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    Damon Lynch
    Significant stability and usability problems with DNS 12
    Topic posted October 1, 2012 by Damon Lynch, tagged Troubleshooting 
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    Significant stability and usability problems with DNS 12

    I'm experiencing regular crashes using NaturallySpeaking 12 Premium. Two easy ways to trigger the problems:


    1. Dictate into DragonPad, and make editing changes quickly using the keyboard, such as deleting text. DragonPad  crashes,  and all unsaved work is lost.  There is no  auto-recovery  for the lost data, unfortunately.  Needless to say, this is far from impressive. I think it's perfectly reasonable to expect  DragonPad should never crash  when performing edits using the keyboard.
    2. Switch over to Microsoft Word 2010 (because at least that has autosave).  After a while, when attempting to save user profile files,  NaturallySpeaking becomes unresponsive and cannot be controlled. Microsoft Word becomes unstable.  After several minutes, control of NaturallySpeaking may come back.  But it might not, either, and Word doesn't recover in that case either.  I have EndNote X6 installed, if that makes a difference.  But I still experience these crashes even when I don't use EndNote.

    NaturallySpeaking 12 is undoubtedly the most unstable version of  NaturallySpeaking (or even DragonDictate all those years ago)  I've used.

    A regression compared to Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 is that  oftentimes, the alternative entries in the  list brought up by "correct that" are sparse and  contain only different capitalizations of  the misrecognized text.   I characterize this as a significant usability concern.

    Furthermore, another  regression is that it needlessly adds a space at the beginning of every dictation into a textbox   in which NaturallySpeaking cannot directly edit, e.g.  into an instant messenger window.

    My platform is Windows ultimate 64-bit, 16 GB of RAM on a Lenovo W520. I'm experiencing stability problems with no other applications. I'm using a user profile that I created specifically for NaturallySpeaking 12.

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    • Frank Bright

      Hi,  I am posting on behalf of my Dad - I bought him DNS 12 for Christmas. He uses Windows 7 64-bit with MS Outlook and Word 2010. 

      I have to chime in - this has been a huge series of different problems and issues.... Here's Some of what has happened so far...

      1) When he went into MS Excel 2010 and had left Dragon on, it screwed up all the keys on his keyboard. Once he turned Dragon off, Excel began to work correctly and the keyboard functioned correctly again;

      2)  DNS seems to be inconsistent at times in its responsiveness - more often with MS Outlook 2010 - sometimes simply not putting out any words when being dictated to. 

      3) Getting the responsiveness started - even wondering if the DNS program started correctly - has been an issue. Once it got responsive and got  started, things were much better. 

      4)  We had DNS 12 working fairly well until we plugged in a new Bluetooth Keyboard simply to charge it through the laptop via USB (it is on a well-powered docking system). This is a separate item not related to using DNS 12 and the keyboard had not been paired to the laptop at all during this process.  We were simply using the Lenovo laptop to charge it through USB. 

      5) We unplugged the keyboard and removed it from charging, however, once that had happened, everything got even worse. Everything has slowed down; nothing starts up nearly as fast as it was before. Everything has become super-sluggish.

      6) We have since uninstalled Dragon 12 and are debating whether to re-install it or not. 

      I welcome any ideas.... Many Thanks,





      • Darroll Babcock

        Frank: I wish I had the magic answer, but I quit trying to get it to work. I have three homes built PCs, and one laptop. Nuance offered me because of being a previous owner of five word recognizing's programs.  Release 12 home for $49. Three of the five that I own, work just fine on Windows 7 64-bit. I was hoping to put 12 on either one of my PCs or the laptop.


        Like I've stated in a previous post, I wouldn't recommend 12 for anybody. And since the last post and my fiasco with trying to get 12 to work. I've had to completely start over with that PC, reloading the OC.


        I'm sure Nuance is aware of the problems that they have with this program, but they're not addressing it. There is another problem that many of you probably haven't had to address yet. Not with 12,  but with Nuance, after a certain time frame with my previously releases, if for any reason you need to reload them, Nuance is making it very difficult, if not impossible to use the key to redeployed the software.


        So anyway good luck, maybe you can find an older release that work better for you. It is a great software when it works. Darroll

    • Diane Bechtler

      You could try to repair it rather than reinstall it. Check your profile and make a new one if necessary which may be it is necessary. Good luck with Dragon 12 because none of us are particularly happy with it but reinstalling would just start the whole thing over again unless you have a previous version of Dragon

    • Diane Bechtler

      The ongoing nightmare. Dragon continues to act unnaturally. It is opening windows when it pleases and the recognition has gone to ***. I cannot get it to dictate into a search bar on Internet Explorer and I’m having a hard time getting it to pay attention in email. I repair the program about once a month just to keep it running. I’ve made so many profiles that I could become a criminal are other people still having problems. Has anyone figured out anything. Good Lord I don’t know what to do

    • Russ Forney

      I purchased and installed DNS 12 Premium 2 weeks ago, application ran fine for the first week, now consistently crashes when opening Microsope Word 2012 while DNS is open. "Memory_Management" error dialouge box appears just before blue screen and reboot. I was not aware of this thread before loading DNS 12 on my machine.

      Have also experienced lost user profiles after repairing, system will not restore profiles from backups.

