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    Connie Kindig
    how to make form fillable and saveable
    Topic posted June 22, 2012 by Connie Kindig, tagged How To 
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    how to make form fillable and saveable

    Good Morning!

    I have converted my PDF to a fillable form but when I send it or post it on our website for people to use, save to mail in they can't. They can only print it. What do I need to do to enable people to fill out and save onto thier computer?




    • K P

      Do you know what program they are using to complete the form?  Are they using Adobe Reader?  Nuance Reader?


      I have this same problem.  I'm using PDF Converter Professional and Windows 7.  The person I'm sending to is using a Macbook and Adobe Reader (not sure which version).  I need to send a form to be completed and returned but the user is unable to save it.

    • K P

      They would need to use the Nuance PDF Reader or another PDF reader (but not Adobe Reader) that allows one to save their entries.


      From Nuance PDF Reader page:  "Even fill out and save PDF forms."


      Adobe Reader requires the PDF to be enabled by Adobe software to allow the user to save data.  From the Adobe Reader page:  "Electronic form submission - Fill, save, sign, and electronically submit forms that have been Reader enabled by Adobe LiveCycle® ES2 or Adobe Acrobat® software."