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    Hugh Clark
    Dragon freeze
    Topic posted July 17, 2012 by Hugh Clark, tagged Troubleshooting 
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    Dragon freeze

    Under Win 7 (64 bit) after accepting dictation in Word 20-10 for awhile (half hour, for example), Dragon 11.5 ceases to recocnize dictation and recognizes only commands.  Only a system restart corrects this.  Microphone tests well and works well on another system,.  Have used Dragon for years and never encountered anything like this.  It seems (possibly) to be touched off by clicking on the microphone to turn it off temorarily.  But that may or may not be coincidental.  No other programs than Dragon and Word running at the time.  Anyone else encounter this?



    • John Doe

      I haven't no.


      Might be a good idea to test Dragon with other software, even it's own DragonPad, which you'll find in the Tools menu.

      If it crashes there or elsewhere, it is probably a general program or profile issue.  (I would then setup a new test profile in Dragon and test it again with that to confirm or discount a problem with the profile)

    • Bruce Closser

      I have much the same problem with Naturally Speaking Premium v11. When working in Word for some time, it will cease to recognize commands such as "press enter", "press tab" but may still recognize speech. At other times it won't recognize speech but will respond to text commands (a word that calls up a pre-set paragraph. for example). Eventually everything freezes up, including Word and I have to exit (force close) both programs and reopen them. Sometimes I have to reboot Windows 7 (64 bit). Today I got an error message  when I reopened Word. "Word experienced a serious problem with the 'natspeak word addin' add-in. If you have seen this message multiple times, you should disable the add-in and check to see if an update is available. Do you want to disable this add-in?" I don't see any add-ins on the Nuance download page.

    • Marty Markoe

      Hugh and Bruce,

      Problems with Microsoft Word causing Dragon NaturallySpeaking to choke have been around for several years. The problem seems to be that as a Microsoft Word file gets big Dragon tries to reference words and pages so you can go back to edit by voice. Apparently this file can get large and a reset of Dragon and/or word is necessary. What we have been doing is to break a word document into smaller pieces. Some of our customers also just dictate into DragonPad and transfer text to Word for editing.

      Marty Markoe, eMicrophones

    • Hugh Clark

      These comments are helpful.  I will try splitting up the document which is full of graphics and quite large. Then will try Dragon Pad. Thanks all!  Hugh Clark

      CJI Research

    • Ralph Rovner

      I too have this problem with dragon Professional & MS Word 2010 32 bit on  my fujitsu laptop/tablet computers running Windows 7 32 bit and windows 7 64 bit. I tried using dragon pad but it freezes and I lose what I've dictated. I have tried dictating into wordpad instead of MS word and have less frequent "freezes." I wish Dragon would provide an update to eliminate this problem as I'm sure most serious Dragon users also use microsoft Word.

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      • Ralph Rovner

        I have a Lifebook T 901 with Windows 7 64 bit and 8 GB of Ram (7.89 USABLE). I admit that I regularly am working with Word files that run 30 to 60 pages long. Do I have to chop them up to use Dragon? If so, what is the length or size Word document that Dragon can work with without "freezing?"  Does Dragon work with longer documents with different word processing software such as open office?


    • Anonymousposted August 20, 2012
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    • Ralph Rovner

      Thanks, Marty. By the way, sometimes when I start MS Outlook, it freezes while adding the nat speak add-ins.

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      • Ralph Rovner

        I always start dragon before starting MS Word. But I do not start dragon before starting Outlook because I have not been using dragon with Outlook. Should I always start dragon before starting any of the MS Office programs?

        Thanks for your advice.

    • Anonymousposted August 21, 2012
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    • Michael V

      I also have this problem with dragon freezing or more accurately hanging.  Apparently it is not uncommon, especially since last spring for some reason.  I have been using this program for about 20 years, and not had this before.

      The problem is not hardware as I have a fast gaming rig with 8 gig high speed RAM and 4 gig of ready boost.

