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    Doug Thompson
    What are the differences between pdf converter and pdf...
    Topic posted February 3, 2013 by Doug Thompson, tagged Installation and Configuration Topics 
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    What are the differences between pdf converter and pdf viewer plus (which is offered with paperport?)

    I've already installed pdf converter 7.0 and omnipage18.  With the Omnipage setup, there was an option within the custom setup to not install pdf create.  I did not install pdf create with Omnipage, as I had just installed the full pdf Converter 7.0.


    However, PaperPort asks to install Nuance PDF Viewer Plus.  Is there any real difference between that and PDF Converter Professional?


    Thanks for clarifying this matter in advance,





    • Michael Kenward

      You can ignore prompts to install PDF Viewer Plus. You may find that it removes a more powerful variant that you have already.

      PDF Viewer Plus is really Nuance's version of Adobe Reader. In PDF Converter (PDFC), you already have something more powerful.

      The prompts you see depend on what order you run these Nuance products. If you install PDFC after PaperPort, the messages will differ. (I can't remember the details as I have had to install things at various times.)

      Nuance's suggested order is, if memory serves me right: OmniPage (so that later stuff recognises that it is there), PaperPort and then PDF Converter Professional.

      This topic comes up from time to time on the PaperPort Google Group with helpful information in the Wiki for PaperPort Google Group.