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    Stephen Dalton
    Dragon won't type text into the body of an Outlook 2010...
    Topic posted June 11, 2012 by Stephen Dalton 
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    Dragon won't type text into the body of an Outlook 2010 e-mail

    Dragon works fine in all applications except Outlook when creating an e-mail as soon as you enter the body text of the e-mail it will not type any commands correctly and randomly instigates commands on the toolbars. This does not happen in any other program and the functions work perfectly in all other applications including notes and calendar functions within Outlook. The problem only occurs when trying to enter text into the body of an e-mail, as a large part of my work involves writing e-mails this is extremely inconvenient please can anybody help.



    Operating system is windows seven 64-bit

    Office 2010 will latest patches is installed 32-bit version of the product.

    Microsoft dynamics CRM 4.0 plug-in is added to Outlook




    • Show/Hide RepliesAnonymousposted June 11, 2012
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        No Outlook add-in found in Trust Center. Despite numerous attempts at Nuance downloads, never able to locate that download. And, prior to today, no problem dictating into Outlook body. Another strange thing - Opened Dragon, unbidden, screen said Profile now Marc-RESTORED. 

      • Matt Jans

        I have a similar problem entering text into Gmail in Internet Explorer. I can enter text into Gmail in Chrome, but not IE. I made the change above but am still having the problem. Any advice? Thanks.

    • Lunis Orcutt

      Marty's recommendation is right on the money but if you have any problems, the following info, copied from the *** (KnowBrainer NaturallySpeaking knowledgebase) may offer some additional assistance.

      What to Do When You Lose Select-&-Say in Outlook 2007 & Outlook 2010

      1. With Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010 open, click on the Office button in the upper left-hand corner or press {Alt+f}.

      2. Click on the Outlook Options button at the bottom right of the Microsoft Outlook 2007 options dialog.

      3. Select Add-Ins from the options on the left side of the Outlook Options dialog and make sure that the "NatSpeak Word AddIn" is displayed. If the Com add-in for "NatSpeak Word AddIn" is present, and Select-and-Say should be enabled in Microsoft Outlook 2007.

      4. If it is not displayed, close the COM Add-Ins Window, click the Office button again, click Outlook Options, click the drop down arrow the right of Manage, select Disabled Items and the click on the Go button. If you see "NatSpeak Word AddIn", mouse click it and click the Enable button. You will need to close and re-launch Word 2007 before the changes can take effect.

      Lunis Orcutt – A Nuance Gold Certified Dragon Reseller
      Creator of the “***”


        No, repeat No, Outlook add-in in Disabled .  Outlook VBA add-in shown as Inactive. Also Outlook Sharepoint add-in  inactive. Clicked to add Outlook VBA add-in (in case ?) but does not show as Active after Outlook cloed and reopened. 

    • Anonymousposted November 28, 2012
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      I know these comments were from a year ago, but I wanted to come out here to say this worked for me. The part about starting Dragon before starting Outlook.


      When in Outlook, my system would not allow me to dictate into the body field. I could dictate into any other area and applications, just not the body field of Outlook. I went in and verified that the NatSpeak add-on in Outlook was enabled. It was Then I shut everything down,started Dragon, started Outlook, and low and behold it worked!

      I will always remember now to start Dragon before starting Outlook or Word. Thank you


      • Anonymousposted June 4, 2013
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    • Anonymousposted June 4, 2013
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    • Jerome Marburg

      Okay.  So I have the same problem of not being able to dictate into Outlook message text.  I have done all that the posts  suggest.  I cannot get the Nat Speak add-in to enable.  I have reinstalled multiple times and start Dragon first.  Just no luck....

    • Dov Rom

      I'm running Dragon naturally speaking premium 12.5, Outlook 2010 on Windows 8.1

      I have two problems:

      1. I cannot dictate directly to Outlook

      2. Outlook  freeze/crash all the time

      I checked the add-on,  they are correct, it doesn't matter if I start Dragon before or after Outlook

      Please help


    • Richard Woolliams

      Hi Dov Rom;

      having exactly the same problem. The add in is showing in Outlook and is on. So can't understand why this is happening. It's driving me nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crashes Dragon when Outlook is opened.


      Not good for my work productivity.


      Nuance are you able to help please?????

    • Larry Godden

      Dear Nuance Support Team,

      Right at the moment, none of us are very pleased with you lack of response to this issue.  Please focus on this matter.  Right now, with your lack of response, I'm concerned that you are only advertising how bad you are, with respect to answering issues such as this.

    • David Miller

      There has been no answer to the problem mentioned in the thread, which I have, which is that the Naturally Speaking add in is NOT present in Outlook, ie it hasn't been disabled because it isn't there. How can I download it?