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    K P
    FlexNet Connect Common Software Manager
    Topic posted June 25, 2012 by K P, last edited June 25, 2012, tagged Installation and Configuration Topics 
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    FlexNet Connect Common Software Manager

    I installed PDF Converter Professional 8.

    FlexNet is now showing two icons at start up and doesn't honor the setting I have chosen.  I chose Manually, hoping they will go away until needed.

    I installed Nuance Reader 7 before the Converter install and an icon never appeared or if it did, it honored the settings I chose.

    How do I get the software to honor my settings?

    How do I turn off the software (stop it from starting at start up) until I need it?



    • David Miller

      Me too.  I want to get rid of this stubborn trojan.  I have used DNS for years and all CCM has ever done is spam me about PDF Converter.  How do I get rid of it!!!???

      • Bruce Orden

        I had the same problem: Trying to get rid of this program.

        - I first Tried Uninstalling, but it Did Not show up in Programs & Features to uninstall, It was not in the Start Menu anywhere, and when I followed the link to the parent program (ISUSPM.exe) there was No Uninstall
        - My solution was to Hit-It-With-A-Hammer, so to speak..
        - I used an Uninstall Program (that does a great job of Tracking Installs and Totally Uninstalling even un-tracked programs (This was Revo Uninstaller Pro by the VS Group)
        - I was amazed at how much junk this had entered into the Registry

        Hope this may be useful to you and others (I realize my reply is to a 2 yr old post - but better late then never) - BJ

    • Ashley Martin

      I also have this annoying problem.  With PDF Coverter Pro 7 there were never any "Common Software Updater" icons and messages.  Now I have two.  I would rather have none.  Could someone at Nuance, or indeed anyone, please respond with a solution?

    • John Doe

      Disable the "isuspm"  in MSCONFIG.  Might appear two or three times, so be be sure to deactivate them all.

      • Ashley Martin

        Hi John, "if that is your real name"!

        Thanks for your suggestion.  Removed all instances of "isuspm" in MSCONFIG, but it did not resolve the problem.

        Does anyone have a working solution?

    • Bradley Smith


      I'm having the same issue. Very annoying. Is there a fix? I should have to go into the msconfig. Please reply Nuance. Your support is great, thank you.

    • Jos Gielen

      Same issue here. Why is it taking so long to answer this? The first post is made on june 26th, alomost three months ago!

      • Robert Rineer

        Same problem.

        Using MSCONFIG, I found 2 instances of isuspm under the name Flexnet. I unchecked both and the icons no longer appear in my system tray. I have 3 Nuance software packages installed (Dragon/Omn/PDF) and they appear to be working normally. If I run across problems, I will update this posting.

    • Rob Petershack

      I had three instances of Common Software Manager suddenly show up probably due to a couple of failed installations of Dragon 12 and then one successful install. Suddenly my computer ground to a virtual halt. It was like somone threw some glue into it.  I used Revo Uninstaller (the forced uninstall which gives you a target icon that you can use to locate source of the problem program since I couldn't located "Common Software Manager anywhere -- It is actually FlexNet) and hit one of the startup icons. I used the moderately safe uninstall and even with that there were over 600 registry entries to be deleted plus around 60 folders. I just finished and everything seems to be working great. I'll report back with any problems.

    • Hans De Doelder

      I found a possible solution at the site of Flexera. It helped me to disable the "automatic sotware update" in Winwdows 8.

      "FLEXnet Connect is a solution that Flexera Software sells to software vendors that is designed to help you stay connected with your customers after they install your applications.  Keeping software updated is one of the many benefits of FLEXnet Connect, but Flexera Software also recommends that software vendors build in an option to disable automatic update checking. If you are using an application that uses FLEXnet Connect, your application may have a configuration option to disable update checking. Please check your application’s menu options.

      If your application does not have this option, Flexera Software has created a tool called the Software Manager that can disable automatic update checking. The Software Manager utility lists all applications currently using FLEXnet Connect on your computer and the FLEXnet Connect's status with that application."


    • Albert Brock

      Easy way to find and uncheck "Flexnet" is thorugh a free program from Micsrosoft that is phenomonial named "Autoruns."  It allows you to see everyting on your computer and by tabs - such as start up tab.  You can see everything under the "Everything tab."  I put it's icon close by and use it all the time to tweek my compouter. 

