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    S. E.
    NatSpeak 12.5 Outlook AddIn keeps getting Inactivated...
    Topic posted June 6, 2013 by S. E., tagged Troubleshooting 
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    NatSpeak 12.5 Outlook AddIn keeps getting Inactivated (unchecked) in Outlook 2013

    I'm using DNS 12.5 with Office 2013.  DNS was working fine in both Outlook and Word. 

    During a launch of Outlook a few days ago, I got a message that an add-in would be disabled because it slowed down the Outlook launch.  I clicked on it too quickly without realizing the implications--it was the NatSpeak add-in that got disabled.

    After realizing DNS would no longer work in Outlook, I went into the Add-Ins and re-enabled the NatSpeak Add-In.  It worked fine that day.

    For some reason, perhaps an Office update, the add-in got disabled again.  I eventually figured out how to un-disable it...

    But now it keeps showing up as Inactive.  When I launch Outlook, it is listed under "Inactive Application Add-Ins".  I can click on Go and check the box in COM Add-Ins to enable it, making it work while Outlook remains running, but if I close Outlook and re-open Outlook, the NatSpeak add-in is Inactive again. 

    Anybody else seen this issue?





    • Harnish Dhanji

       Same issue here... (Except in Word 2013)  I have a support ticket open for this.  My issue originally was because the dictation in Outlook 2013 was slow and choppy:

      1. the dragon progress bar would spin on the slightest cursor movment,
      2. The cursor would flash, highlight all the text on the email, then dictate
      3. The more words and graphics in the email, the longer  it would take to dictate.

      After being asked to manually un/re register the dll's, DNS add-in for Word 2013 will not stick (or stay active).  I have to manually activate it everytime I open word.

      I'll let you know how it goes... here is my config:

      • DNS 12.5
      • Windows 7 Pro (64 bit)
      • 8 gig ram
      • Office 2013 Pro



    • S. E.

      I ended up re-installing or repairing DNS 12.5.

      After reinstalling, I launched Outlook 2013.  It prompted me that it had disabled the NatSpeak add-in because it took X seconds to load when Outlook launched.

      I then went into the Outlook add-ins, re-enabled the NatSpeak add-in, and it has been working okay since.

      It now loads consistently whenever I launch Outlook.

      You might try a reinstall / repair of DNS to see if that helps.

    • Steven Gotlib
      I am having the same problem with Microsoft Word 2013 and Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.5.  I am running Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.5, Windows 8 64-bit with four gigs of RAM.
      The setup was working perfectly until I tried to start two programs at once and then I got an error message about the NaturallySpeaking DLL.  Before I realized what I was doing I agreed to deactivate it and I think it got deleted.
      I reinstalled NaturallySpeaking DLL for Word 2013 by using the NaturallySpeaking disk in repair mode.
      Dragon NaturallySpeaking now does work with Word 2013, but every time I open a new document I have to move NaturallySpeaking DLL from inactive to active manually.
      Would appreciate any ideas about how to repair this.
    • Tony Fiset

      File > Manage Add-Ins > Always Enable (see image)

    • Steven Gotlib
      The comment made by Tony Fiset may work with Outlook but does not work with Word.
      Microsoft ended up directing me back to some of the comments on this blog which were not working.
      What ultimately fixed the problem was going back to a previous setpoint for Windows 2008.  Fortunately I had saved my profile because once the problem with the DLL file was fixed, DNS would not recognize my user profile unless I reloaded it from the previous computer that I had been using.  Things seem to be working correctly at this point.
    • Tony Fiset

      Thanks for the additional input, Steven! You're right, my post only applies to Outlook.

      I haven't had any issues with Word/DNS so I can't tell whether this would work as a permanent fix, or just temporarily for one Word "session", but it might work to go to File > Options > Add-Ins > Manage [Disable Items] and enable NatSpeak if it's been disabled (see pic).