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    Don Ethridge
    Paperport and Windows 8
    Topic posted July 18, 2012 by Don Ethridge 
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    Paperport and Windows 8

    I read today Windows 8 will be release 10/26/2012.  Will Paperport work in this version of Windows? I have not seen anything about this subject.

    Don Ethridge


    • Anthony Raynor

      I am not able to get PaperPort to work correctly in Windows8. When I start it the program goes through a series

      of installs every single time I start PaperPort. Even though the scanner indicates it is connected, PaperPort doesn't 

      see it as connected. It shows it as a device option, but will not allow scanning. Luckily I dual boot and PaperPort is

      fine tuned and producing wonderful scans in Windows7. So for now I guess I boot Windows7 for scanning and everything

      else on Windows8 which I have grown quite fond of.

      • Michael Kenward

        And your version of PaperPort is?

        Asking will PaperPort work in Windows 8 is too vague. We all know that early versions will not work in Windows 7. I can't see that they will magically sing to life in Windows 8.

        The best question is will PP14 work in Windows 8?

        One regular user who knows his onions has already reported on the PaperPort Google Group that he achieved a "flawless"installation of PP14 standard .

        There may be problems with some scanners, where makers have said that they will not release updates until the official launch of Windows 8. Now that this is upon us perhaps they have released updates.

        My first move before worrying about software would be to check that my hardware works.

        • Anthony Raynor

          Okay, let me be more clear. I was running PaperPort 14 Standard with a BulletScan S300 on Windows 7 Ultimate.

          It produced flawless scans and other than experiencing frequent program not responding errors, PaperPort14 ran well 

          under Windows 7.


          Under Windows 8 I have installed the included program, New Soft's PageManager 9 with the BulletScan. No problems for 

          PageManager under Windows 8 Pro.  I installed PaperPort 14 Standard on the same machine.  It recognizes the 

          BulletScan as an input source, but the problem begins when I execute program.  It begins a series of reinstalls as if

          components are missing. This occurs everytime I open PaperPort 14 Standard. When this completes the S300 is listed 

          in the input device area, but it can't communicate with the device.  Once again, PageManger communicates just fine.  

          I would straightaway uninstall PaperPort 14 Standard and try again, but with Nuance's draconian activation scheme, I 

          want to try other options first.

      • Joshua Savage

        Found solution!!!!  Had same problem, spent hours nothing until I ran into this.


        You may have seen something similar from US site this is from the Europe site.  Anyhow, this will direct you to uninstall driver and manually install new driver, unlike what they direct you to do which is to use Windows 8 driver utility.  Now I can scan with paperport and also scan over the network which I coudln't before either.  OH, I just realized I downlaoded 32 bit version.  I dunno, I would try 64 bit, but I'm not going to chagne a thing sicne it works!  Hope this helps

    • Jason Ivins

      I am also having problems with Windows 8, paperport 14 and 2 different brother scanners (mfc 8500 and mfc 9325cw). 

      Same issue > scanner not connected. Can select the scanner from the list of devices, but communications aren't working.

      scanners are working fine with other programs (Windows fax/scan and Vuescan).

      Something is not quite right with paperport and scanners - have tried compatibility modes, and running as administrator.

      I actually think it is something w/ permissions/security - similar to the error another user here has reported where paperport can only scan if the user has administrive rights, otherwise paperport can't communicate with the scanner - the same error that I am getting, even though I am running paperport from an administrative account, and have tried running paperport w/ extra admin rights.

      FYI: The only thing I get when I try to run AS administrator, is that when I select a scanner, I get additional choices (TWAIN: WIA for the scanner) instead of just the WIA driver to choose from (which is all I get when I run Paperport from an admin account, but w/o Run AS admin checked).


    • Don Ethridge

      I am guessing your problem may be solved with your going through the scanner settings.  there is a tutorial you can access as a slide show on the Yahoo Paperport group.  Caution:  This group allows off topic post so ask your question before you judge the group.  The off topic post are something we do when there are few questions.  

      Don Ethridge, Owner Paperport at Yahoo Group.  Not affiliated with Nuance or Paperport other than we like both.  

    • Jason Ivins

      Update on Windows 8: 

      connected Brother MFC-9325CW via network instead of USB > Paperport is able access/scan! 

      I'll see if I can remember my Yahoo credentials and check on the suggestion above as well.

      I still think something is not working correctly using USB connection/drivers between Paperport and scanners in Windows 8. Windows 8 is going to start becoming relevant in another 2 weeks .....