      This is very frustrating from a product that has performed well in previous versions.

    • Christian Liipfert

      I have had similar problems with Dragon 12 Premium not working with Word 2010.  After a lot of time during the 90-day warranty period, I had a temporary solution.  But then it crapped out again after the warranty expired. 

      After 45 minutes on hold on Tech Support, a patient Chris directed me to document 3059, which gives instruction for re-enabling the Microsoft Word add-in.  I checked, and the add-in was not disabled, but when I then went back to Word, Dragon worked again.  If it hadn't, I was going to go ballistic and demand my money back and go back to an earlier version (assuming I can find the disk).  The product is defective as sold.  90-day warranty or not.  They should fix it and issue a patch.

      It's a bit frustrating after the number of years I've worked with this product to come across these types of glitches.  Otherise, I love it.

    • Wallace Kaufman

      Every web page I look at comes up with the banner: Dragon Naturally Speaking rich Internet Application Support has crashed"  I have to exit that banner.  I can't find a way to turn off whatever function causes it.  It appears whether or not I have DNS booted.  

    • Diane Bechtler

      I think you're onto something-a memory leak. And it took so long you forgot. I like that. Insert a sums it up.

    • Diane Bechtler

      We have a program with Alzheimer's.

    • Diane Bechtler

      11.5 is much better

    • Terence Harris

      I've been following this thread and a lot of ones earlier like it over the past years. I've been in Dragon user since 2.0 and like others posting here, have noticed the significant stability issues in the more recent versions of the software. I recently had a lot of success with my configuration using Dragon 12 premium on my desktop and wanted to share it.
      I've given up long ago using a lot of the add-ons for particular programs like Word and Outlook or web browsers or mouse controls. Thankfully I don't have disabilities. For a long time I used DragonPad, but like users have reported here, that has been crashing a lot. My belief is Nuance is not keeping up with or paying the money required to stay compatible with a lot of applications.
      What is working for me now is to use WordPad for dictation. This guarantees its compatibility with all Microsoft applications and it has more bells and whistles than DragonPad. I simply dictate there, say select all, copy that, (then left click on the target) and paste that. this way I can keep up with the tremendous number of postings in emails I need to teaching four online courses at a local college each term. I think the real difference here is the solid-state drive. Dragon is installed on the 120 GB solid-state drive and works with speed and incredible accuracy. I think the proof of that is that I still have the problems on my older laptop with the same Dragon program. So my solution turned out to be a more powerful system.
      My platform is Windows 7 64-bit, 16 GB of RAM Intel DZ77 BH-55K socket 1155 motherboard, 120 GB 2.5 SATA SST drive, 1 TB ATA HD, i7 Quad 3770K 3.5 GHz, AMD Radeon HJD 6670 videocard, Andrea USB headset.
      Happy again...

      • Damon Lynch

        That's a good idea about WordPad. I completely forgot about that application. Thanks for sharing.

    • Denis Shuker

      Greetings to all --  Like many I have used DNS happily for yonks. v 11.5 premium served me well - but I recently upgraded to v 12.00.  I have always kept my DNS backups in a folder in 'My Documents' so it automatically gets backed up with My Docs.

      My problem is hopefully much simpler:  I reformatted my laptop to clean up the HDD and reloaded all programs including DNS 12. 

      Now I cannot point DNS 12 to import my old backup files.  It seems to only want to point to its normal file location. I'm sure there will be a way to do this but haven't found it yet. Anyone got a quickfix for this I would be a mighty happy camper..   BTW I find my logitech USB mic works very well with DNS. 

    • Diane Bechtler

      My backups it. It up in RoboForm. So I am no one to tell anyone where to backup their Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech files. I continue to struggle with this terrible program. I have hopes that a patch will come out soon

    • Graham Hendry


      "Now I cannot point DNS 12 to import my old backup files. "

      How did you export your User in DNS 11.5 Premium?  If I understand you correctly you wish to import your old 11.5 file.

      I don't have  Premium but in Professional you can go to Profile | Manage User Profiles | Advanced | Export/Import where you can Browse to any location on your computer.  If you Exported by this method you should have a folder in your My Documents with the name you gave to your user which you could import into DNS 12 (as long it doesn't have the same name as your current DNS 12 User).

      If you then attempt to use the 11.5 user you will be warned that it was created in an earlier version and asked if you wish to update.

      Personally I wouldn't use a User file created in a previous version.  If you have a backup of your Custom Vocabulary from the previous version and a set of carefully proof-read documents to  allow Dragon to "Learn from Specific Documents" you can be up and running in around 20 minutes with a totally  "clean" version.  That way you avoid any problems that may be introduced where there are changes in the way the different versions work.

      If I have misunderstood your question please get back.


      PS In such a long thread it might have been better to create a new Post.




    • Nuance Moderator


      As there were many different topics and problems that were discussed on this thread, I would encourage everyone still experiencing an issue with Dragon 12 to download and install the Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.5 Service Pack and see whether your issue continues to occur. 


      For information and steps on how to download the Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.5 Service Pack, please see Technote 7001: "General information about the Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.5 Service Pack".



      If problems are still experienced, please make a new post on the forum for discussion, or contact Nuance Support for further assistance: http://www.nuance.com/support/dragon-naturallyspeaking/index.htm