scanner (Epson Perfection 2400 Photo) and Paper Port 11 Professional but that has not corrected the problem.

    My OS is Win XP Professional  SP3 with the latest updates.




    • Michael Kenward

      I assume that you can scan outside of PaperPort.

      How about Scan Direct?


      • Jerry Menikheim

         Thank you for the prompt reply.

        Yes, I can scan outside of Paper Port.

        Scan direct generates the same error message and the program locks up.  I forgot to say in my first post that the program locks up wth the original attempts to scan.

        I don't know if the following has anything to do withthis problem but  I added additional RAM and a wireless card.  When booting up after the installation I had to wait while my computer went thru and recognized new hardwre, including the scanner.

        I did not have this problem prior to this.

        I am going to re-install the scanner and Paper Port while awaiting a reply.