      • Michael Kenward

        USB3 by any chance?

        I see an increasing number of issues with people seeing odd behaviour there.

        Moving to USB2 seems to fix it.

        Don't forget, Windows 8 does not officially exist yet. USB drivers could be one of the things that get updated by hardware and software suppliers when D day arrives.


        • Jason Ivins

          Nope, USB2. 

          Wish my computer had usb3 :)

          Windows 8 has been released to manufacturers (RTM) - that is what I am running. So now it is up to either Brother (the manufacturer of my scanner/printer) or Paperport to fix this. The last day I have spent several hours "googling" and found many reports of scanning errors with Paperport, and with several different scanners (Brother, HP, and Epson).

          Either it is the way the USB drivers are getting installed, or the way paperport is getting installed, or the way paperport is accessing the USB drivers in Windows 8 causing a problem.

          As I said earlier, in all of my "googling", the problems arose with the combination of Paperport and USB scanners. These same scanners were reported to work with Windows Scan/Fax utility, or other scanning programs, but not with Paperport.

      • John McGurn

        Thanks Jason, this is the solution that worked for me. The only difference was the brother model MFC-7840W; then switching from USB to wired network. Worked like a charm! Koodos!!!

        THANKS John McGurn

    • T Stanley White

      My Paperport 14 Pro works fine in Win 8 except it can't find my Canon LIDE200 scanner.  It listed it and tested it just fine, but wouldn't connect to it for scanning.  All of my other Nuance software works with the scanner just fine.  I just noticed today that in the FlexNet update program, it listed a scanner repair update for PP14 to be used in Win 8 that was issued on 8/31/12.  Apparently Nuance put it out there and didn't tell anyone.  Unfortunately, I can't get to it to download it.  My FlexNet says it is downloading it and installing it, but nothing happens.  PP14 won't show the scanner update since it says the 'agent' can't start.  So I am still up the creek.  Does anyone have a link to the scanner update file that I can use?

    • T Stanley White

      I am really frustrated with Nuance support.  Their Paperport 14 software lists a fix for the Win 8 printer problem but won't install it, but Nuance support staff say it doesn't exist!  What is really going on here?  Why are they saying it doesn't exist when it does?  Their staff is so frustrating!!!!!

    • Don Ethridge

      Nuance could help in one way.  I know of no way to download the most current version of Paperport 14x.  Most software can be downloaded, the key entered and you get the most recent incarnation without a need for updates.  With Windows 8 the best way to do this is to uninstall Paperport and then install again after the Windows upgrade,  then go through all the updates.  This should not be necessary.    NUANCE, PUT IT ONLINE!!!

    • Mijnart Begeer

      I had problems with Paperport 14 on Windows 7, but decided to install it on the just released Windows 8 (pro). Installation goes very smoothly, but in the end the same problem as on Windos 7 appear.

      The scan button appeared right on my screen...!

      Some people may encounter problems with the scanner button grayed-out, but  you can download a fix here:

      When scanning one or multiple pages the program " hangs"  (keeps on sayin copying page...) en the only way to stop this mess is to force (!) the program to shut down (taskmanager) and to reboot the PC.

      More than 10 mails to Nuance Service didn't solve the problem, only when I installed WIA, but when using WIA the settings are not as I like.

      I nearly gave up hope (Nuance keeps telling me it's a scanner problem and no software problem!), but today I found the solution...

      When I use scandirect, my scanner works FINE! I can adjust all the settings in Paperport main program the first time, than close down the program and use Scandirect for scannning! After scanning Paperport opens automaticly and my scan is on the desktop!

      So Nuance..... your answers are not correct... it's NOT the scsanner (worked fine under PP12!), but some bug in the PP14 software! Hope to conbtribute with my " solution" with the workaround by using the scandirect method! 

      • Terry Smerling

        My problem with PaperPort 14 Standard seems similar to yours.  PP14 runs fine in Windows 7, but in Windows 8 I receive an error message that my default scanner is not attached and, of course, the Scan button is grayed-out.  My scanner runs just fine outside of PaperPort.  You mentioned that there is a patch for the Scan button on the Nuance site.  Where do I find it?  The Nuance site is less than user-friendly: I can't find a support page that lists patches.  Beyond that: what is Scandirect?  How do I obtain it?  Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    • jim hill

      Allow me to follow up with the same symptoms.  

