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    Don Ethridge
    checkppfolders.exe Paperport 14 Unstable.
    Topic posted July 14, 2012 by Don Ethridge, tagged Troubleshooting 
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    checkppfolders.exe Paperport 14 Unstable.

    I suggest in the next version of Paperport this utility get a prominant position in the help files.  I have only been able to locate information about this very valuable resource under this help topic: "Troubleshooting: PaperPort does not start correctly"  If you do a search in the help files this is the only mention of the utility and it is almost impossible to find.  Seems to me support cost money and if the user can find this utility they may need less support.  

    Why not have a list of the exe utilities in the help files?

     Best wishes, 

    Don Ethridge