      I had the same problem after installing Dragon Naturally Speaking.  Two icons popping up in my system tray.  I simply ran Autoruns, did a search under "File>Find" Then searched for the next instanance of Flexnet.  If found two of them, even though one was named ISUSPM. 

      is the link to the Miscrosoft technical site for the free download.  I have a number of free downloads from Microsoft that I use every day almost, especially the Procexp, or Proess Explorer - a phenonominal program for finding memory hogs and ghost running programs and killing them to free up my computer once I start it and make it run like a bat out of ***.   #:D  Good luck!


      • Tony Brown

        Excelent call Albert.  I have been using Autoruns for some tim enow and particularly like the latest tweek of showing the registry entries that have not been cleanly removed by poor uninstallers in a bright yellow.

        I too had exactly tha same problem reported by KP above and went through the option of Using MSCONFIG and disabling both instances. I double checked with Autoruns and low and behold they had gone.

        I did consider using the FLEXnet uninstaller but it only seems to apply to Update Manager 3.x and 4.x and the version I seem to have is 13.  I also considered the effect it would have on the installed software that put it there in the first place. I seem to have had it installed 4 times over the years, 3 times by Roxio and once by Nuance.  Roxio is bad enough getting rid of leftover bits when you upgrade but heaven knows what would happen if one of its bits was missing.

        I also checked the .ini files in the "C:\ProgramData\FLEXnet\Connect\Database" directory as the option in the ISUSPM manager option for setting the checking to Manual would not take.  So I cahaged the entries "ScheduleInterval=" from 30 to 0 changing it from Monthly checking to no checking.

        OK that was all totally belt and braces attack but I do hate having things pop up and do things without letting me have the choice.

        This shoud mean that the CSM does nothing, takes not resource, but sits there so that when I upgrade any of the software that installed it there will be no issues.

        Goog luck to all.


    • T Murray

      I, too, want to remove the annoying an useless Flexnet software. Nuance, why would you inflict this pain on your customers? Even worse, Nuance doesn't even provide a solution. 

    • Peter Cozzi

      I am uninstalliong PDF Converter 8 and Dragon Naturally speaking over this update manager issue. I tried the Flexware unistaller but it didn't install with WIN 7 Pro. I have two update manager icons on my work pc and one at home , I am NOT going to waste my time playing "RegEdit Hope This Works". My money is gone for both programs but I refuse to sit here sweating because I'm so angry at this programming.
       Nuance, you lost a good customer as I write method manuals, convert CAD prints to pdf and even support marketing and engineering with my diagrams. I was looking forward to speeading up procedures with a voice recorder and Dragon to Text translation.Instead I shall spend my time becoming an AntiNuance Evangilist against your products at work. I am a support and cabling engineer ,so believe me, I talk to everyone from the secretarys to our president and most certainly the head of engineering.
      You phone support even hung up on me when I ( very politely) asked how to turn off the manager, I guess they have not learned how to use the hold button.

      I won't be back to see the answer to this and you will delete it just as I will delete your software from all my computers.

    • Marj Wyatt

      I created an account so I could thank you all for contribution solutions.  I get that a software company wants to market to their buying customers but installing a silly piece of software beyond what we've purchased, without our consent, is just rude.

      It may amuse, and interest Nuance to know what I searched for to find this thread:

      "I hate dragon software common software manager and I want to uninstall it"

      I have both Revo and the Autorun Microsoft tool and have deleted the Common Software Manager/Trojan from my computer via Revo.


      I wish there were more current postings but apparently the problem goes on. With a new installation of PDF Converter Pro, the old InstallShied Update manager was replaced by the Common Software Manager. Apparently it installs 2 instance with each program and there is no uninstaller for it and it does not obey the timed scan requests.

      Apparently Nuance does not read these posts - otherwise we would have a response.

      In Windows 7 Pro - you should be able to disable one instance of CSM in the start-up section but the real fix would be go thru your registry keys (which you can find in  Control Panel > Administrative Tools>System Configuration > Startup Tab



    • Joseph Pensabene

      I know this has been a longtime issue but I think that I've found the solution. There's a small application called Revo Uninstall. It's a time limited free app. Use it and this issue will be gone. 

      Good Luck. 


    • Simon Harris

      Great.  I badly need this gone.  Trialling this on a company computer and had not realised that it installs this rubbish.  Seems to be causing problems with our security and we have a strict policy on anything like this.  I was going to get a serious telling off by our IT and security guys. I don't think it can even do anything helpful anyway through the security.


      Here is Nuance's program that uninstalls the  Common Software Manager. It was (no doubt purposely) NOT bundled with your Dragon installer.

      • LEW WETZEL

        This does absolutely nothing.  I ran it and the subdirectory is still there. the FlexNet Connect Common Software Manager Agent runs when you have Nuance software check for updates.