      Paperport 14  Pro runnning successfully on Windows 7 Pro with Canon 210 and Kodak i1120.  Upgraded to Windows 8 Pro.  

      Paperport now is unable to communicate with either scanner via TWAIN (Canon 210 & Kodak i1120),  ISIS (Kodak i1120)  or for that matter WIA drivers.  Tried the torubleshooting procedure in the FAQ, reports unable to connect to the device. 

      Both scanners work well with native software or other software, e.g. IrfanView.  

      There does seem to be a pattern, working scanners not being seen by PP 14.  


      • T Stanley White

        I, too, had this problem at first exactly as described above when moving to the pre-release versions of Win 8 Pro.  The scanner patch I mention below apparently won't work with the pre-release versions.  Howerver, I installed the new Win 8 Pro last week.  Then when I installed Paperport 14, I used its help/update option to first install the patch 1, then chose the scanner communication patch, then chose the patch 2, everything now works fine.  After I installed, two of Nuance's other software - OmniPage Pro 17 and PDF Converter Pro 8, they installed a third party update software called Flexnet which tries to show updates for all Nuance software.  This Flexnet then disables the update option in Paperport Pro 14.  So I have to rely on Flexnet to see future updates.  But Paperport 14 started seeing my scanner now.  So make sure to install the scanner connection patch.  it was issued 8/31, but Nuance didn't tell anyone.  Their Paperport staff denied the existence of the patch which sounded funny, but sad.  Also, their Paperport help staff denied knowledge of Flexnet even though their other company software installs it.  I guess they have major communication problems with their staff.  Anyway, it all works for me now.  Good luck to the rest of you.

        • jim hill

          Thanks for the suggestion,  I uninstalled Paperport 14 Pro and reinstalled under Win 8.  I was offered two patches, aptly named patch 1 and patch 2,   but the scanner communication patch was not included.  

          Net result no change Paperport 14 Pro unable to communicate with my scanners.  

          I've also reinstalled the Canon 210 driver, with no effect.  PP14 Pro still not a scanner capable application.

          • T Stanley White

            To clarify, when I uninstalled Paperport 14, I used Revo Uninstaller Pro which removes every file that Paperport puts on your computer.  The Paperport 14 uninstaller apparently leaves many files on your computer which could prevent the scanner communication tool from working.  Also, my scanner is a Canon Canoscan LIDE200.

    • Mijnart Begeer


      @Jim Hill: I used the scannerconnecttool provided by Paperport.

      I uploaded the file to Rapidshare:

      Worked for me.

      In my previous post I forgot to mention that if someone endures problems using PP14 and has to use taskmanager (windows) to close down PP14, a restart of the PC is not nescessary if you use the Paperport "KillPaperport.exe".

      You can find the .exe file in your Programs/Nuance/Paperport folder!

      Funny that Nuance has this .exe in their "program..... I made a desktop shortcut.. and have been using it several times.... :)

      • Anthony Raynor

        As other have done I uninstalled completely with Revo and reinstalled. Tried the above update files.  It stil doesn't communicate properly. In fact when I click the update button in the program nothing happens to suggest the update mechanism works, at all. I am perplexed as to why I keep buying Nuance products with their track record of terrible support. 

        I did my a Fujitus SnapScan and will try their included software. If it works, goodbye Nuance and your faulty software.

      • James Lewis

        Works for Paperport v12.1 to make it functional in WIndows 8!

        Thanks!  I used the .ZIP version supplied by T. Stanley White a few posts below yours.

        I initially had a heck of a time installing and activating Paperport 12.1 in Windows 8.  I had to disable User Account Control, disable Norton Internet Security, and disable all non-Microsoft Services, then reboot.

        Everything in PP v12.1 then seemed to be working but I couldn't connect to my scanner.  The ScannerConnectTool worked perfectly when run with the scanner (a Canon MP830 from ~2006, updated with a Win8 driver) turned on and plugged in.

        I have complained to Nuance that Canon can keep updating old printer drivers and software for the printer but Nuance does not.  Since Paperport 12.1 can clearly work with Windows 8 with a minor tweak (the Scanner Connect Tool), why does their tech support have to destroy customer brand loyalty by telling me, no, version 12.1 won't work with Windows 8 and that I need to fork over at least $100 for v14.1 when I don't really have any use for Nuance Cloud Connect services having Windows Live Mesh, SkyDrive, and Dropbox all up and running on my computer, tablets, and handheld devices.

