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    Michael Kenward
    Crashes in PaperPort 14.5
    Topic posted May 15, 2013 by Michael KenwardLevel 1 
    Crashes in PaperPort 14.5

    Another one suckered into getting the "new" version of PaperPort by the offer for OmniPage Ultimate.

    I have found at least one "not fixed" issue – PP14.5 does not know how to work with dual-monitor setups and shows the send-to bar "balloons" on the wrong monitor – and one new issue that those kind engineers at Nuance have added for our delight.

    It does not handle bookmarked workspaces correctly.

    I add new workspaces and they do not show up. If I try to add a new one that already exists, it warns that can't add one that is already there. OK smartypants, if it is already there, why doesn't it show up?

    The next delight is that if I then try to navigate to a workspace PaperPort crashes.

    At least it has the grace to create a crash dump. It does not, though, tell me where to send ti.

    I seem to recall that previous versions had problems with this feature. But restarting PaperPort managed to show the added workspaces.

    I know that Nuance's support people usually ignore this forum. This is really just a report and warning to anyone else contemplating the Ultimate experience.

    Unfortunately, when you install OmniPage Ultimate, it refuses to continue until you remove PaperPort. Maybe the answer is to install your earlier version after you add OmniPage.