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    Mark Rosman
    Unwanted punctuationAnswered
    Topic posted July 26, 2012 by Mark Rosman 
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    Unwanted punctuation

    For the last few months Dragon has been inserting unwanted punctuation such as commas and full-stops (periods) into the middle of sentences despite the fact that I have not dictated punctuation marks in those places. I have tried to train and correct each error as they happen, but Dragon does not seem to want to learn from its mistakes!


    Has anyone else had similar problems and does anyone know how I can fix it?

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    Rüdiger Wilke

    On the Dragon bar, go to "Tools - Auto-Formatting options", and remove the checkmark in "Automatically add commas and periods".





    • Rüdiger Wilke

      On the Dragon bar, go to "Tools - Auto-Formatting options", and remove the checkmark in "Automatically add commas and periods".



      • Richard Moreno

        Thank you very much! Am back on track again!

        R. Moreno

      • Jay Johnson

        I just want to turn on my dragon & haven't been able to do this


      • Anthony Hunter

        Thanks for your help Rudiger. I am pretty sure that you have solved my problem which was only to do with full stops. This usually only happened if I wanted to redo some text and I said "scratch that" the words would disappear but the corrected section I put in always started with a capital letter which was most annoying. However, by following your suggestion and removing the checkmark in the auto formatting options everything now seems to be okay.

        Many thanks – Tony.

    • Mark Rosman

      Thank you very much. It worked perfectly and saved my sanity in the process!


      Mark Rosman.

    • Neil Macowan

      That was handy - it just started happening on my PC yesterday and it was driving me up the wall. Thanks for posting this solution.

    • Caroline Swartz

      I've had this problem, also.  It's goofy that it started to do this when I've used the program for a couple of years.

    • David Daubenspeck

      I have been told that there is no way to format a four digit number to automatically insert a comma. This is insane. Help

    • Rüdiger Wilke

      No, it is not insane, although it may look so at first. It would be even more insane if every year came out with a comma.



    • David Daubenspeck

      Why not provide the option?

    • Larry Allen


      The best way around this problem today is to take a word, any word that is not normally part of a number ("grand" is one that has worked well), and modify its properties.

      Alternate written form of a comma can be invoked if the word is spoken between numbers.  Format can be changed for zero spaces before and after this comma.

      This works best if the autoformatting options are set to format numbers starting with 0.

      Then one can say something such as four grand one hundred forty eight and get 4,148 most of the time.

      Larry Allen

    • Rüdiger Wilke


      this is a very useful workaround which I have never heard of or thought of before. Thanks for sharing.



    • Amy Lacombe

      Yes, I have had this problem to and I look forward to trying this technique. Thank you so much