      It is not an add-in problem because the add-in is active and works fine before and after the hang.

      I uninstalled (keeping my profile) defragged the HD, reinstalled with 11.5, and the problem persists.

      For me, DNS 11 or 11.5 work fine in MS Word 2010 (32 bit edition - more stable) for about 40 minutes then it hangs.  After about 1 minute it comes back fine, and if I said anything while it hung up, it types it.  Then the program works fine again, no restarting anything, but only for about 15 minutes before locking up again.  I am writing books, so this is very frustrating.

      The programis not dead, it is working like crazy.  The hard drive is being accessed, and a useful little program that reveals everything going on with my system (Process Explorer - a great free utility which includes a system information panel and professional grade task manager) tells me that memory is gobbled up and the processors are working near peak.  Basically, DNS is gobbling up all resources.  Weaker systems will crash under this pressure.

      We need a fix for this.  To say that we should break our files up, or only use Dragon Pad is totally inadequate.  MS Word is a primary program for word processing and if DNS doesn't properly work with it they should say so, and hire someone who knows how to fix it.  Don't bother upgrading either, one guy already posted that he has the same problem with version 12.  Come on Nuance, what is going on here?

      My program will not exit on first try either.  It says it cant find the user profile to save it.  Nonsense!  If I exit again, it finds and saves it just fine.  Why does it have to take 2 attempts?  I've seen this problem with older versions of DNS as well.

      Has anyone found a solution for this?

      • Francois Huguenin

        Agree with Michael, having exactly the same problems with Outlook 2010, Notes 2010. I have all installed under 64 bit, wiorked fine without any problems till approx last june, and then the problem surfaced up. basically NatSpaek 11 is unusable, the workaround with Dragonpad is barely usable.

        I stronglyx suspect that some updates (Windows OS, Office updates) have changed the system to be worse.

        Note that I am using Dragon since 1997 and have had all versions installed. Currently it feels like going back to the old Version 2 under Windows 98: reboot system every two hours to free up memory. This can not reall be, with a core i7 system and 8GB RAM.

        Hope that we can get a solutiuon to a problem which is much moire than an anoyance.

        • Francois Huguenin

          I got the hint to de-install Adobe Reader X and Flash Player incl. plug-in. Now it works again. Only caveats is that some Web Apps will not work properly with Flash disabled. That is probably the price to pay until Version 12 is fully released. 

          h#ope it helps.

    • Andy Tilp

      I agree with Michael V. I am a new user to this program, after having others tell me what a great productivity gains they have acheived. It has been nothing but a series of reboots for me. Dragon works for a while, then locks everything up. I have a top of the line Dell laptop, I7 processor with cache and 8G memory.

      I've spent hours training the system and it can't seem to recongnize a phase as simple as "In regards to". It interprets this as opening email.

      This is infurating. What can be done to improve performance and prevent these lock ups?

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      • Andy Tilp

        Thanks for the reply Marty. Regarding the microphone, I'm using the headset provided with the Dragon SW. I would assume this would be adequate - yes / no?

        My PC is new and has (according to Dell's marketing literature) a top of the line audio system.I did locate some controls for the microphone. I will see if that makes things work better.

        Perhaps I need to learn to speak more clearly.


    • Anonymousposted September 4, 2012
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    • Pete Hallin

      I have been using Dragon for a year and a half now and it freezes up on me also. The problem I have is that I am a quadriplegic and have absolutely no use of my arms or hands so I am 100% dependent on using my voice. It will usually freeze up for a short period of time a couple times a day. The biggest problem I have is at least every other day it freezes up altogether and I cannot do anything to unfreeze it or use any other programs and eventually the computer will shut down because there is no action. I have to wait until I can get someone to physically do a reboot for me. That is a big problem for me because for three hours a day my wife is at work and we communicate through Skype and Facebook private message. I only use my computer for recreational. I use Facebook, email, YouTube etc. I am not composing big lengthy emails etc. What can be done to prevent this from happening.