        BTW, in terms of transfer of scan to desktop, PP 12.1 seems much zippier in Win8 than in Win7!

        Should note, too, that I disabled the PP Windows Desktop Search,  In program, Desktop Options, on Advanced tab, turned off Process PDF Files with PaperPort OCR, then in Services console, disabled PDFProFiltSrvPP.  So it may be true if you want this indexing service that PP v12.1 will not work in WIn8 as the indexer seems to run amuck consuming system resources.  I never used the PP indexer.

        • Harold Melnick

          Your post was exactly what I was looking for. I had installed PP12 on a new Win8 64 bit computer and it worked with no problem, including with an older Epson V500 scanner, but wouldn't work with the scanner of a newer Epson NNX330 printer/scanner. It could see the 330 scanner and listed it, but the scan button was grey. I downloaded and installed the ScannerConnectTool -- problem solved. Thanks for your help.

          Now I have another question. Somewhere I saw that I should uninstall PP12 from the old computer so that it wouldn't count against activations (evidently I had an activation available since I was able to install and activate it on the new computer). I uninstalled it from the old computer but then noticed I didn't have an Internet connection at the time, so presumably it didn't change the activation count. Is there a way to get that activation taken off now?

        • ERIC MILLER

          uninstall and then reinstall the printer software from your manufacturer  - this places the printer in after the paperport install. - change to the twain driverr - as paperport refuses to replace he old driover "99" in the program -

      • Alan Ward

        I've just changed from XP to Win8 and found the info about PaperPort 12 compatibility to be conflicting - Microsoft says it is and Nuance says it isn't. I was beginning to believe Nuance as I had installed PP12 and everything seemed to work except the scanner connection. This is when I came across your tip about about using ScannerConnectTool for PP14 and thought "I wonder . . ".  I downloaded and installed it and the answer is yes it does, for me. I opened PP12 and ran the scanner connect software and my HP Photosmart AIO was connected with no trouble.


      • Larry D

        I registered for this forum just so I could give a big THANK YOU to the users who posted links to download the PaperPort Scanner Connection Tool.  I'm running PaperPort 12SE which came bundled with my Brother printer/scanner.  I recenlty upgraded from Win7 to Win8 and had the same issue as many others have been/will be having, i.e. the greyed out 'Scan' button.  I just spent a good amount of time with Brother tech support, they told me to download this tool via the 'Get latest updates' button in the Paperport help menu, but it didn't work for me, no updates appeared.  I don't know if that's because it's bundled software, or what.  In any case I downloaded the Tool you linked to, and voila--the 'Scan' button is no longer greyed out!  Thank you so very much!  Nuance deserves a kick in the butt for making this so difficult to solve, eg. unable to simply download it from their website, as many others who upgrade to Win8 will likely be spending a day in computer h_ll before they find the solution.

      • adam hecktman

        Can you kindly repost this?  It has expired.

    • Don Ethridge

      Starting with Windows 7 there are generic drivers included with Windows.  The best source for a driver is the company making your scanner/All in one.  It is up to the discression of the manufacturer if they write and offer a driver for Windows 8.  In many cases I am guessing the Windows 7 driver may work in Windows 8. You can contact support for your machine and find out if it works in Windows 8.  Nuance and Paperport do not provide drivers far as I know.  

    • Bryan Anslow

      I just installed Windows 8 Pro (64bit) over Windows 7.

      Sure enough, Paperport could not detect that the scanner (a Canon LIDE 100) was connected. 

      SoftiScan for PDF-a simple scanner to PDF app, worked first time.

      So, I updated to the latest scanner drivers - Paperport still does not detect the scanner. 

      SoftiScan works great, so I will be using that until something is available from Nuance, and maybe after....

    • T Stanley White


      I have version 14.0   (14.0.11477.100) and find it now works fine.  I had the same problems mentioned above until I did the following procedure.   I tried to post the procedure I used to get it working, but it seems to have been deleted.  The procedure is:

      1.  Uninstall any version of paperport you now have using a third party software.  Revo Uninstaller Pro works great for me and has a free version.  This cleans out a lot of stuff the windows uninstaller leaves there which can prevent the scanner connector to work.

      2.  Install Paperport 14.0 (or 14.1 if you have it).

      3.  Check for updates by clicking on Help/Get Latest Updates.  You should see two updates listed - Patch 1 and the scanner connection program.  (Note:  if you have other Nuance software installed such as OmniPage Pro and PDF Converter Pro, they install an updater which renders the Paperport 14 updater unusable.  You have to use the other update which is generally located in the tray.)

      4.  Install Patch 1 then install the scanner connection program.  I have attached the ScannerConnectTool as a zip.

      5.  Install Patch 2.

      My scanner was connected after step 4 above.  Good Luck.

      • Terry Smerling

        Thank you.  Your instructions + the were right on the money.  The ScannerConnectTool was not available to me through PP14 updates.  As far as I am concerned, Nuance flunks on customer service despite the fact that PaperPort is first notch.  Why doesn't Nuance do what so many other software companies do and make patches and fixes readily available on its website?  In any event, I am very grateful for your post.

        • Michael Kenward

          I add my own thanks. I have retrieved the file.

          With it to hand, I now feel more confident in being able to move to Windows 8 without chaos ensuing.

          Terry Smerling is spot on. Wake up Nuance.

          It really is nuts the way that Nuance seems to go out of its way to hide updates from its customers. It doesn't just annoy people, it adds to the burden on the support people, many of whom don't know about these issues.

      • William Durden

        Had been using PP 14 under Windows 7 Pro. Upgraded to Windows 8 Pro. Reinstalled PP14 and I was no longer able to connect to my scanner with ADF (Brother). I have searched for a couple of weeks and heard many comments about the "Scanner connect tool", but nothing about where to get it. I downloaded it here, unzipped, clicked on "Run as administrator" and it was an instant simple fix. I now have the usabilithy back of being able to easily scan multiple page documents. Thanks for posting.

      • Harold Melnick

        James Lewis referenced the ScannerConnectTool in your message. I had installed PP12 on a Win8 computer; it worked fine but didn't recognize the scanner. Installing ScannerConnectTool solved the problem. Thanks.

      • William Ames


        You rock my socks!  You provided me with the fix that the Nuance support team couldn't.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


        Jeff Ames

      • Alan Ward

        I've just changed from XP to Win8 and found the info about PaperPort 12 compatibility to be conflicting - Microsoft says it is and Nuance says it isn't. I was beginning to believe Nuance as I had installed PP12 and everything seemed to work except the scanner connection. This is when I came across your tip about about using ScannerConnectTool for PP14 and thought "I wonder . . ".  I downloaded and installed it and the answer is yes it does, for me. I opened PP12 and ran the scanner connect software and my HP Photosmart AIO was connected with no trouble.



      • Educated Consumer

        When I click to download the scanner connect tool, it has 0 bytes

        My updates are not showing tool, can anyone repost the tool?



      • adam hecktman

        Can you kindly reporst this zip file?  it appears to be empty.

      • Mike Yacenda

        Stanley you are the best.

        PaperPort would simply lockup when I clicked on the Scan Settings icon.

        I installed the ScannerConnectTool and my scanner now works. I did not have install the patch.

        Thank you. Stanley.


         Note to Nuance this fix should not be so hard to find (at least it works.)

      • Dicky Woollard

        I had almost given up on PaperPort ever being able to scan again. I look, in vain, for an update from Nuance, on a weekly basis.


        Thanks to you, and your revelation that there is a tool, supplied by Nuance but kept secret, my use of PaperPort has been revived.


        The customer support from Nuance is second to none, in terms of how absolutely bloody appalling it is. I know that they will never read this, because their poor beleaguered staff are trampled underfoot by their pennypinching and greedy managers and owners, and would not be permitted to do anything so money wasting and spend time reading customers comments.

        If it wasn't for the quality of the products, when you can get them to work properly, I would never buy anything from Nuance ever again.



      • aj Melnick

        Stanley, thank you, thank you, thank you. Nuance should give you all of their products for free for fixing what they haven't fixed. PP12.1 Pro worked OK, including the scanners, when installed on Win 8; but the upgrade to Win 8.1 lost the scanner. ScannerConnectTool solved the problem. Shame on Nuance for ignoring this.

    • Frederick Littlefield

      I had the same problem with the scanner not working in Windows 8 Pro. The file fixed it for me also.

    • Bryan Anslow

      I just installed and ran the ScannerConnect tool and it worked, I can now connect to my scanner again. 

      I didn;t install the patch, as it said I was at the wrong level, and did not need to reinstall PaperPort either.



      • Don Ethridge

        Many thanks to the person who first posted this very valuable tool.  I don't recall their name.   I shake my head wondering why there is no mention of this in the Nuance Knowledgebase.